Keyboard shortcuts: guide to typing without wasting time

Keyboard commands are not something new, since they have been designed for a long time to facilitate our work in front of the computer. Next we will tell you how to use them.

Keyboard commands, also known as shortcuts, are common whenever we get in front of the computer; Whether it’s copying and pasting or reloading a page, they help us make the most of our time and make our lives easier.

In that sense, recently a Twitter user took on the task of concentrating them in a thread that went viral. @Sdesalvaje about that mentioned that “Keyboard shortcuts allow us to save time, although unfortunately not everyone takes advantage of them”.

keyboard shortcuts

  • CTRL + A: select all the text
  • CTRL + B: bold text
  • CTRL + C: copy text
  • CTRL + D: open the text format window
  • CTRL + E: center text
  • CTRL + F: open the search for words in text
  • CTRL + G: Open the word search engine in a browser
  • CTRL + H: Open “Find and Replace” for texts
  • CTRL + I: italic text
  • CTRL + J: Open the “View downloads” section of a browser or justify a text
  • CTRL + K: open the search bar in the browser
  • CTRL + L: align the text to the left
  • CTRL + M: indent the selected text
  • CTRL + N: open a new document
  • CTRL + O: open an existing document
  • CTRL + P: print a document
  • CTRL + Q: remove paragraph formatting
  • CTRL + R: reload the page in the browser or remove the paragraph formatting
  • CTRL + S: save the active document
  • CTRL + T: open a new tab in an internet browser
  • CTRL + U: underline the selected text
  • CTRL + V: paste text or a document
  • CTRL + W: close the open tab in the browser
  • CTRL + X: cut selected text or image
  • CTRL + Y: redo the undo action
  • CTRL + Z: undo
  • CTRL + Shift + T: open the last tab you closed in the browser

Are there shortcuts in WhatsApp?

The answer is yes.

  • To highlight in bold on WhatsApp you have to put the word or phrase you prefer between asterisks (*): *Telcel* and that’s it.
  • On the other hand, to write in italics you have to insert the word or phrase between underscores (_): _Telcel_ and that’s it.
  • If you want your text to look like it’s crossed out, then you should enclose it in tildes (~): ~Telcel~ and you’re good to go.

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And you, what other shortcuts do you know?

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