The best smartphones of 2021 What are they

If earlier the expression the best smartphone was almost always associated with technical characteristics, then in 2021 everything has changed a lot: many phones have a top processor, the cameras of the flagships are about the same, and the body material for most is glass. For this reason, choosing the best of the best is difficult enough, they are all good. Don’t get it wrong, it’s just that now everything is more subjective than ever. I like the scanner behind – there is one. If you want a clamshell smartphone, please. However, we still decided to choose the most delicious phones of 2021 for you and are ready to share our opinion.

We have collected for you the best smartphones of 2021 according to various indicators.


  • Best Cameraphone of 2021
  • The most beautiful smartphone of 2021
  • Best compact smartphone of 2021
  • Best Budget Smartphone 2021

Best Cameraphone of 2021

Modern flagships have made tremendous strides in terms of photography and video filming. Almost all top-end devices shoot just fine, it’s pointless to argue with that. It doesn’t matter if you take the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. The main thing is, don’t take Samsung (just kidding).

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra camera unit literally screams about its capabilities.

Indeed, the Chinese have succeeded so much lately that they can easily compete with the eminent Samsung or Google Pixel. Just look at the camera specs of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra :

  • Width: Samsung GN2 50MP 1 / 1.12 ″, f / 2.0 aperture, 1.4μm pixels, Dual Pixel PDAF, Laser AF, OIS.
  • Ultra-wide: Sony IMX586 48 megapixel size 1 / 2.0 ″, f / 2.2, angle 128 °, 0.8μm, PDAF.
  • Telephoto lens: Sony IMX586 48 MP, size 1 / 2.0 ″, f / 4.1, 0.8μm, PDAF, 5x optical zoom, OIS.

Please note : the front camera is outperformed by Samsung here. I noticed this with the naked eye. Not to say that it removes badly, in any case. It’s just that for lovers of selfies, it would be much preferable to take the S21 Ultra or OnePlus 9 Pro . They will be a little stronger. This is confirmed by the ratings too.

The design of this device is also all right.

Personal impressions are all lyrics, we all need an objective assessment. And here my words are confirmed by the famous DXOMARK rating , which includes all current smartphones and gives them points for different characteristics, the main of which is the camera.

Of course, Xiaomi is only in second place, but I would not risk buying Huawei in 2021 for a lot of money. Yes, it is possible that the sanctions will end someday, but so far, in this sense, everything is not very good.

The most beautiful smartphone of 2021

I think that here the opinions of the majority will converge. The most beautiful phone in 2021 – Google Pixel 6. Cool color combinations, elegant unobtrusive camera unit, narrow display bezels – all this is a new smartphone from Google . A style icon on the market of modern smartphones – that’s how I’m talking about this phone.

The Google Pixel camera block is a work of art.

It is interesting that Google did not bother much with design with previous models, although there were obviously such possibilities. In addition, along with Pixel came Android 12 , which is full of various innovations affecting the interface design. Beautiful but discreet wallpapers, cool widgets and a bunch of different things.

If I were you, I would think about buying a smartphone in Russia. There is no official delivery to our country, so you can forget about the official guarantee. On the other hand, you can easily download the Russian language here and use the version from the USA.

Best compact smartphone of 2021

First you need to understand the definition of compactness. Modern phones do not differ in compact bodies, so usually all devices with a case diagonal less than 6.2 inches are considered as such. However, it is important to remember about other parameters: weight, thickness, frames, form factor.

Do you want compactness? You have to pay.

If I choose from top-end devices, here I would give preference to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. No matter how users find fault with the new clamshells, in terms of ergonomics, they greatly benefit. When you pick up the Z Flip, you immediately feel that you are holding a small device. Even in the open state. What can we say about situations when you can fold your smartphone. The small box will easily fit into any purse or jeans pocket.

However, not everyone is ready to pay 160k for a simple phone. That is why I propose to consider buying the Galaxy S21. It has a 6.2 “diagonal and fits perfectly into the everyday life of every user. Yes, it’s also called compact, but it’s still better than walking around with a worthless 6.4 ″ in most modern devices.

Samsung Galaxy S21 can be called compact. And it lies in the hand very well.

Here is what the author of Artem Sutyagin writes about this model:

In general, I really liked the compact size of the Galaxy S21. It may not be convenient to play on it, as well as to view large documents, but as a smartphone for every day, I have not seen anything more pleasant for a long time since the second generation iPhone SE.

Best Budget Smartphone 2021

But with budget smartphones in 2021, there was a major leap forward. If earlier it was very painful to use a smartphone with a price of less than 20 thousand, now these devices can cope with almost any task without any problems.

The best budget smartphone in 2021? I choose Poco.

Of course, when we talk about a budget smartphone, we immediately imagine a model of one of the Chinese brands in our head. You all know him, since in previous articles we have already mentioned this device more than once. Of course, I’m talking about the Poco X3 Pro.

I confess that my experience with this gadget is not great, but what I saw is good news. Quite a decent display, a non-marking body with a pleasant, albeit not premium design, a camera that takes very high-quality daytime shots (there are some nuances with nighttime), a fast processor and much more.

Cheap and cheerful – that’s how I would describe it.

When you buy a smartphone from China, it’s important to pay attention to the specifications, so I’ll leave them here:

  • Display 6.7 inches, refresh rate up to 240 Hz.
  • Snapdragon 860 processor.
  • Four cameras (64/13/2/2 MP).
  • Memory 8/256 GB.
  • Fast Charging 33W.

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