Which gaming headset to choose?

More and more video game players are fans of headsets, why? Because quite simply equipped with a great precision for the ambient sound effects of the games. The gaming headset remains modern and versatile. It is always close at hand, focus on the gaming headset microphone, the essential tool for the streamer but also for increased video games.

Which gaming headset to choose?

Micro gaming headsets or gamer headphones have long been one of the strongest pieces of computer equipment and in the same way as the mouse or the keyboard. Let’s see the characteristics of a gaming headset, it has:

  • Weight 295g;
  • Closed headphone type;
  • Helmet length is 2.5m;
  • Handsfree.

Moreover, when you are a gamer streamer, it is important to choose your microphone carefully. The gaming or gamer chair , on the other hand, is one of the accessories that you must have and especially for a streamer, it is an ergonomic and modern office chair, one of the criteria of choice.

The best gaming headsets

The headset is really the essential piece for admirers of PC, Ps4, Switch and other console multiplayer games . Before diving into the world of headsets, the MMO mouse is very pleasant to wear and incredibly precise, consider ordering one you will not be disappointed.

For the best micro gaming headsets here is a small list to find the one that suits you:

  • HyperX Coud Alpha, the best headset for gaming, ideal for gaming and compatible on all platforms;
  • Corsair HS60 Pro is the most comfortable budget headset;
  • Audio-Technica ATH-PDG1, the open-back headphones;
  • HyperX cloud flight S is one of the best wireless headphones;

There are a multitude of helmets on the market, so it is a bit complicated to decide between them! The best is to opt for the one that you can wear for hours, without any problem. The sound quality is all the more important, for wireless headsets, their battery life can last fifteen hours up to twenty hours.

Virtual reality headsets are just as esteemed, they are sold directly on the LDLC.com site! The VR headset is a high-tech revolution.

Audio accessories

To make a good start on streaming, the headset is for the first time, a good solution to broadcast your voice. It is necessary to prefer models equipped with a good microphone. Moreover, several tests have been put forward.

Sound card and acquisition box

Required for an XLR mic, a sound card (internal or external) is a great way to improve the audio quality of your stream.

Video card for pc

It allows the display of 2D, 3D graphics on the screen of a PC. The quality and production of the image, depends on the memory and its frequency as well as its characteristics of the screen . Opt for an excellent video card like an RTX 2080, it is expensive but its quality is unmatched!

Screen for pc gamer

The screens with a size of 24 to 27 inches seem correct to us and even perfect in particular for playing everything! The definition of the screen or native or maximum definition, the more precise the image, the greater the quantity of information. Our tips for buying your screen!

Each LCD reference is available in several models in order to make you pay for each option.
(Height-adjustable screen, loudspeaker, USB Hub) So you have to think carefully about what you want.

For FPS gamers, always go for the lowest response rates (1ms or 2ms)

For FPS players, favor the highest refresh rates as much as possible (144Hz and more)

3D is currently still a bit of a “gadget” option, you won’t be using it on a daily basis. The main advantage of 3D screens is the refresh rate at 144HZ.

Finally, you are probably familiar with the headphone/microphone adapter on 3.5mm Jack port, which accepts to associate a headset microphone which has a single Jack port, on a computer which is based on a single output and microphone input not separated.

A headset, wired or wireless, it depends on your crush but also on your needs. For the most free, who do not stay in place, a wireless headset is perfect! It connects via Bluetooth, giving you complete freedom.

Happy streaming!

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