Instacart Clone – Launch Grocery Delivery App To Stay Ahead In The Business Game

The demand for online groceries is increasing day by day. Since the pandemic has hit, it has become a  habit to order groceries using on-demand grocery delivery apps. These apps have been handy in easing out the consumer’s day-to-day hassles of buying daily essentials. Entrepreneurs are using this approach to transform their on-demand Grocery Delivery App like Instacart.

As an entrepreneur, you need to build an app to run your digital marketing business. The options are to hire an in-house team, outsource to develop an app from scratch or acquire an existing cloned app. It is very expensive and time-consuming to build a grocery store app from scratch. Business models and application features are constantly changing. So entrepreneurs should invest in a cloned app to hit the market within the next few days.

What Are The New Features That You Can Try With Instacart Clone App?

Instacart Clone App is a White labeled Grocery Delivery App that helps deliver groceries and other daily essentials to your user’s doorstep.

The app is based on the original Instacart Application that is designed to help entrepreneurs reach a global audience. The customer app, delivery agent app, grocery delivery service provider app, and admin dashboard are the primary components included within the app.

Coming over to the features, Instacart Clone App comprises of features like:

Restricted Driver’s Fraud

This feature prevents the driver from marking the status as “Arrived” unless X meters/feet away from the store pickup location. Thus providing full transparency in the entire delivery process and reasonable prices.

 Free Delivery Promo Codes

The app owners can put a promo code for “Free Shipping” in the list of specific stores / all stores for customers to enjoy. This function can be enabled/disabled.

Location-wise Ad Banners

This feature allows the admin to prepare a “Locationwise” homepage banner where only your targeted users can see it.

Re-assign Delivery Driver

An administrator can reassign a delivery driver to complete  pending orders that have not been completed in the following cases:

  • No delivery drivers in this vicinity
  • Already available delivery driver but refused the delivery request
  • Delivery driver canceled after confirming order request

Apart from the above-mentioned, other advanced-level features like Store wise commission, SKU Code for store delivery items, Voice instructions for the delivery drivers, Multiple deliveries, Graphical status of the delivery that shows real0time tracking, Location wise promo codes, etc. can be integrated after discussing them with the representative.

Additionally integrating it with COVID19 Safety features like Face mask verification, Safety badge, Kitchen pictures uploading, etc. can increase your loyal customer base.

Why Choosing White-Label Grocery App Development Company?

Instacart Clone Grocery Delivery App has been designed, coded, and tested by a development company like V3CUBE.

The development team can then customize the app to match your branding. Therefore, a white-label grocery app is also the cheapest and the best option for startups to start their own grocery delivery app business. It will have a flat fee. The low cost and time requirements mean that the time required is often less than two weeks.

All features are a bare minimum, but extra money ensures more advanced features are included. The on-demand Instacart Clone App is tested and market-friendly, so there’s nothing to worry about.

In Conclusion

In response to changing trends in customer buying behavior, grocers are turning to mobile devices. With the population increasingly dependent on their smartphones, the adoption of mobile solutions will help businesses develop new marketing strategies. Buyers will also benefit. Businesses can shape their brand potential and increase buyer loyalty with a mobile-centric approach.

If you want to expand your grocery store and develop an On-demand Grocery Delivery App like Instascart, you should contact our grocery store mobile app developer soon enough to get all your questions answered.

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