The customer experience in the age of social networks

Social networks are the fastest and closest way to get closer to your customers.

In 2022, not being where your client is is a mistake that companies cannot make. They must adapt to their customers and be where they are.

Social networks are a perfect opportunity to be able to communicate with your clients, this is because, in a closer and more casual way, you can transmit the messages that you want to send them.

Platforms like Twitter or Facebook are more than a place to talk about yourself, a space to listen to the people you are addressing. This way you will learn more about them and you will be able to attend to their doubts and complaints.

34.5% of customers prefer to use social media over traditional channels like phone and email to communicate with a brand, according to Sprout Social . What better reason to communicate efficiently on these platforms?

Omnichannel is an obligation for companies that want to continue growing. Since, today, the customer experience is an element of differentiation. 20% of customers who leave is due to poor customer service. This is a relationship that should be pampered and cared for.

Brands must have their own voice in the networks they use, have a communication strategy and know how they want to address their customers. All this has to be based on consumer knowledge.

The basic principles on which good communication is based on social networks are:


The target must be known. Tastes, hobbies and, furthermore, what social networks are they on, those are the ones the company should be on.

Depending on the age range in which your business moves, the public can be found on various social networks, or more concentrated. It is essential to know each of the platforms, what language is used, how the interlocutors unfold and, if they talk about our company, what is said.

Once you have all this knowledge, you must draw up a strategy that has to have a part of content, another in a manual for interaction with followers and, the last, the customer service protocol.


It is important to be aware of the comments made about your business, both in your own publications and those of others. Bringing the brand closer to the public generates more trust in it.

Listening to your followers makes you understand them better, know what worries them and how you can solve their needs. According to a study, 1 in 3 customers go to social networks to seek advice on products and services. If instead of other users answering their questions, your company does, the consumer will be doubly satisfied. One, because he has the answer to the question he wanted and, two, because he will feel listened to by the brand.


We must know that social networks are immediate and ephemeral, this has its positive and negative sides. Scandals on these platforms can be very explosive, but in terms of duration they are shorter. Of course, a scandal can bury your reputation as a company. The positive part is that if you have control over them and a procedure for the different problems that may occur, your business can be catapulted to the top.

It is essential to be continuously active, but not only posting, but also analyzing what surrounds us.

Let’s take an example, a follower mentions that an employee of your company has been rude on the phone when trying to find information. Quick action, based on continuous monitoring of the networks and a prior action strategy in these situations, will ensure that the client does not make the situation worse and the problem remains there.

A good social media marketing strategy will take the company to a higher level, since you will not only be closer to your audience to listen to them, but you will also have a fast track to meet their needs.


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