Why are CR2032 lithium batteries installed in computers?

CR2032 lithium batteries: Its power is simply not enough to power the entire computer. It still needs to be connected to the mains for normal operation. Therefore, the purpose of a simple lithium battery is not clear to many, as long as it works properly.

I must say right away that it is not installed on all computers. There are alternatives. It is CR2032 that is often found in system units with standard motherboards, for example, the Micro-ATX, Standard-ATX form factor.

Why is she? Its energy will come in handy when the computer is disconnected from the standard power supply, to save non-standard BIOS or UEFI settings. This is a software environment that is loaded before the operating system and is designed for basic computer setup.

For example, some computers have a hard drive and operating system (OS) running on a non-default SATA configuration. When the battery is dead to a critical level and the computer is unplugged, this setting, like all others, will return to the factory settings. Users usually notice this by one or more of the following events:

  • The operating system stops loading. Reboot doesn’t help.
  • The OS boots normally, but the date and time get lost after a long disconnection of the computer from the mains.
  • Sites do not open, an error occurs. Sometimes its text explicitly indicates incorrect time settings.

Other consequences are possible, but they should already be considered in private. The above events in my practice come across more often than others. Problems of this origin are solved by replacing the battery and correctly setting the basic parameters of the computer.

In general, after buying a computer, in some cases, the CR2032 battery works properly for 10 years or more, in others, you have to change it already during the first 2-3 years. The term depends mainly on the individual characteristics of operation, storage, the quality of equipment and the battery.

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