What you need to know about graphics cards for pc gamer

For any gamer, the components of his pc must be very efficient to allow him a perfect gaming experience. It is also important for him to have a good image in order to play in the best conditions. This is where we will find the famous graphics card that everyone is talking about. By investing in a good graphics card for pc gamer you will have a visual rendering that can compete with all other game media. We will enlighten you on this pc gamer component.

Components of a graphics card

A graphics card has various components including a processor and graphics memory as well as a GPU . The memory will temporarily exchange data with the latter to store them and send them to the end. There are also other components around like a cooler.

How to choose your graphics card?

The choice of the graphics card will be made according to different factors such as:

  • screen resolution;
  • The size of the case;
  • With or without RGB lighting.

In addition to these factors, it is important to define your needs. Why invest in a graphics card that is too powerful for our pc? It would lead to nothing except loss of money.

The graphics card must be compatible with your motherboard otherwise you will run the risk of having to change all the components. Also, choose it according to the size of your case, it must fit well inside it. The power of the graphics card must be compatible with your screen resolution. Screen resolution refers to full HD, 2K, 4K or 3D. There is no point in buying a graphics card adapted to a higher screen resolution than yours, it does not mean that its performance will be seen automatically. Also, note that the more you go in the power of the pc gamer graphics card, the more it will be noisy and power consuming. Another important thing when choosing the graphics card is compatibility with the ports you have.


There are two designers on the pc gamer graphics card market: NVIDIA and AMD .

Each manufacturer presents a strategy adapted to the needs of certain users. AMD for example do more in sobriety and good value for money, their pc gamer graphics cards offer the essential characteristics of a basic graphics card, without going into innovations and technologies.

NVIDIA, unlike their competitors, are more on the high end. They are always there to offer the latest technologies and above all to innovate them to offer graphics cards offering the most possible options. In view of all the innovations they demonstrate, their graphics cards are the most efficient. They have set themselves the goal of always improving your image and its rendering so that you can have an exceptional experience. However their prices are higher.

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