Sid Meier’s Civilization V not starting

There are flaws in computer games: low FPS, brakes, bugs and other errors. Often crashes occur before the start of the gameplay, i.e. with the launch of the game, which, in fact, is increasingly being observed by fans of Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

Error description

The problem is as follows. After updating the video game, a DirectX pop-up window appears at launch, where you need to select one or another version of the product 9, 10, 11. Choosing any of the proposed DirectX options, nothing happens at all, i.e. the game goes directly to the loading screen and crashes or does not start initially. Thus, it turns out that the DirectX option is absolutely inactive! Numerous users who encountered this error have tried a lot of solutions. As a result of practical experiments (“by typing”), effective methods of eliminating the problem were found.

Replacing game files

Some players were helped by the option of replacing the custom game settings folder with another account in which the appropriate DirectX was selected and installed accordingly. What you need to do:

  1. Go to drive C: Documentsmy gamesSid Meier’s Civilization 5 and instead of the name select the folder with the “Nickname” of a specific Windows user.
  2. Delete all content (maps, mods, saves, screenshots). It is better to copy important data to another directory in advance. Then, after the procedure, return it back.
  3. Add files from to drive C (folders from item 1).

Another effective way is to ask a friend for whom everything is working fine for the folder with files located in the “My Documents” section. Also, users on the forums report that many were helped by the complete removal of the game folder, followed by reinstallation.

Removing clips

Some gamers claim that they managed to launch the game after deleting the introductory videos. They are usually localized in the main SMC V directory called “Civ5_Opening_Movie wmv”. In total, there should be 6 almost identical files with different voice languages. You need to remove all of these files from G: GamesSteamSteamAppscommonSid Meier’s Civilization V. There is another way to disable cutscenes by editing the config file. Instructions:

  • Open the file located at: My DocumentsMy GamesSid Meier’s Civilization 5UserSettings.ini.
  • Find the SkipIntroVideo option.
  • After equals, replace the value with 1.

Both of these options have been tested in practice, so you can safely try using them to solve the problem with entering the game.

Reinstall DirectX

To understand if a DirectX reinstallation of a game is necessary, you first need to find out which version you have installed.

If you need to update, go to: SteamSteamAppscommonsid meier’s civilization vDirectX. Then run the installation DXSetup.exe or download from the Microsoft website

and reinstall.

Additional ways

According to user reviews on various forums, there are still options for solving problems with the launch of Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

  • Reinstall Microsoft Visual C ++. It is recommended to take the required installer only from an official source:

  • Disable Steam overlay. Open the Steam client, click the tab of the same name and select “Settings”. Go to the game menu and uncheck the box next to “Enable Steam overlay in game”.
  • A fairly simple way to get rid of the problem is to switch the language. Go to Steam, right-click on the name of the video game. Select Properties. On the Language page, select any from the list. Then go to the section where your game is and in “My Documents” find the subsection with the config.ini file. open it and enter the identifier “ru or RU” in the “Language =” line.
  • Disable antivirus software while the game is running. On the Windows panel, find the corresponding icon with the right mouse button, click on it and disable protection for literally 10 minutes. Try to restart the game.
  • Font failure. This may be due to a conflict in the Russian version of the Verdana font game. Go to the game directory: VAssetsGameplayXMLNewText. Run Russian.xml using a text editor. find the line “Verdana” in the opened file – just replace the font.
  • Run as administrator. To start the SMC 5 game in this mode, right-click on the game shortcut and select the appropriate line. If this method helped to solve the problem, then to prevent this error from happening again, set the default “Run as administrator” for the game. Open the shortcut with the right mouse button “Properties”, in the section “Compatibility” / “Run this program as administrator” check the box.

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