Protect your PC from lightning with a surge protector

Generally in winter the breakdowns related to the electrical network occur very often. It is therefore necessary to protect your computer by using specific equipment such as a surge protector . Find out in this article what a surge protector is, how it works and the advantages it provides for your computer.

What is a surge protector?

A surge protector is an electrical device that is used to protect electrical installations against the risk of overvoltages caused by lightning. It consists of several surge-protected sockets. It also has USB sockets to charge your Androids while protecting them from lightning.

The lightning protection strip not only protects electrical devices from damage caused by lightning. Indeed, it also makes it possible to avoid all modifications to the electrical circuit.

Apart from the lightning protection power strip, there are also the surge protection power strip and the combination protection power strip . The surge protector strip plays the role of a surge protector strip but it also protects against overvoltages. As for the mixed protection power strip, it plays both roles at the same time. It comes in several colors: black, white, blue and purple. Their forms also differ. You can take this into account when making the choice.

How does it work ?

The operation of a lightning protection power strip is similar to that of a switch. Indeed, when the voltage reaches a certain threshold, the power strip will redirect the electric current to the ground. Thus, it blocks its transmission to devices connected to the network.

In addition, in the event of a disturbance caused by lightning , the surge protector will disconnect your computer from the power source in order to avoid a power surge. The power strip therefore absorbs excess energy during a power surge.

What are the advantages of the surge protection strip?

Brownout or lightning can strike at any time, so it is important to protect your equipment. This protection function is ensured by this system.

At first glance, the power strip protects the electrical network. Indeed, whether it is a problem of residual voltage or lightning, the cause of an overvoltage, the surge protector strip is capable of preventing all these anomalies.

In the same way, the surge protector strip ensures the reduction of the overvoltage without damaging your computer. Devices plugged into a protective power strip are protected against voltage rises.

What are the other means of electrical protection?

Surge protectors are excellent means of protection against lightning, but there are other protections such as the inverter

The UPS protects your computer from power surges caused by lightning and those caused by short circuits and voltage spikes. It also has a battery that allows you to use your computer in the event of a power cut. So you can save your data and close applications on your computer with confidence.

It turns out that using a power strip like this is an excellent way to protect your computer in the event of atmospheric and digital disturbances . You can also use a UPS to protect your equipment. The best thing is to use the inverter because it has a battery. You can turn off your devices properly without worrying.

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