Valentine’s Day Messages: Long, Meaningful

Valentine’s Day Messages: Very Special and Romantic!

Every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day is the special day that lovers around the world celebrate with colorful flowers, entertainment, food and gifts . Oh, do not forget that the date has not changed this year, and the answer to the question of when is Valentine’s Day is still the same, namely February 14! When the historical mystery is investigated, the meaning and origin of Valentine’s Day goes back to England and Roman sources. According to legends, the story of February 14 Valentine’s Day, which is thought to have emerged in the 3rd century, was the Roman emperor II. It starts with Claudius.

The cruel ruler forbids marriage in his country, as he sees that the men living in his country want to stay at home for the sake of their love and do not want to go to war. St. Valentine and St. Marius, priests of the church living at that time, tried to marry the couple secretly.

When the situation started by Saint Valentine was heard, the emperor had the priest killed on February 14. The situation is not welcome, as both the death of the Saint and the Lupercalia Festival celebrated by the pagans coincide.

Because, according to the belief, the emperor brings together single men and women by lottery and ensures that they are together on the day of the pagans. But the young people want to celebrate the day when the Feast of Lupercalia begins as Saint Valentine’s Day for the Saint who died for them. Thus, Valentine’s Day turns from being a form of gratitude to a day of lovers spread all over the world.

Gifted to the world by a Saint who unites the lovers of Nice, you are given an opportunity to show the value of your loved ones on February 14th. For this reason, this date is often preferred for many special moments such as a marriage proposal, a proposal to be a lover and expressing that you like it.

You can evaluate this special day, which comes once a year, by making small surprises for your lover . Whether you buy a gift or send romantic Valentine’s Day messages, you can make the other party feel valuable. The Valentine’s Day message is actually just an occasion for both men and women to express love… We hope you spend your whole life saying and hearing sentences full of love…

Valentine’s Day Messages: Long, Meaningful

The most romantic Valentine’s Day messages are usually those that appeal to the other person’s feelings. With such 14 February messages , you can establish a throne in the heart of the other party. The fact that the Valentine’s Day messages you will write are long also have effects that will fascinate the other side. People love to be loved and to hear it.

Of course, you can make this special time even more memorable when the Valentine’s Day message is crowned with a lovely Valentine’s Day gift . The most important point that you should pay attention to when choosing a gift and writing a message is to do something special for that person. So the important thing is to make the person in front of you feel special…

Spiritual meaning is much more important than material value. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, when the excitement is high, you may feel like the Valentine’s Day message should be too long . You can also think that the Valentine’s Day message should be very short and simple , by thinking the opposite and saying that I shouldn’t go too far …

For example , the content of a Valentine’s Day message is impressive, not its length or shortness. If you get the right points, the Valentine’s Day message is concise and can contain some really heart-pounding romance.

  • Until you die, you are my sun that rises every morning, my fire that burns every night, and you are the only owner of my heart. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • Words are not enough to describe my love for you, whatever I say is empty, the poems I’ve been looking for haven’t been written yet because you are the most special.
  • Ours is a love story, I found your eyes by chance, you touched my heart by chance, but no coincidence in the world has loved me like this.
  • Not just another 14th of February, if another 14th of February passes, you are always the only one in my heart. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • Don’t ask the heart that fell in love, why, eyes that come together create a love story, don’t ever go away from my eyes, from my heart and my heart.
  • Thank you darling for giving me heaven on earth! Not only today, but every day we spend together is worth celebrating…

Valentine’s Gift Note: Short and Concise Messages

You don’t necessarily have to write long messages, Valentine’s Day messages make sense even if they are short . The most emotional Valentine’s Day messages are those that contain a few sentences specific to your relationship. In this respect, Valentine’s Day celebration messages vary according to the perception that everyone feels in the relationship.

Whether you write it yourself or search for 14 February Valentine’s Day messages online , even a small “I love you” to your lover will suffice. Everyone experiences love differently, so when researching messages about Valentine’s Day, it should be known whether the other party is a logical or emotional person. The trick is this: Valentine’s Day messages should be sent naturally, sincerely and sincerely . Even if you wrote the content of the message yourself, even if you saw it somewhere and chose it by liking it, if you send that message with a natural and emotional energy, the feeling of the other party will be soft and full of love.

Now, if you wish , let’s move on to our suggestions for short and concise February 14 messages , ideal as a gift note for your lover :

  • It cannot describe a heart full of love, that a single day may be sacrificed for you, my heart.
  • No other time, no other moment, I wish this very day if you were with me.
  • Man was born for love, look at me, will my heart beat without you?
  • The day I was happiest was when I met you, when it was time to love, your eyes came to mind.
  • They say there are seven wonders of the world, but in my eyes they don’t know your meaning!
  • Your presence is also a wonderful gift for me to be together for the world.
  • The most precious day of my life is the day I met you… Good luck to you my darling.

