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Many users encounter PDF files on their computers, which contain a large amount of various data. The most common tasks when working with files are viewing a document, creating a file, copying, moving, converting to another format, and the like.

To interact with the PDF format, you need a program on your computer or the help of a web application on the Internet. In this article, we will look at the software installed on a PC.

PDF24 Creator is a free program for performing various actions when working with PDF files. This application contains a large number of tools that help solve applied problems with files of this type.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal, widespread format for documents stored in electronic form. This format saves instructions, forms, forms, technical literature, e-books, and so on.

The prevalence of the PDF format is due to the fact that the current document is displayed in the same way on various devices: computers, phones or tablets. PDF files have the extension “*.pdf”.

In some cases, users need to create or merge PDF, extract pages, compress or convert PDF to another format. For such actions, you must use the appropriate program or online service on the Internet.

What is PDF24 Creator for?

The German service PDF24 performs a large number of operations with the PDF format. In addition to the online version of the PDF24 Tools web applications, located at: https://tools.pdf24.org/en/ , a standalone program is available for users, which can be used on a computer without Internet access.

PDF24 Creator is used for Windows. The program works in operating systems Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7. Windows Vista. For installation on Windows XP, you need to download PDF24 Creator 8.6.1 from this link.

The free PDF24 Creator program has a Russian version of the application. Log in to the PDF24 Creator official website to download the PC application. Pay attention to the bitness of the Windows operating system installed on your device.

Next, install PDF24 Creator on your computer. During installation, you will be prompted to install some components on your PC, including a virtual printer.

Some of the tools that are part of the PDF24 Creator program work using the virtual printer functions. In particular, you can create a PDF from a file that has a print function, or save an open web page of a site or any other necessary document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on) to PDF.

Features of PDF24 Creator

Now we will see what the PDF24 Creator program is, what functions it performs. This is a multifunctional application designed to perform various operations with PDF files.

The application includes a large number of tools that allow you to solve many tasks related to working with the PDF format. The main functions of the PDF24 Creator program:

  • viewing the contents of a file;
  • merging or deleting pages from a file;
  • converting documents and images to PDF format;
  • content editing;
  • compression to reduce file size;
  • adding, removing or extracting images;
  • OCR function – optical character recognition;
  • adding a watermark;
  • file comparison;
  • setting or removing a password from a file.

PDF24 Creator Tools

The main application window contains buttons that are responsible for launching specific program functions. PDF24 Creator is easy to use: you need to click on the appropriate button to proceed to the next step of work, in which you need to configure the parameters for performing the required operation.

The following tools are available in PDF24 Creator:

  • Organize PDF Files – put things in order in files.
  • Merge PDF – Merge multiple PDF files into one document.
  • Compress PDF – Reduce the size of the original file by compressing it.
  • Edit PDF – editor of PDF files.
  • Convert to PDF – Convert the original file to PDF.
  • Convert PDF to… – Convert a PDF file to another format.
  • Protect PDF – set a password for the file and set access rights.
  • Remove password from PDF – remove the password request from the file, open free access to the document.
  • Split PDF – splitting a file into separate parts, creating new PDF files from them.
  • Rotate PDF – rotate pages in a document.
  • Delete Pages from PDF – Remove individual pages from a file.
  • Extract pages from PDF – extract individual pages from the given file.
  • Rearrange pages in PDF – Change the order of the sequence of pages in a document.
  • Images to PDF – create a PDF file from images.
  • PDF to Images – Convert PDF to Image.
  • Extract Images from PDF – Extract all embedded images from the file.
  • Create PDF application – create an online application in PDF format.
  • PDF OCR – text recognition through OCR, creating a PDF file with the ability to search in them.
  • PDF Web Optimization – PDF linearization, file optimization for viewing on web pages.
  • Add Watermark – Adds a watermark to the pages of the file for copy protection.
  • Add page numbers – Add numbers to the pages of the document.
  • PDF overlay – Combining PDF with digital paper.
  • Compare PDF files – compare files and display differences.
  • Sign PDF – sign the file.
  • Annotate PDF – Add an annotation to the file.
  • Darken PDF – darken the file.
  • Crop PDF – crops the document around the edges.
  • Merge Layers in PDF – Merge layers in a document.
  • Send Fax – Send a fax online.
  • Screen capture – screenshot (screenshot) to create a PDF file with this image.
  • Import from Scanner or Camera – Opens the Import from Scanner or Camera wizard.

In addition, additional tools are available in the main application window:

  • Open PDF24 Creator – Opens the application window for organizing files.
  • Open PDF24 Reader – opens the PDF viewer window.
  • Open PDF Print Assistant – Opens the Print Assistant window.
  • Open PDF24 Compress – opens a tool for reducing the size of PDF files.
  • Open PDF24 OCR – Opens the OCR tool for OCR.
  • Open File Tools – Opens a window to launch some of the PDF24 File Tools.
  • Open PDF24 Fax – Switches to the PDF24 Fax web service.
  • Open PDF tools online – perform the necessary operations on the PDF24 Tools service.
  • Open Settings – program settings.
  • Manage input profiles – setting in the program of the properties of the PDF format.

Now, for example, we will solve one of the tasks that users often encounter when working with this file format.

How to merge files in PDF24 Creator

We needed to merge two PDF files into one document. Based on multiple files, one PDF file will be created.

Follow a few steps:

  1. In the main PDF24 Creator window, click on the “Combine PDF” button.
  2. In the next window, drag the file from the computer with the mouse to a special form, or use the “Select Files” button.
  3. Add the required number of files one by one. To do this, click on a special area, or click on the “Add Files” button located in the lower right corner of the form.
  4. In the “Method” field, select a method for merging files:
  • Glue.
  • Compare.
  • page mode.

For example, after selecting the page mode, you can select the desired pages to add to the new PDF file.

  1. Click on the “Create PDF” button.
  2. After processing is completed, a window will open in which you can change the name of the created file, or open it in the default program on your computer for PDF format.
  3. To save the result, click the “Save” button.

Article Conclusions

We often come across the widespread PDF format. In some cases, the user needs to perform various operations with files of this format: add new pages, convert to another format, split or merge files, and the like. To solve such problems, you can use the free PDF24 Creator program, which has many different tools for working with PDF files.

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