ParentPay Review

ParentPay is a secure online payment system designed to allow parents to easily pay for school meals, trips, clubs and uniform. Plus, its payment history feature and in-depth reports provide parents with insight into their spending history and reports of spending patterns.

As the market leader for school ePayments in the UK, schoolPay is helping schools save time and money with its use across 165 local authorities.

It’s convenient

ParentPay Login allows parents to pay online for school meals, trips, activities and uniform using either credit or debit cards. It enables schools to reduce administrative time spent on banking procedures while providing accurate records for each student payment made using ParentPay. Likewise it also enables parents to track payment histories and automate recurring expenses with automatic payments.

Parents can access their accounts using a unique login, provided by the school in a letter sent home, to securely make payments online at any time of day or night, with confidence knowing that the website meets stringent internet security standards.

For those who would rather continue paying with cash, schools can request for them a PayPoint card that can be used at local shops to make cash payments like dinner money and recorded in their ParentPay account along with all their other transactions.

It’s secure

ParentPay is an online payment system designed to assist parents in covering school meals, trips and uniform costs for their child(ren). They can set up automatic payments as a recurring expense – and use advanced encryption technology to protect personal data. Parents can check their account balance or history at any time day or night.

Brookhurst employs a cashless catering policy for all school meals, trips and out of school services such as music clubs and swimming lessons. Parents can pay online using credit/debit card payments through PayPoint network stores in local stores – providing safe and convenient payments that don’t involve carrying cash to school! This service makes school life safer while eliminating cash hassle.

Once your ParentPay account is activated, payments can begin immediately. Your academy will instantly receive it while your online dashboard allows you to track each transaction’s status. Parents can print receipts of their purchases.

It’s easy to use

ParentPay makes payments for school lunches, trips, music club membership fees and uniforms quick and simple for parents. Transactions are processed securely using leading technology which encrypts each transaction so only your school has access to it; neither ParentPay nor your bank can see or read your card information.

Once your child starts at Brookhurst, your ParentPay account can be used to pay for dinner money, trips and other events and activities through ParentPay.

It’s affordable

ParentPay provides schools with a safe and cost-effective means of managing income. Parents can pay online using debit or credit cards for school meals, trips, uniforms and other items online via ParentPay’s PayPoint network of local stores; additionally they have the option to make cash payments at local stores through PayPoint as well. Access their accounts online to view past payments or set automatic payments for ongoing expenses.

Parentpay’s payment system utilizes the highest internet security standards to give parents peace of mind that their financial data will reach schools quickly. Furthermore, this payment method makes collecting payments from students and parents simple for teachers – providing an audit trail of all transactions made.

Parents can access their ParentPay accounts using the activation details from their child’s school and use their own username and password to make payments at any time, day or night. Parents can add up to six children from different schools into the same ParentPay account at one time.

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