Read Mode in Word: how to enable or how to remove

Read Mode in Word: The Microsoft Word text editor has several modes for viewing documents, one of them is the reading mode in Word. This mode is intended for reading a document from the monitor screen in a special window.

A Word document opened in reading mode is scaled to fit the size of the computer screen. Document content: text, images, tables and other elements are adjusted to the available screen size.


  1. How to choose read mode in Word
  2. Using Word Reading View
  3. How to change the number of columns in a document in reading mode
  4. How to create a note in Reading View
  5. How to change read mode in Word
  6. How to remove the read mode in Word – 1 way
  7. How to exit read mode in Word – 2 way
  8. How to Exit Read Mode in Word – Method 3
  9. Word opens in reading mode: what to do
  10. Article Conclusions

This is a convenient way to view a document when there is nothing else on the screen. In this mode, Word interface elements are hidden, only the toolbar is open, which can also be hidden.

Note that in Word, the read mode is different from what is called read-only mode, in which the document cannot be edited or edited. A read-only document cannot be modified. Reading view in Word is just a convenient way to view a document and does not affect editing or formatting in any way.

This guide contains instructions on how to make a reading mode in Word, how to use this feature, or how to remove the reading mode in Word. The actions described in the article are performed in a similar way in different versions of the MS Word editor.

How to choose read mode in Word

First, we’ll look at how to turn on Reading Mode in Word. You can activate Word Reading Mode in one of the following ways.

1 way:

  1. In the window of an open Word document, open the “View” tab.
  2. In the “Mode” group (“Document View Mode”), select the “Reading Mode” button.
  1. The contents of the document will open on the screen in reading mode without distracting details, because almost all the panels and ribbons of the program interface have disappeared.

2 way:

With the document open, click on the Reading View button, which is located on the status bar in the lower right corner of the window.

Using Word Reading View

At the top of the window on the toolbar are three menu buttons: “File”, “Tools”, “View”. In the open window on the sides there are arrows with the direction to the right and left to move around the document. To navigate through the document, you can also use the arrows on the keyboard: “←”, “→”, “↑”, “↓”, or the mouse wheel.

To change the scale of the document, use the slider located in the lower right corner on the status bar.

To enlarge an image on a document page, double-click on it or use the context menu of the right mouse button, where there is an item “Magnify”.

To bring the graphical object to its normal view, you need to press the “Esc” key.

You can automatically hide the toolbar to remove distracting elements from the screen. To do this, in the upper right corner, click on the “Auto-hide the reading toolbar” button.

This will hide the toolbar at the top of the window and the status bar at the bottom.

You can bring the toolbar back to the screen by clicking the Always Show Reading Toolbar button again (it’s the same button, but now it has a different name). To temporarily open the toolbar, use the button with three dots “…”.

How to change the number of columns in a document in reading mode

The user can choose the width and number of columns on the page of the document displayed in reading mode.

To select one, two or three columns on a page of a document opened in reading mode, you need to:

  1. Click the View menu and select Column Width from the context menu.
  2. Choose the appropriate option from the options:
  • Narrow – three columns.
  • The default is two columns.
  • Wide – one column.

How to create a note in Reading View

Using the right-click menu, you can select the desired text fragments in a document opened in reading mode. You can copy the selected text, search, translate, create a note, change the color of the selected text fragment.

To make a note, do the following:

  1. Select a piece of text.
  2. Right-click, and in the context menu, click “Create Note”.
  3. A “Note” window will open, in which you need to enter your message.
  4. A note icon will appear to the right of the text, by clicking on it you will see the note text.

How to change read mode in Word

In addition to the options listed above, you can apply other settings to perform the necessary actions in Reading View.

From the “File” menu, you can go to the general settings of the Microsoft Word program to perform certain actions.

In the “Tools” menu, search and translation functions are available using the built-in Word tools:

  • Find — search within the document.
  • Search – Search the Internet.
  • Translate – use a translator to translate a piece of text in a foreign language.

The View menu opens options that affect the appearance of a Word document in Reading View.

Here are the following options:

  • Edit Document – returns to normal Page Layout view.
  • Navigation Pane – Opens the Navigation Pane in Reading View for navigating between pages in a document.
  • Show Notes – Displays the available notes.
  • Column Width – Set the width and number of columns in the document.
  • Page Color – You can set the page color. The options are None (transparent background), Sepia, and Invert.
  • Layout – Displays a page layout with columns or a Page Outline option.
  • Syllables – Breaking down the text into syllables.
  • Spacing – increase the spacing between words.
  • Read aloud — Use the text-to-speech feature. This feature is available from Word 2010, and in Russian the translation works on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows1 operating systems.

How to remove the read mode in Word – 1 way

We need to disable the reading mode in Word. To solve this problem, you can use several methods.

1 way to turn off reading mode in Word:

  1. On the toolbar, left-click on the “View” menu.
  2. Select “Edit Document” from the dropdown list. This is enough to get you into page layout mode.

How to exit read mode in Word – 2 way

Another option involves using the corresponding button on the status bar.

2 way:

  1. Navigate to the status bar in the lower right corner of the open document window.
  2. Click on the “Page Layout” button.

How to Exit Read Mode in Word – Method 3

And finally, the easiest way to turn off the reading mode: in the window of an open Word document, just press the Esc key.

Word opens in reading mode: what to do

There are times when Word opens in read mode. Sometimes, Word documents received by e-mail automatically open in full-screen reading mode, which is not always convenient for their recipient.

To override this setting when Word opens documents in Reading view, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the “File” menu.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. In the Word Options window, select the General tab.
  4. Navigate to the Launch Options section.
  5. Uncheck “Open email attachments and other non-editable files in Reading View”.
  6. Click on the “OK” button.

Article Conclusions

The Word text editor has a reading mode designed to make it easier to view a document. The user has the ability to customize the reading mode to suit their needs. If necessary, the user can easily disable this mode to switch to the normal document editing mode.


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