Which Wifi card to choose for gaming?

The wifi card is the device that allows the connection of the PC with the local network or that of the workplace without having to use an Ethernet cable. To allow an optimal connection, there are USB Wifi cards whose role is to upgrade the wifi card preinstalled in the laptop. These little gems can be very practical for spending long games online. The main role of the network card is to extend the network. During a game, the wifi card can be very useful to stabilize the connection in order to avoid “freezes” and “lags”. There is a wide range of wifi cards for gaming. Here is our selection of the best wifi cards available on the market.

1- TP-Link TX3000E Card

You are gamers looking for a flawless and high-performance system, the TP-Link TX3000E card is what you need. With its speed of 2402Mbps, this Wifi card offers one of the best user experiences. Even the most demanding gamers find it for themselves. Thanks to this card capable of reducing latency by 75%, players can enjoy great fluidity during their games.

It is a reliable device that allows above all a fast game without lags. You get more extensive coverage since the card adopts 5.0 connectivity. Through this card, the designers have also implemented an infallible security system.

Unwanted intrusions are indeed stopped thanks to WPA3 security. Enough to protect the passwords of users. The system is also equipped with a heatsink and specialized gold plating that allows stable and secure use even in hot locations.

2- P02W-EU Human Card

This wifi card is equipped with high-performance Bluetooth 5.0 and dual wireless connectivity. Its box also contains two removable antennas, a Bluetooth/USB cable, a screwdriver with driver and an installation guide.

It has an aluminum thermal plate for prolonged use thanks to the reduction of the risk of overheating. With its 802ac/b/g/n WIFI module and its Intel 9260, this wifi card has everything to please gamers. You can indeed enjoy connectivity suitable for 4k or HD streaming thanks to the 5 GHz band and the speed of 1733Mbps.

The Homie P02W-EU board is therefore one of the most powerful and fastest. It offers an excellent, high-performance and above all stable connection. In addition, it is a product with a good quality-price ratio. However, he may have some difficulty with card recognition. If this happens, you can contact an expert.

3- Asus Usb-ac68 adapter

With its power of 1900Mbps, Asus Usb-ac68 WiFi Adapter is the perfect tool for good gaming moments. It allows you to have a good internet connection at home. The Asus Usb-ac68 adapter is suitable for both desktop and laptop computers. It has a dual band AC 1900 system.

Thanks to its USB 3.0 socket, this adapter offers optimal data speed and is compatible with WiFi devices with 802.11 a, b, g, and n standards. This easy-to-use external support allows you to capture the home WiFi network in record time. Given its power, Asus Usb-ac68 is primarily recommended for gamers and heavy internet users. Its speed makes it possible to have a unique comfort of use with an optimal connection speed. It is a very beneficial device to play in complete serenity.

4- Gigabyte GC-WB1733D-I

If you are looking for a new online gaming experience, this wifi adapter is exactly what you need. It allows to have an optimal connection speed and a stable network since it adapts to almost all connected devices. It has already won over many gamers with its ergonomics and compact design. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

This adapter is renowned for its data transfer speed and power. This is ideal for a good home wireless connection. It should be noted that this adapter is only for PC gamers. It is an important ally to optimize your wifi box. Above all, it allows total immersion on online gaming platforms. Enough to enjoy a unique user experience. The product also offers excellent value for money, and has made many users happy.

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