Minecraft Earth: Minecraft Earth comes to an End

Minecraft Earth is the continuation of the famous augmented reality game. Create a world from blocks with reference to the real world. Play with other explorers and make buildings and items from the collected resources. The sizes of blocks and objects are close to the real world; create your own tree on your favorite lawn. Interact with other players and go through mini-adventures.

Minecraft Earth game features:

  • Desktop mode. Design and create things, and then place them in the augmented reality world. The sizes of the items correspond to the sizes in the real world!
  • Cooperative play. Create objects together with other players.
  • Discover new surroundings. Perhaps on a couple of neighboring streets you can find many interesting objects created by other players.
  • Unique mobs. Find a blood flower and a spattered pig, grow them in your buildings.

A new game from Mojang and Microsoft called Minecraft Earth is now available for Android devices! The game was officially released only in five cities of the world, but there is no check for this in the game and everyone can play!

Please note that to play on Android, you need an Android 7.0 or higher device that supports ARCore technology.

An Xbox Live account is required to enter the game. Each player has their own profile, in which they can customize their skin and manage their inventory.

From the main screen of the game, you can go to your inventory, select buildings for construction, add friends and buy ready-made buildings.

In build mode, you can edit existing buildings (in the future it should be possible to create your own).

If you get a license check error, then you need to cut it through Lucky Patcher.

Latest version: v0.33.0 (January 4, 2021)
What’s new?

  • Added cream cow.
  • Added a dairy cow.
  • Added freckled bunny.
  • Added fluffy sheep.
  • Added golden crested chicken.
  • Added long-nosed sheep.
  • Added spotted sheep.
  • Added Smoked Pig.
  • Added umber cow.
  • Preparing for the 17th season.
  • The ability to buy rubies has been removed.
  • Reduced the time to craft items.
  • The character editor is open for players who log in between January 5th and June 30th.
  • This is the last update and the game Minecraft Earth was closed on June 30 2021.


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