What is the best PC cooling system?

What is the best PC cooling system: As your PC ages or contains power-demanding programs, it can regularly overheat. This implies that its built-in fans are no longer enough to keep its temperature stable. Having a cooling system then becomes a pressing need. Indeed, the life of the PC will be all the longer as the cooling is optimal. Discover here a selection of the best cooling systems for PC.

Ventilated supports

This is one of the best known and, above all, the most widely used forms of cooling system. The ventilated support is also called fan , cooling plate , cooling tablet . Indeed, it is an inclined metal grid to which one or more fans are fixed underneath. To allow the cooling of your PC, you must therefore place the ventilated support under the computer.

You must make sure to put it at the level of the air inlet of the computer. Thus, the fans attached to it will blow cool air through this entrance. This air will go inside the PC, which will lower its temperature .

Air extractors

Highly recognized for their efficiency, air extractors have recently entered the market. However, they already enjoy a good reputation, because they allow optimal cooling . Indeed, the extractor makes it possible to suck the hot air which is found within the PC. It therefore has a different mode of operation from that of ventilated supports.

It is placed at the level of the air outlet of the computer, beside or behind. It will then rid it of the condensed heat inside to prevent it from overheating .

Comparison between ventilated supports and air extractors

Ventilated supports and air extractors represent the two most efficient cooling systems on the market. They work in a variety of ways, but require plugging into a USB port on your PC. Choosing the best comes down to analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.



Ventilated supports

Air extractors


– Possible inclination of the PC: this ergonomic asset makes the use of your computer less exhausting.

– Silent operation: ventilation can be carried out without noise, which provides the greatest comfort.

– Solidity and robustness

– Ability to lower the temperature down to 40°C: case of a Klim Cool + extractor

– Intelligent cooling system: its power adapts to the temperature of the PC.

– Compatibility with most PCs.


– Limited performance: the dimensions are sometimes too fair and exact

– The somewhat awkward design

– Bulky system: it is very inconvenient, because it takes up space next to or behind your PC

– Not discreet and often makes noise.


When you want to work unobstructed while cooling your PC, the ventilated stand is a great option. On the other hand, in terms of performance, the air extractor is more appreciated, but it is noisy and bulky. The best cooling system is therefore the one that will best meet your expectations.

Features of the Best PC Cooling System

The best PC cooling system must undoubtedly have certain characteristics. It is :

  • Efficiency and power in any period

A good PC cooling system must work in hot or hot weather. The greater its ability to lower the temperature of the PC, the closer it approaches the ideal.

  • Ease of handling

Ideally, your PC cooling system should be light and sized to fit the dimensions of the PC. Likewise, it should be a little awkward so as not to slow down your work pace.

  • The brand

The market for cooling systems is very competitive. Quality must therefore be essential, which also appeals to the brand. The most deserving ones are: Klim, TopMate, TeckNet, Targus, Empire Gaming for gamers, Cooler Master, etc.

In short, the best PC cooling system is one that adequately lowers the temperature of your computer. Ventilated supports and air extractors stand out among the best systems despite their points of divergence. Between comfort, performance and quality , you have exclusivity, whatever the option.


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