Tasks and Reminders in Google Sheets

The functionality of Google Sheets can be used to create a database, CRM and organize workflows without being tied to any software. Users who are constantly faced with performing certain tasks in Google Sheets sometimes need reminders to remember important events. All this can be done with the help of related services from Google without leaving Sheets.

Calendar & Reminders

The easiest way to create a Google Sheets reminder is to add an event to your calendar. At the same time, you will definitely not forget which document the task is associated with, because a link to it is automatically added to the created record and will be sent along with the notification. Adding such entries is carried out in just a few clicks and looks like this:

  1. To get started, expand the sidebar in Sheets to access all related services, some of which we’ll be using later.
  2. Click the left mouse button on the “Calendar” icon to call this tool.
  3. You can see that it is set to today’s date. To change, you need to click on the number or switch days using the arrows below.
  4. Having chosen a day, it remains to decide on the start time of the event. Each hour is marked with a separate line and may contain an entry.
  5. By selecting the time, you will see the duration of the event and the date. All this can be changed at any time.
  6. The button for adding guests allows you to specify the email addresses of other users who should also receive a notification. If this event has a place, you can mark the location. Adding a link to a video conference in Meet is also supported, but this is not required as often with Google Sheets.
  7. Add a description with any other relevant information about the task. It can be copied directly from the table if the cells already contain all the necessary data. The current document is automatically attached to the entry, so you don’t have to look for it when you receive a notification.
  8. If you expand Google Calendar to full screen, even more settings related to the event will appear. With all this, I propose to figure it out on your own, the process will not take so much time.

Add an unlimited number of tasks, with repetitions or one-time, specify the duration, add a description and other important information. Associate reminders with other users who also have access to this table and need to know about the upcoming event. At any time, you can open Google Calendar separately (as an application) or through the panel in Sheets to see what tasks are planned for the coming days. Accordingly, when they approach, you will definitely receive an email notification.


In Google Sheets, it is possible to leave comments next to any information entered. This feature becomes useful when several users work with the document and each of them needs to know something important. However, adding comments solely for your needs is not always convenient, so we recommend using the built-in notes.

  1. Find the service icon on the same panel and click on it to open all existing notes that have been created in this Google account.
  2. You will see that right now you can access all your records left through the application, site or program. Of course, provided that you have previously used Notes on this account. This is very convenient, because you do not have to open extra tabs to find out what you have recorded recently.
  3. Click the plus button to add a new note.
  4. Enter an appropriate title and content for it. A link to the current document will automatically be attached below so that you always know what this entry is related to.

It’s so simple, in just a couple of clicks, you can add records that you may need in the future. Let me remind you once again that you can access them both from Google Sheets and directly in one of the Notes options on a computer or mobile device.


If notes are often not of practical use, because you constantly need to refer to them yourself and you can forget that any record even exists, then with the help of Google Tasks you can easily make a plan for a certain period, monitor its implementation and receive notifications. Of course, all this within Google Sheets.

  1. On the panel in question, click the check mark button to call the corresponding service.
  2. If no tasks have been created before, click Start .
  3. Start setting up the first entry by clicking on the Add Task button .
  4. Enter a name for it to guide you in a future task list if you want to create one.
  5. The task description can be copied and pasted into the corresponding field. For example, you have the name of the client, his number and the date when you need to call for details. Just transfer this information to the task description to be aware.
  6. Expand the calendar to select a day and time to complete the task.
  7. If the action will be repeated after a certain period of time, be sure to specify this in order not to return to the settings and receive notifications by mail in time.
  8. Now you can see all created tasks on the panel. Next to each there is a place to check the box to complete the execution. Unnecessary entries can always be deleted so that they do not take up extra space in the list.

With quick access to the three described services from Google, you can easily create reminders and tasks for yourself related to the current spreadsheet. You don’t have to open new tabs, access applications or programs, but you can access all the entries you create from anywhere by logging into your Google account.

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