What Does XD Mean: The Most Used Emoji on Social Networks

If you are a regular user of social networks, we are very sure that you have come across these two letters “XD” in a comment or in a chat, but do you know what xd means or why these two letters are used on social networks? social?, if you don’t know, stay and we’ll show you the meaning of XD and when it should be used.

What is the meaning of XD and what is it used for?

Three very common questions among Internet users are : What is XD? What does “XD” mean? What does it mean to put the letter “X” and the letter “D” together? and we understand the reason for this question, since XD is the most used term in social networks like Facebook in the comments or in the Whatsapp chats.

The meaning of XD is very simple, but once you know it, you won’t be able to stop using it. XD means to laugh out loud, to die of laughter or that something that was said was very funny, the xd comes to supplant the common ones haha ​​that we used to show someone that what they had commented was funny or funny.

The X represents the closed eyes of a person who is laughing out loud and the D represents a laugh, a person who laughs with his mouth open, since what was said was very funny.

You can use this expression, emoji or emoticon every time you find something very funny or amusing, in this way you express to the other person that what they said or commented on was very funny.

Where did XD originate?

If you are a manga and anime lover, you will know that when a character in said manga laughed out loud, the eyes were shown as an X and the open mouth appeared to be the letter D in capital letters , so that expression began to be used and once it reached social networks, it had a great stir, which has caused us to use this emoji in almost all our conversations today.

Now you know what the XD emoji means and when you can use it.

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