Multiple Ways to Fix iPad Freeze / Stuck

A problem that seriously interferes with the operation of the iPad is sticking, especially on a regular basis. When your tablet freezes and sticks, this indicates a software conflict with each other or that third-party software has damaged the device’s memory. A rarer option is a conflict with the operating system or damage to it. Below we will consider several options for getting out of this situation.

Reboot your tablet

A simple restart of iPad is usually enough to fix the problem. Restarting will zero the RAM and close problematic applications. Don’t worry – the data will be saved.

  • Press two buttons at the same time. Top “Sleep” and round “Touch ID sensor Home”.
  • The tablet turns off.
  • When the screen darkens, wait a couple of seconds and turn it on (by holding down the “Upper” button).
  • If the download is successful, the manufacturer’s logo will appear.

Remove the software causing the error

Restarting iPad didn’t help? The problem is most likely in the application being launched. The way out is to reinstall.

  • Press the application icon with your finger, an “X” will appear on the upper right corner.
  • Touching the “X” button will uninstall.
  • After uninstalling, reinstall it by going to the epl store.
  • The store has a tab called “my orders” “purchases”, it will contain purchases and downloads made earlier.

Files and data stored by the application will be deleted. Do you store important data on your tablet? Save them before uninstalling.

Reset to factory settings

A factory reset will reset the tablet to factory defaults, freeing up all the space on your hard drive. Recover lost data by syncing with iTunes.

  • To restore preferences, go to iTunes.
  • Your iPad will be displayed in the list of devices, click on it and click “Restore”.
  • You will be prompted to make a copy of the data, we accept.
  • Further, the restoration will take place in automatic mode.

The above action should fix the operating system software related errors. If the tablet still locks or sticks after rolling back the settings:

  • Contact the service Apple technical support

  • Bring your iPad to the point of purchase.

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