How to uninstall apps on Samsung

Samsung is one of the most popular and widespread brands in the consumer electronics market: it produces home appliances, TVs, smartphones, tablets and much more. But you already know this. In fact, you have several devices from this manufacturer and, even if you are not a great technology expert, you like to deepen their functioning every day by learning new things. Today, for example, you’d like to understand how to uninstall apps on Samsung , whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or TV, and you’re looking for a clear guide on this.

I understand you, on the other hand, when you have a new product in your hands it is easy to get caught up in the mania of downloading applications and games in abundance, but then ending up being “overwhelmed” by notifications and unnecessarily filling the device’s memory. Anyway, don’t worry, today I’m here to help you and explain how to proceed with the removal of superfluous apps from your Samsung devices.

Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes to read this tutorial and put into practice the instructions you find below: in a short time you will be able to “clean up” your device from all those software that fill your memory unnecessarily!


  • How to uninstall apps on Samsung smartphones
  • How to uninstall apps on Samsung tablets
  • How to uninstall apps on Samsung TV

How to uninstall apps on Samsung smartphones

The smartphone is almost certainly the most exposed device to undergo a series of application installations of dubious utility. Fortunately, solving the problem is pretty simple!

There are many different ways to uninstall an app from Samsung smartphones , and I will describe them all to you. Of course, the specific model of Samsung smartphone in your possession is not important, so whether you want to know how to uninstall apps on Samsung J5 , how to uninstall apps on Samsung S4 or how to proceed on any other model among the average recent ones of the Korean house, fear not, the steps to be taken are almost the same.

That said, if you see the app to uninstall on the main screens or in the list of applications (which can be accessed by swiping from bottom to top) you can simply press and hold its icon . After a few moments you will see a screen appear with some options: to proceed with the uninstallation, just tap the Uninstall item . and then the OK one in the confirmation request that will appear immediately after.

Sometimes it can happen that applications do not have an easily visible icon (or maybe they are plugins for other applications), and in this case you have to follow a different path. Start by pressing on Settings (the gear icon, so to speak) then scroll down through the various items until you reach and press on Applications . At this point you can scroll through the list that appears looking for the app you want to uninstall . To proceed with its removal, touch the name of the app , then the Uninstall item at the bottom, and finally the OK button .

There is a last way to proceed with the elimination of installed apps, it is not the most efficient nor the most comfortable, but I will describe it to you because in certain cases it can be useful as an alternative. From the Play Store you can not only install your apps, but also uninstall them! To do this, all you have to do is open the Play Store , write the name of the app you need to uninstall in the search field at the top and press the search button on the virtual keyboard. A list of results will appear, including your installed app. Press on it and then simply tap the Uninstall button .

How to uninstall apps on Samsung tablets

As you can imagine, uninstalling apps on a Samsung tablet involves completely identical procedures to uninstalling them on a smartphone, so you can simply read the previous chapter and follow the instructions, with one exception.

Samsung ‘s S series tablets have integrated the DeX function within their own screen. This means that if you want you can use them with a mouse and keyboard with an interface more similar to that of a traditional computer, and the procedure for uninstalling applications is naturally different from standard Android. Different, but still very simple.

From the DeX interface, just right-click (or two-finger press on the trackpad if you’re using a keyboard that has one built in) when the mouse pointer is on one of the applications you want to delete. Then just click on Uninstall and on the confirmation screen that appears immediately after click OK .

Even from DeX you can still access Settings and proceed to uninstall applications as in normal mode, if desired, or from the Play Store , exactly as already described in the section on smartphones.

How to uninstall apps on Samsung TV

Deleting unwanted apps from the Samsung Smart TV is very simple: press the Home button on the remote control, the house -shaped one , then move to the left until you reach the Apps item and press the select button on the remote control .

At this point, go to the top right of the gear icon , press it, and you will see the list of apps installed on the Smart TV appear. Move to the app you want to uninstall and then select the Delete item at the bottom, press the select button on the remote control and when the confirmation screen appears, select the Delete button again .

With this simple procedure you now know how to uninstall apps on Samsung Smart TV . Easy, right?

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