Last minute tech Christmas gifts

Every year it is always the same story: between work, personal commitments and so on, you arrive close to Christmas without having bought gifts for friends and relatives. Even now you are in the same situation, right? The time available to you to buy gifts is running out and you are in a total panic because you don’t know how to get by without making a bad impression under the tree. Well, at this point, how about brilliantly breaking out of the impasse with some last-minute tech gift ideas?

I am referring, for example, to gift cards for streaming services or to tech gadgets: they cost little, are easily available and always satisfy those who receive them, allowing you to make an excellent impression without too much “fuss”.

Courage! Is it possible to know that you are still standing there? Time continues to flow and the solution to your problems with Christmas gifts is just a few clicks away from you: you just have to choose which “last minute” tech product is most suitable for them and proceed with the purchase following the suggestions I am about to give you. . Happy reading and good luck for your gifts!


  • Digital content
    • Prepaid cards for streaming services
    • Amazon coupons
    • Prepaid cards for digital stores
    • Ebooks and other digital content
  • Technological gadgets
    • Headphones and earphones
    • GPS / Bluetooth keychain
    • Robot vacuum cleaner
    • Power bank
    • Smartwatch and Smart Band
    • USB and microSD sticks

Digital content

The digital content, such as prepaid cards for streaming services, are cheap, available instantly and can satisfy almost everyone: if you want some advice, for this Christmas head over to this kind of gift and you will not go wrong!

Prepaid cards for streaming services

Among the best tech gifts you can give to friends and relatives there are certainly prepaid cards for streaming services: they are cards, physical or digital, associated with codes. These codes, once entered on the reference services, allow you to access free viewing periods, without any obligation or obligation to renew your favorite contents.

For example, since only sport can give certain emotions, why not put a card for DAZN under the tree?

As you surely know, DAZN is a well-known streaming service that allows you to access many exclusive sporting events: it allows you to watch 3 Serie A matches per round; the Serie B; foreign football leagues, such as LaLiga and Ligue 1; international football events, such as the Copa Libertadores, the FA Cup, the EFL Cup and the Carabao Cup, and the events of many sports disciplines, such as Boxing, Motors, MMA, Basketball, Skiing, Tennis, Rugby, Volleyball, Darts, American Football and Snooker. In addition, it offers a wide range of on-demand content to enjoy at any time and allows you to review the events broadcast live.

The service is accessible from a computer, using a common browser for web browsing among the most popular ones, from Android devices, iPhones and iPads, Smart TVs, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV and Sky Q box. Viewing is in high quality and block-free, as long as you have a stable connection of at least 2Mbps (to access standard definition content, those in HD require 3.5 Mbps, while images in high-frequency Super HD require a connection at 8Mbps).

DAZN is constantly growing in content and technique (the problems, often not directly dependent on DAZN, detected by some users at the launch of the platform, are now only a distant memory) and therefore giving a card to access the service is really a wonderful idea.

The of DAZN gift cards can be purchased at retail UnieuroMedia WorldEuronicsEsselunga and Carrefour in denominations of one month (9.99 EUR), 3 months (€ 29.99), six months (€ 59.99) and 12 months (€ 99.99, which is the most convenient format in terms of monthly price). Alternatively, you can purchase the prepaid subscription at all bars and tobacconists equipped with Lottomatica’s SisalPay and LIS CARICA technology. (in this case, the activation code will be provided directly on the receipt, so it is less recommended if you are looking for the gift effect).

Once the card or code has been purchased, the recipient of the gift will have to connect to this DAZN page, enter his code and redeem it on his account, logging in to the latter or creating a new one (if he is a new user). At the expiry of the viewing period allowed by the card, the user can decide whether to continue with the subscription (at 9.99 euros/month or by purchasing other cards/codes) or to interrupt it, without any cost or constraint.

For more information, I suggest you visit the DAZN page dedicated to prepaid codes. If, on the other hand, you want more detailed instructions on how DAZN works, consult my tutorial dedicated to the service.

Amazon coupons

Amazon is the most used shopping site in the world and giving a gift voucher to make purchases on the latter is always a great idea. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of buying these vouchers in digital format directly online, you can really give gifts until the last second, without risking bad figures with relatives and friends!

To purchase an Amazon voucher, all you have to do is connect to the appropriate section of the Amazon site or app for Android and iOS / iPadOS and choose the format you prefer: digitalto printgreeting card or in a casket. Tickets and boxes are physically delivered free of charge to the recipient’s home. In addition, I would like to point out the possibility of sending personalized vouchers with photos, videos, in the form of a bookmark etc.

The vouchers can have a value from 1 to 5,000 euros and, to redeem them on your account, just go to this page and type the relative code. To learn more, check out my tutorials on how to buy Amazon coupons and how to get Amazon coupons.

Prepaid cards for digital stores

Another great last-minute idea for Christmas is that relating to prepaid cards for digital stores, i.e. gift cards that allow you to buy apps, games, movies, books and other digital content on digital stores such as the Google Play Store and ‘Apple App Store.

In addition, cards are available for gamers to top up their PlayStationXbox and Nintendo eShop wallets and for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Here’s everything in detail.

Google Play

If you have relatives and friends who use Android devices, they might like to receive a Google Play gift card (from 5 euros upwards), to buy apps, games, music, films, books and magazines on the official store of Mountain View giant.

