The 60 most common keyboard shortcuts for Outlook

Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook; It is known that in Microsoft Office Outlook there are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for all kinds of functions, below I will share with you just a few of the most commonly used.

  1. Navigation
  2. Create item or file
  3. Contacts
  4. Tasks
  5. Search
  6. Format text
  7. All item functions
  8. Email

Go to mail CTRL + 1

Go to calendar CTRL + 2

Go to Contacts CTRL + 3

Go to Tasks CTRL + 4

Go to Notes CTRL + 5

Go to the list of folders in the navigation pane CTRL + 6

Go to the next message (with an open message) CTRL + PERIOD

Go to previous message (with message) CTRL + COMMA

Move to another folder CTRL + Y

Create item or file

Create Appointment CTRL + SHIFT + A

Create contact CTRL + SHIFT + C

Create mailing list CTRL + SHIFT + L

Create a folder CTRL + SHIFT + E

Create journal entry CTRL + SHIFT + J

Create meeting request CTRL + SHIFT + Q

Create message CTRL + SHIFT + M

Create note CTRL + SHIFT + N

Create task CTRL + SHIFT + K


Find contact or other object F3

Select all contacts CTRL + A


Show or hide the to-do list ALT + F2

Accept task request ALT + C

Dismiss the task request ALT + D


Find message or other object CTRL + E

Use advanced search CTRL + SHIFT + F

Format text

Show Font Dialog Box CTRL + SHIFT + P

Toggle case (with highlighted text) SHIFT + F3

Make Letters Bold CTRL + B

Add markers CTRL + SHIFT + L

Make Letters Italic CTRL + I

Underline CTRL + U

Increase font size CTRL +]

Decrease font size CTRL + [

Cut CTRL + X

Copy CTRL + C

Paste CTRL + V

Insert Hyperlink CTRL + K

All item functions

Save CTRL + S

Save and close ALT + S

Save as F12

Undo CTRL + Z

Delete item CTRL + D

Print CTRL + P

Check Spelling F7

Forward CTRL + F

Align text to the left CTRL + L

Centered text CTRL + E

Align text to the right CTRL + R


Go to inbox CTRL + SHIFT + I

Switch to outgoing CTRL + SHIFT + O

Send ALT + S

Reply to message CTRL + R

Reply all to message CTRL + SHIFT + R

Forward message CTRL + F

Mark message as junk CTRL + ALT + J

Check for new messages F9

Open the address book CTRL + SHIFT + B

Add quick flag to unopened INSERT message

Mark as unread CTRL + U

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