VALORANT Pearl Changes: 5.06 Patch Notes

there are some big VALORANT Pearl changes on the horizon with patch 5.06, along with a couple of other changes and bug fixes that fans should welcome with open arms. With an ever-growing roster of agents and maps, VALORANT is bound to need tweaking to tow the fine line of balance that competitive games aim to stay within. So, to find out all about the VALORANT Pearl changes and everything else coming with patch 5.06, be sure to continue reading.

VALORANT Pearl Changes

There are quite a few changes that RIOT has made to the Pearl underwater map that may seem small in isolation, but they come together to create a much more balanced map that is easier to navigate.

Here is a complete list of all the areas that have been modified:

In B Main, the waist-high wall on the left side has been shortened slightly to ensure there is no longer a chance for agents to be completely hidden.

VALORANT Pearl Changes in Stores

The platform in the Mid Shops has been extended to the crates to remove the bottom space, making it much easier to clear but still a strong foothold for attackers.

VALORANT Pearl Changes from intermediate stores to central plaza

In the area from Mid Shops to Mid Plaza, the corner on the right side of the Onze store has been replaced with a triangular floor plan, eliminating the need to clear it as you pass.

VALORANT Pearl Changes Medium T-Shirt

The wall with the service door and window has been pushed forward in Mid Top, removing the clear 50-50, which was quite frustrating to do if you missed the coin toss.

VALORANT Pearl Change an art 1

VALORANT Pearl Change an art 2

VALORANT Pearl Changes An art 3

Art has had a lot of clearances and obstacles removed, making it a much smoother area to move around on both sides. Some of the tall boxes have been removed and other corners have been rounded with various objects.

VALORANT Pearl Changes b link 1

VALORANT b link 2 pearl changes

Two areas have changed in B Link, once again simplifying some of the trickier clearing and re-clearing on the map. The top box has been slightly flattened, which still provides coverage but makes it less of a hassle to clean again. The double stack near sight has also changed sides to simplify routing and close line of sight to B Hall.

VALORANT Pearl Change a main

The cut in the wall at A Main has been brought forward to be in line with the rest, removing a tricky angle for defenders wanting to push up.

VALORANT Pearl Change a main to a site

The section of wall on the stairs from A Main to A Site has been taken out a bit, with the goal of making it much easier to smoke and use the utility.

VALORANT 5.06 Patch Notes

VALORANT 5.06 Patch Notes

In addition to the numerous changes to the Pearl map above, there are also a couple more tweaks to the game that you should be aware of. Read on for the rest of the VALORANT 5.06 Patch Notes:

VALORANT 5.06 Weapon Changes


  • Adjusted primary fire error from 1.6 errors after seven bullets to 1.3 errors after six bullets.
    • The goal here is to make the Stinger more controllable, as it currently feels a bit manic even in close-range firefights.
  • Alt Fire first shot error adjusted from 0.5 to 0.35
    • Burst fire had more variance than it should, so the weapon should feel more accurate at longer ranges in burst fire mode.

VALORANT 5.06 Social Updates

  • Introduced a feature that will display which players have been caught for engaging in game-based disruptive behavior at the bottom of the game screen.
    • Feature has been added to: Unranked, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Replication.
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VALORANT 5.06 Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with KAY/O dot/zero where it would sometimes incorrectly display enemies that were hit in the KAY/O UI.


  • Fixed a bug where Clutch Mutes would continue after a match ended
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to reply to a whisper by clicking the Riot ID of the player who sent the whisper.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Social panel to close when right-clicking on the Friend Note text field
  • Fixed a bug where pending invites would disappear if all friends left the party.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect system message would be sent when accepting a friend request via the Match tab in-game.

So that’s all you need to know about the VALORANT Pearl changes and 5.06 patch notes, giving you a rundown of everything new coming to the game. For more on Riot’s first-person shooter, why not find out what the VALORANT player count is here.

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