How to take the rain off in Minecraft

How to take the rain off in Minecraft: You are playing Minecraft but you have realized that, when it starts to rain, the gameplay becomes more difficult: the visibility is reduced and all the fires you have ignited have gone out. While there may be downsides when rain occurs, it certainly helps if there are, for example, empty containers to fill them with rainwater or outdoor crops that are naturally hydrated.

Between positive and negative effects, rain can generally be a problem, especially in the first few minutes of play. So you are wondering if there is a way to remove it. Do not worry, because I am here to help you: in this guide of mine, in fact, I will show you how to remove the rain on Minecraft, both using the command console, and by means of mods. There will also be advice on how to solve the rain problem also on Minecraft Pocket Edition, in case you usually play Minecraft on smartphone or tablet.

Are you ready to face the reading of my guide? If the answer is yes, take a few minutes of time to dedicate to me and sit nice and comfortable. I’m sure rain on Minecraft won’t be a problem for you anymore. I wish you a good read and, above all, a lot of fun!


  • Remove the rain on Minecraft via commands
    • Preliminary operations
    • Commands to remove the rain in Minecraft
  • Remove the rain on Minecraft via mod
  • Take the rain off in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Remove the rain on Minecraft via commands

If you want to disable the rain in Minecraft, the first solution I recommend you to adopt is the command console. There are, in fact, some codes that, if inserted in the chat of the game, allow you to change the weather conditions during a single-player game.

In multiplayer mode, it is not possible to use the commands that I will indicate to you in the next lines, unless you are the administrator of the server or have been enabled by the latter.

Preliminary operations

Before explaining the method to remove the rain on Minecraft through commands, I want to clarify that it is important that these are enabled in the game you have created. To do this, in the Minecraft main menu, click the Single Player buttons and then Create a New World.

Now, set the game mode and the name you want to give to the new session, using the appropriate text box, and then press the Otherworld options button. At this point, click on the Commands item to change it to Yes and then confirm by pressing the Done buttons and then Create a new world.

If, on the other hand, you have already created a game and you do not know if you have activated the controls, return to the main menu and press the Single Player button. In the list of worlds you have created, locate the one you want to access and check if the version with the word commands is present next to the wording. If so, it means that the commands have been enabled when creating the game session.

If they are not enabled, you can temporarily enable them. How? I’ll explain it to you in the next lines. During a game, press the Esc key to access the game settings menu. Among the options that are shown to you, click on the Open in LAN button, to enable a multiplayer game in the local network.

Then press the command button, so that the word Yes appears, indicating that the command console is active. Finally, click on the Start the world in LAN button to save the changes made.

To open the command console during a game session, simply press the T key on the keyboard to open a text box for entering the code strings that I will show you in the next paragraph.

Commands to remove the rain in Minecraft

There are several commands you can use to disable rain on Minecraft. Some of these can be used in combination, to permanently disable rain in your created match.

First of all, we must distinguish two cases: if it is currently raining in the world of Minecraft or if the sky is clear. Let’s go in order.

If you see rain falling from the sky, press the T key on your keyboard to open the command console and type/weather clear in the text box below. In this way, the rain will stop immediately, returning a clear sky that will last 5 minutes.

To this command, you can also add a numerical value to indicate the number of seconds the sky must remain sunny: in this case, type the command/weather clear [value] by entering a number of your choice between 1 and 1000000. For example, / weather clear 1000000 will set the sky to clear for more than 270 hours of gameplay.

Another command similar to the one given above is the one defined by the / toggledownfall string available on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education Edition. This command allows you to temporarily disable the current weather status. For example, if it is currently raining, the sky will become clear if you execute this command.

If the sky is already clear or you have removed the rain using the commands indicated in the previous lines, you can use the code / gamerule doWeatherCycle false to permanently disable the change of weather conditions in the game. In this way, rain will no longer occur in the Minecraft world you have created.

Remove the rain on Minecraft via mod

Another method that I can recommend to remove the rain in Minecraft is to remove the graphic effect of this atmospheric event, in case this causes slowdowns during the game session.

To do this, it is desirable to install a mod. Don’t know what a mod is? It is a tool that integrates with Minecraft to modify or add some features. There are many, which you can download from third-party sites, which I told you about in this guide of mine. In this specific case, the mod that interests you to achieve this goal is the one called Optifine.

If you are interested in using it, go to its official website and press the Download or Mirror item corresponding to the version compatible with the latest Minecraft distribution you own. Once the OptiFine_xxxx_HD_U_E2.jar file has been downloaded, double-click on it and presses the Install button on the screen you see on the screen. After that, press the OK button to complete the installation.

Once this is done, start Minecraft using its quick launch icon and click the button with the symbol (▲). At this point, select the Optifine profile and press the Play button. It just shows the main screen of Minecraft, click on the items Options > Graphics > details and press on the item Rain / Snow, setting the value to No.

By doing this, you have deactivated the rain graphic effect, which will no longer be visible in any game session.

Take the rain off in Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you play Minecraft via smartphone or tablet, you can take the rain off while creating a new world or directly from a game in progress.

In the first case, after starting Minecraft through its icon on the home screen, press the Play button and then select the items Create new > Random generation. In the customization settings of the new game, scroll through the items until you find the one with the words Activate cheats. Then move the lever to ON and press the Continue button, in the window that is shown to you. In this way, you have enabled the possibility to enter the commands that I have indicated to you in this paragraph.

Furthermore, by scrolling to the bottom of the screen, you can disable the change of weather conditions by moving the lever corresponding to the Variable Weather item to OFF. By doing so, however, you will not be able to use the / weather command. Finally, hit the Create button to start the new Minecraft session.

If you want to enable the commands on a game that has already been created, just go back to the main menu, press the Play button and tap the icon with a pencil symbol next to the name of the world you want to change. You must then follow the steps that I indicated in the previous lines to enable the item Activate the tricks.

After enabling the command console, you can use / weather to change weather conditions during the game. To do this, press the button with the symbol of a cloud at the top and then tap on the button with the symbol / . At this point, choose the Weather item in the context menu and choose the Clear option.

This will automatically fill in the string/weather clear in the text box. Press the cloud symbol at the bottom right to send the command and remove the rain. Easy isn’t it?


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