How to summon lightning in Minecraft

How to summon lightning in Minecraft: There are few things that are more impressive than being able to trigger lighting at will. Luckily, Minecraft has several ways to do this. With commands or a trident with a channeling charm, you can set the world on fire with thunder and lightning. This guide will show you supported Lightning Summon platforms, Lightning Summon requirements, how to Summon Lightning, and what the Lightning Summon command looks like in Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

Luckily, you can summon lightning in any way in any public edition of Minecraft.

Platforms that support Spawning Lightning:

Platform Can summon lightning?
Java Edition Yes
Bedrock Edition (Windows 10) Yes
Pocket edition Yes
Version for educational institutions Yes
Xbox Edition Yes
Playstation Edition Yes
Nintendo Edition Yes

The command to summon lightning is “/summon lightning_bolt” in every release of Minecraft. If you want to summon lightning in survival Minecraft, you will need a trident.

Requirements to summon lightning in Minecraft

(Through commands)

  1. Cheats enabled (world settings)

If you want to summon lightning using commands, you just need to enable cheats in your world settings. This is enabled by default in creative mode, which negates any chance of getting achievements, but allows you to summon as many lightning bolts as you want.

(In Survival Minecraft)

  1. Trident
  2. Enchantment Direction (Enchanted Book or Spell Chart)

If you want to summon lightning in Minecraft for survival, you will need a trident enchanted with Channeling I. You can get Channeling through enchanted books or find it yourself on the enchantment table. This method is less reliable, as it requires a thunderstorm to occur in your world in order for your trident to summon lightning.

How to summon lightning in Minecraft

If you’re playing survival Minecraft, the only way to summon lightning is to get a Trident with a Maintenance enchantment. First of all, you need to get a trident. Tridents only drop from drowned enemies holding a trident. The drowned usually spawn in deep oceans or rivers. You can also artificially create a drowned person by holding a zombie underwater for 15 seconds. These zombies that turn into drowners will never hold a trident.

How to summon lightning in minecraft0

You can increase your chances of having the trident drop from drowned enemies with a loot sword. Be careful when approaching drowned enemies with tridents, as they will use them against you. They will throw tridents from a decent distance, and escaping a drowned person with a trident under water is not an easy task.

The next step is to place the Direction enchantment on your trident. The direction can be found on the enchantment table, but you can also find it in cart chests, dungeon chests, librarian chests, and non-village building chests. In the Bedrock edition, you can also find enchanted books that may contain channeling.

How to summon lightning in Minecraft1

If you have a channeling trident, you just have to wait for the storm. While this is a rare event, you can trigger as many lightning bolts as you like during this event. Just hold the trident on the hotbar, hold the right mouse button and release to see the lightning strike where the trident hit.

How to summon lightning in minecraft 2

If you don’t have the Loyalty enchantment on the trident, you will need to pick up the trident again. With a loyalty charm, it will return to your inventory after a few seconds. Congratulations, you have the equivalent of Mjolnir in Minecraft during a thunderstorm.

Call commands

To call lightning using commands, you just need to type “/Call lightning”. This is the case with any version of Minecraft. If you want to trigger lightning at a specific location, you can add coordinates after “lightning_bolt”. For example, “/summon lightning_bolt 320 70 -330”.

How to summon lightning in Minecraft3

Obviously, you can change the coordinate as you see fit. If you want to go a little further and call lightning on all objects, the command will change a bit. You will need to type “/execute @e ~ ~ ~/summon lightning_bolt” to hit all loaded objects with lightning. If you want to exclude yourself from this command, be sure to change the command to “/execute @e [type=! Player] ~ ~ ~/summon lightning_bolt”. You can add any other mobs you don’t want to be hit by lightning by adding a comma after the player and adding a different type of mob. An example is below.

How to summon lightning in minecraft4

How to summon lightning with a trident in Minecraft?

If you want to summon lightning with a trident, you first need to enchant your trident with Direction. Next, you will have to wait for a thunderstorm. It doesn’t look like normal showers work for sorcery spells. After thunder strikes and your trident is enchanted, any creature you hit with the trident will be struck by lightning.

How to summon lightning on all entities in Minecraft?

You can see the full explanation above, but the command to invoke lightning on all entities is “/execute @e ~ ~ ~/summon lightning_bolt “. The syntax is important, and “execute” will tell the game to execute the next command. “@E” will target every entity. “~~~” are coordinates, if you copy the tildes, it will select every coordinate with loaded object. Finally, “/summon lightning_bolt” is self-explanatory.


Congratulations, now you know how to summon lightning at your own discretion in Minecraft. Although Survival Minecraft has some limitations here and there with the exact lightning call frequency, you can still get the experience of controlling lightning. If you have the ability to use commands in your world, you can summon as many lightning bolts as you want. Use it as responsibly or irresponsibly as you wish. Minecraft is a sandbox game at the end of the day, and if you want every entity in the game to be struck by lightning at the same time, you have the option to do so.

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