Quick Response: Several Ways to Apply a QR Code

Diverse applications of QR codes that you need to explore

In this modern age QR codes have become important for seamless information transfer. In this article you are going to explore practical and creative ways to apply QR codes in daily life. From personal use to business application QR code has versatility and they can enhance the convenience and efficiency.

The rhythm of life is increasing, and there is a need for tools that will save our time. One of them is a QR code. It allows you to present information in the form of a small square with encrypted symbols, which leads to the required resource. In the article we will tell you what features a QR code has and where it is used.

QR code technology

Quick Response (QR) literally translates to “quick response” . QR-code is a two-dimensional barcode that quickly “flips” to the required information. A regular barcode is read in one direction – only from left to right. The QR code is read in two directions – vertically and horizontally, hence the name “two-dimensional barcode”. Thus, more data is placed in the QR code. 

A maximum of 7089 characters are placed in a QR code in the form of numbers and 4296 in alphanumeric characters. If you express the sizes in bits, you get 10 bits for three digits and 11 bits for two alphanumeric characters.

Codes vary in size: small, excluding margins, 21×21 pixels; large, 177×177 pixels. In addition to the above, there is also a shortened version of the QR code – “micro QR-code”. It contains a maximum of 35 digits and 21 alphanumeric characters.

QR code capabilities

Sharing data

The QR code can be used to encrypt a link to an account on social networks. Thanks to this, you do not have to remember what a person is called in social networks, and then frantically remember how it was written there. You can just point the camera at the QR code and instantly find yourself on the page of the person or company you need. This option is convenient to use, for example, at conferences, networking, training courses.

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Link encryption

QR codes encrypt download links for apps, images, music, movies, and other types of content. Also, the QR code is often used in the referral program. Users refer other users through code scanning and receive bonuses for this.

Account authentication and protection

The well-known Sberbank Online mobile application uses QR codes to obtain information about the payer and the accounts to which payment will be made. The application reads the code and converts it to text, and then automatically fills in the fields that contain information about the payment. This is due to the headers that are generated in the QR code along with the payment data.

To protect user accounts, Yandex uses the Ya. Key”. It allows you to link your account and phone to provide two-factor authentication. The account creates a QR code that is read through YaKey. Then an individual key is sent to the user’s phone, thanks to which one-time passwords are generated to log into the Yandex account.

Payment systems

In China, QR codes are used even more. For example, the WeChat messenger uses a QR code so that each user can pay for purchases without a bank card. The messenger has an online wallet, and when it is necessary to make a purchase, the user reads the QR code of the seller’s wallet and transfers the required amount. This works in both offline and online stores.

In the messenger, user accounts function as passports, because they contain a large amount of personal data. With their help, the Chinese rent apartments, pay for travel and make purchases.

Contactless payment – scan QR Code to pay – Phone scan QR Code to Pay

The listed examples are far from the entire list of the scope of application of QR codes. In such a code, you can encrypt points on the map, events in the calendar, access to the WIFI network, registration in the lottery or other entertainment events. It all depends on the situation and the task.

Our experience with QR codes

Our company also developed QR codes on clients’ projects. Let’s share two cases.

One client is a meat product manufacturer. It was necessary to develop a mobile application for conducting promotions. In an early version of the application, the customer, in order to receive a discount, entered a 10-digit promotional code from the product packaging. It was not very convenient, so we decided to replace it with a QR code so as not to waste customers’ time entering 10 digits.

Another project is an application for selling tickets for events, the QR code was the admission ticket. It worked like this: at the entrance, the controller read the QR code from the participant’s mobile phone and let the person into the event. This decision hastened the registration of the spectators who came and showed an environmentally friendly approach by eliminating paper tickets.

The QR code does not have to be only black and white, it can be colored and correspond to the corporate style of the company. This is how it looks:


What is a QR code quick response code?

It is a type of barcode that can be easily read by our digital device that stores information as a series of pixels in square shaped grid. QR codes are usually used to track information about products in a chain and used in advertising and marketing campaigns

What is the quickest way to scan a QR code?

On Android open the camera app and then position the QR code in the frame. If this doesn’t work then you can use Google lens features in the Google search app. Once you have scanned a code then you can open the URL or share it.

What are some ways that you can create a QR code?

Go to website on which you want to create the code for and then click on share this page icon and then select create QR code.  You are going to get a drop down box that contains a QR code, the buttons to let you copy or download it and URL that the code represents.

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