How to transform PDF to Excel

Do you need to make changes to a table or a real spreadsheet contained in a PDF document? If you want some advice, take these files and convert them to a format more suited to the situation: XLS or XLSX. Then make the desired changes directly with Excel or with another spreadsheet software, such as LibreOffice Calc or Numbers from Apple.

Do you have to buy expensive commercial software to do this? Absolutely not! If you want to find out how to transform PDF into Excel, all you have to do is connect to one of the online services that I am about to recommend and follow the instructions below. In no time at all you will get XLS or XLSX files that are fully compatible with Microsoft Excel and other similar applications, therefore freely editable.

The services you find mentioned in this guide are all free and respect the privacy of users by automatically deleting files from their servers within a few hours. They are also compatible with all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari) and do not require any particular plugins to work (they do not need either Flash Player or Java, so to speak). Good fun!


SmallPDF is one of the best web services for editing, converting and creating PDF documents. It does not require registration to be used and has no upload limits. How to use? Nothing easier, believe me.

All you have to do is connect to its home page and drag the PDF you want to turn into an Excel file (XLSX) into the browser window. If the drag-and-drop, ie the dragging of the file, should not work, click on the Choose file button and select the PDF “manually”. If you want, you can also upload documents from your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts by clicking on the appropriate icons on the upload button (in this case you will need to authorize the service to connect to your online storage space).

At the end of the upload, wait a few moments for the PDF to be processed by the service and press the Download file button to save the document in Excel format on your PC.


Online2PDF is another great free conversion service. Compared to SmallPDF it offers the advantage of being able to process more documents at a time, but it also has a couple of downsides (if we want to define them that way): it adds a small text to the generated XLS or XLSX files and provides an upload limit of 50MB or 100MB , depending on whether you upload a single document or convert multiple documents at the same time.

To transform PDF into Excel with Online2PDF, connect to the home page of the latter and drag the PDF files to be converted on the Select files button (otherwise press the latter and select the files “manually”). When the operation is completed, select the Excel 2003 or older item or the Excel 2007-2013 item from the Convert to drop-down menu (depending on whether you want to get XLS or XLSX files) and press the Convert button to start processing the documents.

At the end of the upload a short conversion process will start and the files in Excel format will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


To be highly taken into consideration there is also the very popular ZamZar , one of the most famous online converters in the world, which allows you to process multiple files at the same time, does not imprint promotional writings in documents, but has an upload limit of 100MB and requires the entering your email address.

To use it, linked to its main page and drag the PDFs to be converted into Excel files in the box located under the heading Step 1 . Then select the item xls or xlsx from the Step 2 drop-down menu , type your e-mail address (or a temporary email address ) in the Step 3 field and press the Convert button .

Within a few minutes you will receive the links to download the documents in Excel format obtained from your PDFs directly in your inbox.


In conclusion, I want to tell you about CometDocs , another online service that allows you to convert many different file types between them. In its free version there is an upload limit of 150MB and 5 files per month, moreover to carry out its work it requires the user to enter a valid email address. I recommend it only if the other solutions mentioned above do not fully satisfy you.

To use CometDocs, linked to its home page and drag the PDF files to be transformed into XLSX in the box located in the center of the screen. If the operation is not successful, press the Upload button located at the top left and select “manually” the documents to convert.

Next, select the Convert tab , drag the PDF icon to the bottom left pane and select the option to Excel from the central menu. Finally, type your e-mail address in the Enter your email field , click the Convert button and wait a few minutes for the message to arrive with the links to download your documents in XLSX format.


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