PS4 Error NW-31194-8

Error NW-31194-8  on PS4 is very common. It is due to the fact that the system was unable to connect to the network. To solve this problem, follow the instructions below:

Step 1:  In the game or on the PlayStation Network (PSN), the server is sometimes unavailable. Make sure in advance that the game server is working through the official website. PSN server status can be checked on this.

Step 2:  After making sure the servers are working, go to Settings and select Network and test the Internet connection:

[Settings]  >  [Network]  >  [Test Internet Connection]

Step 3:  Go to the settings of your modem (router) and make sure that the latest software is installed on it. Try disabling third-party devices using the same network to eliminate all possible causes of the problem. If after this the error continues, then you should try a little later, as it happens that the server is experiencing a heavy load, which is accompanied by error NW-31194-8.

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