How to turn PDF to Word online

You need to make changes to some PDF files received by email. So would you like to convert them into Word documents but don’t have time to search for and install suitable programs on your PC? No problem, you can do everything via the Internet.

There are several online services that allow you to convert PDF documents into Word DOC or DOCX files directly from your browser, without installing any type of software on your PC. These solutions are totally free and work with all operating systems: how about if I immediately point out some of them and I’ll explain how to transform a PDF into Word online using it? I bet you will be amazed by the results you will be able to obtain.

Note:  all the services listed below promise to protect the privacy of users by deleting, within a period not exceeding 24 hours, all the files that are uploaded to their servers. Despite this, I advise you not to rely on online solutions – or in any case solutions over which you cannot have complete control – if you need to convert documents containing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank details or other information that you wish to remain confidential. If you need to convert documents that contain sensitive information, rely on one of the many offline solutions that I pointed out to you in my previous tutorials on how to transform PDF to Word .


iLovePDF is a service whereby you can edit PDFs in various ways and convert them to a wide range of different file formats. It is free in its basic version that does not require registration, but limits the number of simultaneous conversions to 1 and the maximum weight of the files to be converted to 10MB. To remove these limits, you can register for free to the service (an operation that simply raises the upload limit to 15MB) or you can subscribe to the latter ($ 3.99 / month to have an upload limit of 40MB).

To convert a PDF to Word using iLovePDF, connected to the site using the link I just provided, drag the document to convert into the browser window (or select it from  Dropbox  or  Google Drive  using the appropriate buttons) and click on the Convert to Word button  . Therefore, wait for the conversion to be completed and the output file will be automatically downloaded to your PC.


CloudConvert is part of the category of universal web converters, it supports all the main formats of multimedia files, Office documents and PDFs ensuring that their original layout is respected (within the limits of the possible). The free version of the service allows you to make a maximum number of 10 conversions per day, a maximum number of 5 conversions at the same time and has an upload limit of 1GB.

To find out how CloudConvert works, connected to it using the link I just provided, click on the Select  files button and select the PDF documents to convert to DOCX. Then click on the Start  conversion button  , wait for the files to be processed and download the Word documents generated by CloudConvert by clicking on the Download button located next to their names.

If you do not want to obtain DOCX files but the simpler DOCs, click on the docx item  located at the top right and select the document> doc option from the menu that appears.


Another service that I recommend you to try is  DocsPal , which allows you to convert not only PDF files but also Office files, videos and photos in a wide range of different formats. Using it is very simple and you don’t need any special software on your PC to make it work. All major browsers and operating systems can be used.

To transform a PDF document into Word with DocsPal, linked to the main page of the service, click on the Browse button and select the file to convert. Then set the DOC or DOCX item from the Convert to drop-down menu (to choose the format in which to transform the document) and click on the Convert button to start processing the file.

The upload limit is set at 50MB, while the maximum number of files that can be uploaded at the same time is 5. At the end of the conversion, you can download the Word document obtained with DocsPal on your PC by clicking on its name located at the bottom of the page.

Online Convert

Another great service that I recommend you to try is Online Convert , which allows you to convert not only PDFs but also Office files, videos, photos, audio files and even compressed archives. Also in this case, it is a site that can be used by any operating system and browser without installing special programs on the computer.

To transform a PDF document into Word with Online Convert, connected to the home page of the service and select Convert to DOCX or Convert to DOC from the Document converter drop-down menu (depending on the format in which you intend to convert the PDF). On the page that opens, click on the Browse / Choose file button , select the document to convert and start processing the file by clicking on Convert file . The upload limit is set at 100MB.

When the conversion is complete (it should only take a few seconds), the download of the DOC or DOCX document obtained with Online Convert will automatically start. If not, click on the direct download link to start the download manually.

Free File Converter

You can also consider Free File Converter which allows you to convert only one file at a time and has an upload limit of 300MB. To use it, connected to its home page, click on the  Browse / Choose file button and select the PDF to be transformed into a Word document.

Then set the doc option  from the Output  form t drop-down menu  , press the Convert button  and wait for the file to be processed. Finally, click on the link  [file name] (full link) and the document generated by the service will be automatically downloaded to your PC.


To conclude, I would like to tell you about  ZamZar  which is one of the most popular online converters in the world. It allows you to transform Office files, videos, photos, eBooks, PDFs and even other types of documents by operating in batch mode. The upload limit is 100MB in total.

Try it by connecting immediately to its home page and clicking on the Choose files button  . Then select the PDF files to convert, select the item  doc  or  docx  from the drop-down menu located under the heading  Step2  (depending on the type of Word document you intend to obtain) and enter your email address in the Step 3 field  .

Once all three steps have been completed, press the Convert  button  and wait a few minutes for all the files to be processed by the service. You will receive an email from ZamZar containing the links to download your documents in a totally free way.

ABBYY FineReader Online

The online services I have told you about so far do a basic document conversion. This means that they transform texts into texts and images into images. If you have a PDF scanned (badly!) As if it were an image and you want to extract the text from it, you have to resort to an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution .

The OCR solutions “read” the texts contained in PDFs and images and transform them into freely selectable and editable texts with programs such as Word, LibreOffice and the like. Among the best software of this kind there is ABBYY FineReader, which is paid, but there is also a “light” version online that allows you to scan documents that have a maximum number of 10 pages.

To use the online version of ABBYY FineReader, linked to this web page , make sure that the Italian option is selected  in one of the drop-down menus located under the heading  Select the language of your document and click on the Upload button  to select the PDF to be convert.

At this point, choose the output format you want to obtain (eg docx or  rtf ) from the Select an output format menu  and click on the Register button  to register for free on the ABBYY FineReader website. At the end of the registration (you can quickly authenticate with Facebook or other online accounts), remove the check from  Yes, I want to receive news letters about new versions and updates of ABBYY products (so as not to receive newsletters from ABBYY) and click first on the Confirm button  and then on the  Recognize button to start converting the document.

Wait a few seconds for the OCR recognition to be completed, click on the name of the file in Word format and it will be automatically downloaded to your PC. Unless they are ordered to be deleted directly, files converted with ABBYY FineReader Online will remain on the service’s servers for 14 days.


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