How to track android cellphone

How to track android cellphone: You were with friends at a concert and, upon returning home, you realized that you no longer have your trusty Android phone with you. Quite bad, especially considering that you don’t know if you accidentally lost it or if it was unfortunately stolen from you. Come on, don’t despair, maybe there is still a solution: I can tell you how to track down an Android mobile.

In fact, you must know that Android terminals include a pre-installed function that allows you to locate them on a map and control them remotely, as long as they are turned on and connected to the Internet.

Would you like to know more? No problem, that’s what I’m here for. Let me explain how to proceed with some of the most popular anti-theft services included “standard” in the operating system of the green robot, related to various manufacturers. I wish you a good read, above all, good luck in recovering your device!


  • How to track an Android cellphone for free
    • Find your phone
    • Find My Mobile (Samsung)
    • Find device (Xiaomi)
    • Find phone (HUAWEI)
    • Third party apps

How to track an Android cellphone for free

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, there is no time to waste. So let’s get to the heart of this tutorial right away and see how to track down a free Android phone using some pre-installed services from manufacturers.

Find your phone

Find your phone is the free anti-theft system pre-installed on all Android devices that use Google services. In order for it to work correctly, you must first have carried out some simple procedures that will then allow you to successfully locate and manage your smartphone remotely.

First of all, make sure that you have activated the location services. If you are reading this tutorial for information purposes and, fortunately, you still have it available, then go to the Settings menu (by pressing on the gear icon on the Home screen or in the app drawer) and locate the Geolocation item : press on and, in the corresponding menu, check that the function is active. In case it is not, press on the relative lever to move it to ON . On other devices, the option may be found in Security and privacy> Location services . In case of difficulty I suggest you search for “localization”in the menu. Find more information on this procedure in my dedicated guide .

Secondly, open the menu Settings> Security (or Security and location)> Google or the menu Settings> Google> Security and make sure Find my device is activated, otherwise you can activate it.

Obviously, check that the Google account associated with the smartphone is the one you intend to use. In the Settings> Google screen (or Settings> Accounts> Google ) you can view the linked accounts by pressing on the e-mail address that appears under your profile picture. Instead, you can add one by tapping Add another account and associate a new Google account to your Android device .

Now everything is ready to move on to the actual localization of the device. Find your device can be used from any device via a browser by connecting to the main website .

Click on the Login button to start and log in with the Google account credentials associated with the smartphone to be found. On the next screen, you will see the list of connected and traceable devices, from which you can choose the one you are interested in by clicking on its name . If it does not appear, unfortunately, the device is not locatable.

Once you have selected your smartphone, you will be shown a map indicating its exact location and, on the left, the menu for remote management. So choose one of the proposed options. Alternatively, you can connect here and view the map immediately.

Click on the Play audio button to make the smartphone ring for five minutes, even if it is set to silent mode); on Lock the device to set a lock code, log out of the Google account but keep the device locatable; on Reset device to start phone formatting – an irreversible command, to be used only as a last measure and if the device is now unrecoverable, as it will make it impossible to trace it.

The Find my device service can also be used through the app of the same name for smartphones and tablets, available for free on the Play Store . Its operation is identical to that of the website: therefore, you can proceed with the installation and follow the same instructions I have just given you.

If you were wondering how to track down a turned off Android mobile phone , you should know that, unfortunately, the Android location system can only detect the last known location of the smartphone (before it turned off), but it is not possible to identify its position when it is turned off. nor manage it remotely unless it is turned on and connected to the Internet.

Find My Mobile (Samsung)

If the lost device is a Samsung smartphone , you must know that you have at your disposal a special anti-theft system offered free of charge by the manufacturer itself which, if previously activated, can allow you to trace it via Samsung Cloud .

It is called Find My Mobile , and is accessible from the dedicated web page : remember, however, that this service can successfully locate your smartphone only if it has been previously activated on it, as well as connected to your Samsung Cloud account.

To activate it, go to  Settings> Biometric data and security> Find personal device and move   the lever at the top to ON ; same thing for those  Remote Unlock  and  Send Last Position .

To find out more, I recommend reading my guide on how to find a Samsung device .

Find device (Xiaomi)

The anti-theft service integrated in Xiaomi smartphones is called Find device and allows, through a Xiaomi Cloud account connected to it, to detect its position in no time at all.

Also in this case, of course, the smartphone must be turned on, with the location services and Find device necessarily already enabled. To activate it, therefore, go to the Settings menu , and select the items Mi Account> Xiaomi Cloud> Find device . If the function is not already active, press the Activate Find device button and enter your Mi Account password to enable it.

Once this has been verified, it is possible to trace the Xiaomi smartphone by connecting to the official Web page of the service: click on the Login item located at the top right, enter the credentials of the Xiaomi account connected to the lost device, and press the Login button .

You will then see a list of the devices on which the account in question has been configured: click on the name of the phone and, if the location is successful, you will be shown its exact position on the map. More info here .

Find phone (HUAWEI)

If, on the other hand, you have a HUAWEI smartphone , you can rely on Find phone , which has the same operation as the previously mentioned services (based on the HUAWEI Cloud service and its connected account) and can be activated from the Settings> HUAWEI ID> Cloud menu .

By connecting to the HUAWEI Cloud website , you can log in with HUAWEI ID, and use the anti-theft function from another device. I’ve told you about this procedure in more detail here .

Third party apps

Finally, if you prefer, you can choose to use third-party anti-theft apps specially developed for Android devices. Many of them are provided together with the best antivirus for Android which, once installed on the smartphone, can help in its recovery. I tend to advise against them, as the default systems are now more efficient and do not require additional apps to run in the background, but you may still want to give them a chance.

In the unfortunate event that none of the solutions that I have recommended to track down a stolen Android phone has brought the desired results, I strongly recommend that you report the theft of the phone , recover the IMEI code of the device, request the blocking of the SIM by contacting your telephone operator and finally proceed to block the device. Find all the details on the entire procedure in this guide of mine .


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