What to do if the phone does not save photos

If earlier smartphones had their own purpose, for example, they were musical or gaming, now everyone is a camera phone by default. Even rugged phones are equipped with high-quality camera modules that can take great pictures. It’s all the more annoying when a beautiful landscape is not saved on the phone – unfortunately, this happens for a variety of reasons. You can save wallpapers, create a series of pictures, and later it turns out that not a single file has been saved or has disappeared somewhere. There are different situations why the phone does not save photos . Today we’ll figure out why pictures from the Gallery disappear and what to do about it.

Crash in Android apps

The first thing you should pay attention to is the incorrect operation of applications in the smartphone. This is the most innocuous of all problems – for example, you can take a picture on Telegram or Instagram and find that it was not saved in the phone’s memory, provided that it should be there. Try to check the sorting of photos first: it happens that a photo taken right now is sent somewhere deep into the Gallery due to the peculiarities of the file system.

  • Try reinstalling the app or updating to the latest version.
  • If the phone still does not save photos, try rebooting and taking a picture again. Check if it’s saved.

How to Clear the Android Gallery Cache

Photos on your phone may be stored in memory (on an SD card or internal storage) but not displayed. This is due to the Gallery cache being full. Try to clean it up!

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Applications (or Application Manager).
  • Select “Gallery” from the list.
  • Click Clear Cache.

You can also use third-party programs to clear the cache. For example SD Maid.

What to do if there is not enough memory on the phone

If you rarely optimize internal memory and download a lot of files or applications, then sooner or later you will run into a lack of memory in your phone. This is one of the reasons why the smartphone does not save photos . Check how much storage space is available and free it up if necessary.

  • Go to Settings, select “Memory”.
  • If photos are saved to a memory card, then pay attention to the amount of free space. You can transfer part of the data to the cloud or simply copy it to a PC.
  • Do the same with the smartphone memory.
  • Try clearing the cache of individual programs: go to the menu and start cleaning individually.
  • Delete unnecessary files in the system: use SD Maid or CCleaner .

Another problem is that the smartphone does not see the flash drive. If you save pictures there, then check its status. Take out the memory card and install it again. Perhaps the problem will disappear. By the way, we have a separate material on why the smartphone does not see the memory card . They told in detail how to deal with it.

DCIM folder on your phone

Another reason why photos are not saved to the phone may be due to the fact that you do not have access to the “DCIM” folder where the photos are saved. Try renaming it.

  • Connect your smartphone to PC.
  • Log into the device and select a folder.
  • Rename it. The file system will then create a new DCIM folder.
  • Take a picture with your phone and check if it is saved in the new directory.
  • If there is a picture, then simply drag all the files from the old folder to the new one directly on the PC.

Smartphone camera failure

One of the most common reasons why a smartphone does not save photos is a failure of the camera itself. This happens on a variety of smartphones: both iOS and Android. Try resetting your settings.

  • Go to Camera and select options.
  • Click Reset to Defaults.
  • Confirm the action, restart your phone and take a picture to see if the problem persists.

Reset Android to factory settings

If all the previous methods did not help you, it seems that the smartphone has experienced a major failure. We remind you how to do it.

  • Transfer all data from your smartphone to a memory card. Don’t forget about apps: click “Move to SD card”.
  • Go to Settings and select “Backup and Reset” – it’s at the very bottom.
  • Select “Reset settings” and confirm the action.

Another reason may be that you yourself deleted the photos. For example, they accidentally selected all the pictures at once and accidentally deleted them. We have a separate article on how to try to recover them.


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