Cards for Google Play can be purchased in all the major centers of large-scale distribution and electronics stores, such as MediaWorldGameStopEsselungaUnieuroEuronicsLottomatica and Mondadori. To redeem them, just log in to the Play Store with your Google account (even from a browser ). More information is available on the official Google Play website.

App Store & iTunes

Apple allows you to give gift cards from 25 to 2,000 euros in digital format, which can then be used to purchase content on the App Store and iTunes Store or subscribe to services such as Apple Arcade (to have access to many games for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS without in-app purchases or ads) and Apple TV + (for streaming TV series).

To purchase a card for the App Store & iTunes online, connect to this page and follow the instructions on the screen, in order to choose the format and amount of the card, which will then be sent to the recipient digitally, via e-mail.

Alternatively, you can buy a physical card at the main electronics stores and the most important large-scale distribution chains. To redeem the cards, it is possible to act through the iOS / macOS App Store, through iTunes on Windows or through the Music application of macOS: you can find all the relevant instructions in my tutorial on how to use iTunes Cards. For more information on Apple gift cards, instead, consult the official website of the Cupertino giant.


Gamers who own PlayStation always appreciate gift cards to top up their wallets, through which they can buy new games or a subscription to the PlayStation Plus service. The cards are available online and in large-scale retail stores in denominations from 10 to 100 euros.

Alternatively, you could opt for PlayStation Plus membership cards with a duration of 1 month, 3 months or 12 months.

To redeem codes, simply log into the PlayStation Store, as described in my tutorial on how to redeem codes on PS4.


Even Xbox owners can take advantage of gift cards to top up their wallets or activate/extend their subscription to the online gaming service.

Wallet top-up cards are available on the Microsoft store, in electronics stores and in large-scale retail stores, in denominations of 10 to 75 euros.

The cards for the Xbox Live Gold subscription are available in denominations of 3 months6 months and 12 months and can also be purchased in third-party online stores, such as Amazon.

To redeem the code, just connect to this web page and log in with the Microsoft account connected to your Xbox.


Even Nintendo offers gift cards for its eShop, through which games to buy Switch3DSWii and Wii U . The cards are available in major electronics and large-scale retail stores, as well as on Amazon, in denominations of 1525 and 50 euros.

To redeem them, just open the eShop on a Nintendo console, log in with your account, click on the item relating to redeeming the codes and enter the code in your possession.

Ebooks and other digital content

If you prefer more “direct” gifts to gift cards, you can think of digital products to give to friends and relatives. A few examples? Bookssongs or films in electronic format.

If you have never noticed it, shops such as the Amazon Kindle Store and offer the possibility of giving eBooks to other users in a very simple way. For example, in the case of the Kindle Store, just select the book you are interested in, go to the Buy for Others box (on the right), select the Quantity of eBooks to give and press the Continue button; then you have to fill in the proposed form with the recipients email address, the name of the sender of the gift and the accompanying message to the latter and complete the transaction.

In an equally simple way, it is possible to give music or movies on the iTunes Store by opening the appropriate application on iOS / iPadOS, selecting the content of interest, pressing the share icon (the square with the arrow inside ) and selecting the ‘ Gift option from the menu that opens: more details are available in my tutorial on how to gift a song on iTunes.

Technological gadgets

Do you prefer physical products to digital content? In this case, I invite you to consider these technological gadgets, which are cheap, useful and allow you to make a good impression with those who receive them.

Headphones and earphones

Music is the companion of study, work, leisure and training of many people. So why not take advantage of this Christmas to put a pair of headphones or earphones under the tree?

My advice is to surprise friends and relatives with true wireless earphones, which allow you to listen to music without any clutter of wires, via smartphone, tablet, computer and any other device with Bluetooth.

Below I point out some of the best models, but if you want more information, I suggest you read my buying guide on true wireless earphones and headphones.

GPS / Bluetooth keychain

Other technological gadgets that cost little and are very useful are GPS / Bluetooth locators: small devices that allow you to track the position of keys or other easy-to-lose objects via smartphone, using Bluetooth or GPS directly.

Here are some very cheap ones. To find out more, read my buying guide on the best GPS trackers.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Even house cleaning can be Smart, if entrusted to a robot vacuum cleaner. Below I propose some models among those that, in my humble opinion, offer the best ratio between quality and price.

Power bank

Staying with an empty smartphone is the worst nightmare of many people: this is why it could be an excellent idea to give a power bank for Christmas, that is a portable battery capable of charging smartphones, tablets and other devices on the move, even when not there is a power outlet nearby.

Below you will find some power banks that offer the best ratio between quality and price. In my dedicated buying guide, however, you will find more details on how to choose this type of product and numerous other power banks that you might consider.

Smartwatch and Smart Band

Another gift idea to consider is that relating to smartwatches and smart bands, that is Smart watches and bracelets, ideal for tracking physical activity and receiving notifications from the smartphone.

Below I point out some of the best. For further information, however, read my dedicated buying guides: those on the best smartwatches and the best fitness trackers.

USB and microSD sticks

USB and microSD sticks can always be handy, so why not give them away for Christmas? Below I point out some of the most convenient of the moment, but in my purchase guides on USB and microSD sticks you can find many others, for all budgets.



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