Humorous and Funny Valentine’s Day Messages

Since most relationships find it inappropriate to celebrate Valentine’s Day , they try to impress the other party by using funny Valentine’s Day messages on this special day . Couples can spend time having fun with the funniest Valentine’s Day messages , which are generally preferred by positive people who like to laugh . The content of Valentine’s Day messages, especially to the spouse who no longer accepts that he is a lover, can be the subject of funny and humorous situations.

It is seen that those who know how to enjoy the life they live create the words themselves with their creative emotional worlds instead of looking for words for Valentine’s Day . You can also say romantic, serious or humorous Valentine’s Day beautiful words to your lover to make him feel valued.

  • Even the elevator understood my worth, look, it’s going out with me, try it once.
  • What is Valentine’s Day, I saved you for Thanksgiving.
  • If I had 1 TL in my pocket every time I thought of you, we would be millionaires by now.
  • If every day is a holiday for the crazy, since I am crazy with your love, every day is Valentine’s Day for us too!
  • If I showed my love for you not as much as you imagine, but as much as it really is, you might not be able to endure it. Thank goodness I’m holding back.

So, is the valentine’s day message only sent to the lover? Can’t send valentine’s day messages to mom and dad? Of course it can be thrown away, after all we are all the fruits of love… I said to them: “How could I have had the chance to live this beautiful life if you didn’t love each other wholeheartedly? Happy valentine’s day!” You can send a humorous message saying.

Valentine’s Day messages can also be sent to friends . “If we have a loving friendship, we deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day and eat heart cakes!” You can invite your best friend to eat dessert and talk sweetly on February 14th with the message.

Happy Valentine’s Day Surprises Guaranteed

With the easy access options on the internet, beautiful surprises can be easily purchased for the lover. Today, it cannot be said that distance or materiality is an obstacle in front of love. Since you have almost all kinds of possibilities, there are various options for you to surprise 14 February :

  • With a huge teddy bear, you can blow up your lover between the ages of 18-20 with happiness.
  • A pencil drawing of your lover is also a beautiful and meaningful surprise that will make him happy.
  • If your lover is more mature, you can show your love by buying him a beautiful necklace, bracelet or watch.
  • If you want your gift to be more flamboyant, you can organize a meal outside and present it to him in a romantic atmosphere accompanied by music.
  • There may also be alternatives for your estranged lover. You can send her a bouquet of flowers to show how much you love her.
  • In addition to the gift alternatives that are planned for most men, there are also gift options that appeal to men such as perfumes, watches and books.
  • Of course, considering that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you can make him happy with a dinner you can prepare with your own hands.
  • In addition to the classic gifts, you can make an unexpected surprise by buying a ticket to any place you dream of going with your lover.
  • It is a little difficult to research what a Valentine’s Day gift can be for a man. If your lover likes the message, you can gift a massage oil and give an unforgettable gift thanks to the beautiful touches you will make with your own hands.

Handmade Surprise Ideas for the Most Exclusive Valentine

In some people’s world, spirituality is more valuable than materiality. If you are with someone with this type of personality, you can experience a special way of gifting just for the two of you. Generally, the biggest problem in long-term relationships is choosing a gift for the lover.

Gifts that you have given to the person you have been with for years, such as birthday, meeting anniversary, New Year’s Eve, and February 14 greetings , may start to repeat themselves. Since handmade surprises can surprise the other party in terms of adding excitement to the relationship, you can turn to gifts with high spiritual value.

  • If you want to appeal to your lover’s spiritual feelings and make him feel special, you can knit a scarf in his favorite colors. The place of the scarf, which is patiently woven by hand, will always remain special for your lover.
  • Sometimes you may think that you cannot verbally express your feelings for your beloved. In this case, small colored papers and a jar on which you will write everything you want to say to him can also contribute to romance.
  • You can frame the picture of your happiest moment and gift it the moment you wish to be immortal.
  • You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive necklace. Sometimes even accessories such as a crown and necklace made of daisies can be enough to make your lover happy.
  • If you have a lover who loves nostalgia, you can write him a letter.
  • Of course, one of the most beautiful surprises that can be prepared by hand is a romantic and delicious dinner table.
  • You can organize the whole evening with a romantic movie that you can watch after decorating your house, dinner, music, and even a small video of your memories.

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