What are NFT games: mechanics, examples and possible earnings

In the framework of this article, I will analyze the topic of NFT games that are now popular. I will explain how they differ from ordinary browser, mobile and computer games, how payout guarantees are backed up and what you need to start playing and earning money in such projects.

How NFT games work

NFT is a non-fungible token, which is a cryptographic unique key that provides the user with ownership of a unique digital item. It can be an image, music or video. NFT game developers use blockchain technology to create a whole world or make certain items unique, which distinguishes such projects from the usual games.

It can be said that now the NFT games industry is only at the stage of its inception, since the technology is not known to such a wide circle of people. Often there are scam projects, and most of these games look like ten-year-old browser toys. In the future, this technology will definitely develop, gain more and more popularity and become a means of earning for thousands of people.

The gameplay itself in NFT games is often already familiar. It can be a classic sandbox, platformer, turn-based PVP fighter, TCG or strategy game. The main difference lies precisely in the items themselves or even cards, which in ordinary games do not carry any value. For example, if you buy some kind of costume in the same Assasin`s Creed, you can only wear it on your character, and you won’t be able to sell it to someone else. The use of NFT technology makes it possible to transfer or sell items to other users. There are even special marketplaces where such tokens are traded. Some don’t even play the games themselves, but only buy items to sell them for a higher price.

Each NFT game has its own features, so I have collected several popular projects to tell you how the developers have implemented blockchain technologies in them and how they make money for ordinary players.

The Sandbox

Let’s start with Sandbox, because it’s not just a game with NFT elements, but a whole metaverse, that is, a digital world with its own characteristics. The gameplay is built around the fact that users run around the map, perform various activities and build buildings. You can compare Sandbox to Minecraft because the building process and the graphics themselves are a bit similar.

Lands are the main value in Sandbox. The metaverse has the form of a map. Each user can buy a certain piece of land for a specific price. Many lands are already owned by various sponsoring companies. Usually it is there that the most activities are located. The closer a piece of land is to such a popular place, the more expensive it will be, since its owner will receive a reward for visiting the area.

There is always something to do at Sandbox. You can even play for free by completing various tasks, doing construction or just running around the map. Lands are sold as NFTs and their prices can be speculated on. The main type of income for ordinary users is alpha seasons, which are launched every few months. The developers have just started the development of these seasons and it is not known how long they will last. By completing seasonal tasks, you get rewards and increase the chance of getting a pass, which costs 1500-3000 dollars. Almost all players are hunting for it in order to use it to receive other rewards or sell the pass as an NFT at a higher price.

Let’s summarize about Sandbox:

  1. NFTs are implemented as the metaverse itself. Each plot of land is a separate NFT that can be bought, exchanged or sold on a special marketplace.
  2. There is a pass, which is also an NFT (it is better to read in detail about what it is on the official website, since there is a lot of information).
  3. There is an in-game token, which is a cryptocurrency. It can be earned, multiplied and exchanged for any other currency.

Drunk Robots

The Drunk Robots project appeared not so long ago and is now only at the stage of its development. This is a browser game that has collected several different mini-games. As an NFT, the robots themselves, racing carts and various items are implemented here. When buying a robot, you can fight other players in PVP format, participate in races, or send all your robots to mine a token (this is called staking).

This is what earning money on the project is about – buy yourself an NFT in order to receive a token in the form of a cryptocurrency at the expense of it and withdraw it to your wallet. You can play free mini-games to get some tokens at the end of the week if you get on the leaderboard with 100 points.

The principle of buying NFTs to raise capital is what many NFT projects are based on. You buy something so that this item earns you a project token or a certain cryptocurrency. NFTs themselves are also valuable and can be resold at a higher price (if the project is not scammed and does not close).

League of Ancients

League of Ancients is a MOBA like League of Legends or Dota. Available on both PC and smartphone. You fight in a 5v5 format and receive rewards for victories. NFTs are made in the form of game items, and the developers have also introduced their own token, which is traded on some exchanges.

This is another example of a game where the main focus is still on the gameplay, and only then on earning and trading NFTs. We will not dwell on League of Ancients for a long time. You can read all the necessary information about this project on the official website and watch video reviews of those users who have earned some money from this game.

Gods Unchained

At one time, just a year ago, the collectible card game Gods Unchained made a splash because it was a classic game, but with an NFT element. Each card is unique and can be traded or traded. This is where the value lies, because you do not just collect a digital collection of cards that cannot be put anywhere, but you can sell them to buy other cards from the deck or simply withdraw money.

The format of the game is very similar to the same Hearthstone both in terms of gameplay and mechanics. You can get packs with NFT cards for free for rewards that are issued after the weekend event. You must win a certain number of games over the weekend (depending on your rank in the game) to receive the packs. Then you can open these packs, use the received cards in your decks, or sell them on the marketplace.

Along with the cards, they also give a token for which you can buy these same packs, individual cards, or exchange it for another cryptocurrency for withdrawal. Prices for cards, as well as for the token itself, often change, it all depends on the popularity of specific decks and the game itself. For now, participating in the weekend event is the only way to get NFT cards for sale for free. In the future, they promise to make daily rewards so that you just play and get paid for it.


In conclusion, I’ll tell you about another card game with NFT elements, which, in my opinion, is the brightest representative of the TCG today. Firstly, the mechanics are not copied and the whole gameplay feels new (for those who have previously tried themselves in such games). Secondly, all basic cards can be obtained right during the game by increasing your level. You can’t sell them, but you can play further, earning those cards that are already suitable for sale.

Upon reaching a certain rating, you will receive silver cards, each of which costs an average of one and a half dollars. Together with these cards they give a pass to the arena. In this arena, you need to win 3 times in a row to get a random golden card. A gold card can be sold already for 10-15 dollars, after which the money will be immediately credited to the wallet in USDC and available for withdrawal.

It turns out that anyone can play Skyweaver with NFT elements for free and get paid for their skill. The better you play, the more you can earn and withdraw. Some people manage to make over $100 a day without a dime of investment in the game, just by showing good results.


Be vigilant when choosing NFT games that you plan not just to play, but consider as an investment. There are absolutely no guarantees that any project will last for many years, its token and items will not depreciate, and you will be able to not only earn, but also withdraw your money. Always read the Twitter of companies that develop such games, see who subscribes to them, look for WhitePaper (white paper – all the company’s plans for the future are written in it). Assess the risks and never spend all your savings.

NFT games appear almost every day. Among them are many dubious projects made on the knee. However, there are also unique ones, in which, with the help of the blockchain, features are implemented that were previously inaccessible in conventional games. App backing with tokens and the Play To Earn system is a future that could have a significant impact on the gaming industry. I would definitely recommend following projects, participating in giveaways and completing free tasks for which you can get some kind of benefit. As for investments, I have already said above – everything is only at your own peril and risk, evaluate the risks.


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