Why is Windows the most widely used operating system in the world?

An operating system is a set of programs intended to establish a link between the various hardware components, the software and the user of a computer. Thanks to the technological evolution, the designers offer several systems among which Windows is the most used. Discover the reasons behind this preference among users.

Windows is pre-installed on most computers

Generally, most computers come with the Windows operating system when purchased. This is linked to its notoriety in the computer field. Remember, this software was developed in the year 1985 and has acquired a strong market share in this sector. It thus keeps the leading position against its competitors MacOS from Apple and Ubuntu from Linux.

Thanks to its popularity, Windows support materials are easy to find. For this fact, it is strongly recommended for people who have a first contact with a computer. In reality, its very intuitive handling and facilitates the initiation for beginners. Likewise, they will be able to benefit from the advice of a person with some familiarity with this operating system.

Windows is easy to use

When you opt for the Windows operating system, you automatically notice its ergonomics . Indeed, it has a unique and very convenient graphical interface . This characteristic allows its user to properly manage the menus, the taskbar and the different windows. Traditionally, this allows daily tasks to be carried out easily. Likewise, this software offers the possibility of customizing the desktop in order to access programs and tools effortlessly.

Windows offers a large catalog of programs

Unlike the majority of operating systems on the market, Windows designs its own catalog of programs . The advantage is that these programs are very useful and necessary in several areas of life. For example, with the many Microsoft Office office tools, this system is essential on the market. In the work environment, it is central to all daily tasks. Sometimes it is even a necessary condition to get hired.

Likewise, the popularity of Windows gives life to other activities like software development. Today, we note that the majority of programs developed for computers are oriented towards this system. Users thus enjoy the possibility of installing and using all the novelties in the computer field.

Installing and updating Windows programs is easy

Most of the time, it only takes one click to perform the operations with Windows. Indeed, the designer has made tasks such as fixing errors and installing programs easy . This constitutes an advantage for the user and also a reason for his attachment to this system.

Likewise, it is enough to resort to installing updates to solve the most frequent errors of this operating system. By doing this, you not only contribute to the optimization of the system, but also to the strengthening of its security.

Windows has excellent technical support

In addition to all these advantages, Windows is appreciated for the technical support it offers to its users. It has an automatic troubleshooter that guides users in fixing common problems such as program failure and device incompatibility. As soon as these situations arise, the technical assistant is displayed and gives the necessary indications.

In the case of more complex problems, the user has the option of contacting the designer directly in order to solve the problem.

In addition, the popularity of Windows generates a large community of users who notify in the forums, their concerns and the tips to solve them. Likewise, many people take specialized courses to handle the more complicated problems that may arise. Thus, it is easier to find qualified personnel offering good technical assistance.

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