How to start Minecraft

Your friends have always spoken highly of you about Minecraft, Mojang’s well- known sandbox title. For your part, you have never listened too much to the advice of others, but after some time you have finally decided to actually try to launch yourself in this very famous game: the problem is that you do not know where to start and, therefore, you would like to have a hand in this regard.

What is the best way to get started in Minecraft? What are the basic mechanics of the game? Are doubts like these that grip you, right? Then don’t worry: you are in the right place! In this tutorial, in fact, I will show you in detail how to start Minecraft by explaining the first steps to take both in the Java version of the PC game and in the Bedrock version, which is available for Windows 10 (the one you download from the Microsoft Store), smartphones, tablets and game consoles.

Of course, I will not just tell you how to start games, but I will also provide you with useful tips on how not to get caught unprepared. Come on then: take five minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. I just have to wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to get started in Minecraft
    • Survival mode
    • Adventure mode
    • Creative Mode

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to start Minecraft, I think it may interest you to know more about the modes available in the Mojang title.

Well, in Minecraft the games can be mainly of three types: SurvivalAdventure and Creative. The first is the default mode, the one that is automatically set by the game during the creation of the world, and requires the user to obtain the elements to survive. .

When the player is defeated, he loses everything he has in his inventory and returns to the starting zone. It is a modality that leads to exploring and building in the world of Mojang’s title, which by the way is always different, given that it is procedurally generated.

It should be noted that in the Java edition for PC of Minecraft there is a mode called Extreme, which is identical to the Survival mode but has the maximum difficulty and guarantees the user only one life. I will avoid mentioning it from now on in this guide, as it takes place the same way as Survival mode.

Adventure mode, on the other hand, does not allow the user to generate or destroy blocks. The world then remains as it was originally generated and the player cannot modify it. Of course, you can still defeat enemies and visit villages.

Over the years, players have created real “games within the game” thanks to this mode, “on rails” adventures. , just like the classic titles based on the story and the continuation of the adventure, rather than on the interaction with the game world. When played without worlds created by other players, Adventure Mode can add an extra difficulty to the game.

Finally, the Creative mode is the one that most of all allows you to express yourself. In fact, it is used by users to quickly create particularly complex structures, since there are no life and hunger bars, you can fly and explore the environment at 360 degrees and you already have all the elements of the game available to you. inventory interior.

In short, Minecraft is a game with many facets and this is probably also the reason why the Mojang title has been so successful.

How to get started in Minecraft

After explaining the possibilities offered by Minecraft, I would say that you are ready to see how to start playing in each of the available modes. Below you will find all the relevant information.

Survival mode

The mode that most of all needs an introduction is probably that of Survival. In fact, since this is the default option, many novice users often start a game in this mode without knowing what to do.

To start playing in Survival mode in the Java edition for PC of Minecraft, just open the game, press the Single Player button and double click the Create a new world button.

In the Bedrock version of the game, however, you have to open Minecraft, go to the path Play> Create new> Create new world and press the Create button. In short, the Survival mode is already set by default and for this reason, many players have their first contact with the Mojang title in this way.

Once in the game, the way Survival mode plays out is the same in both versions of the game. In this guide, I will use the Java edition for PC as a practical example.

If you are a novice gamer, the first thing you should do is take a look at the controls. To do this, open the game settings and go to the Controls section. Once you have learned how to move your character and perform basic actions, you can proceed.

The first thing I recommend you do is hit a tree with your bare hands, in order to get the logs (you have to go over them to collect them), which are the basic objects to create much more. At this point, opening the inventory (for example by pressing the E key on the PC ) you will notice that there is a 2 x 2 table.

The latter must be used for the so-called crafting, or for the manufacture of objects. At this stage, my advice is to create some axes and then use them to make the workbench, an element that will allow you to have a larger table (3 x 3), giving you the opportunity to start making objects ” serious “.

To create 4 units of axes, simply enter 1 Log into the 2 x 2 inventory table. After that, you need to fill the crafting table with the 4 board units to get the workbench and place it on the ground.

From here we start to get serious: by placing 2 axes one above the other inside the workbench it is possible to obtain 4 sticks. By placing one of these in the middle block and another in the one in the bottom center of the crafting table and joining them with 3 planks arranged in the top row it is possible to create a wooden pickaxe.

Once you have the wooden pickaxe, everything becomes easier: you can use it to break the blocks of a mountain and start building your “den” for the first night. In any case, this is just “basic” information on how to get started, but I recommend that you refer to my tutorial on how to survive in Minecraft for a practical example on how to easily get through the first stages of the game.

Adventure mode

The Adventure mode is a bit ‘more “hidden” Minecraft. In fact, it does not appear in the creation phase of the world, but must be set later.

To start a game in this mode in the Java PC version of the Mojang title, you must first create a game in Survival mode or Creative mode with active controls.

To do this, start the game, go to the path Single player> Create a new world and click on the More world options button. Then click on the Commands button, so as to set it to Yes, and click on the Create a new world button.

Once in the game, press the T button on your keyboard, type the command /gamemode adventureand press Enter. The game will warn you that the game mode has been changed to Adventure.

As for the Bedrock version, you always have to start a game in Survival mode first, but the procedure is different. In fact, after reaching the path Play> Create new> Create new world and pressing the Create button, it is necessary to exit the game.

To do this, press the Pause icon at the top (at least on mobile devices) and tap the Save and exit button. At this point, press on the pencil icon on the right, next to the world you have created, tap on the Default Game Mode option, select the Adventure option and press the Play button.

Perfect, you are now in an Adventure mode game. You are probably wondering why developers tend to “hide” this possibility. Well, actually, if you try to play a little, you’ll understand right away: you can’t break blocks and therefore neither get tree trunks.

This means that the indications I have given you in the chapter related to Survival mode are not valid. Think of a novice user who starts this mode without knowing what he is going to face: he may not understand anything and leave the game. For this reason, the Adventure mode is made available only to those who know how to activate it.

In any case, don’t worry: I’ll explain immediately how to proceed in this mode. Well, here you can only interact with interface elements, from chests to workbenches, but you can’t build or destroy blocks.

The first thing you have to do is to discover the game world, trying to defeat the first animals with your bare hands, in order to get the items resulting from their drop and try to accumulate experience.

To give you some concrete examples, initially you could defeat some cows in order to obtain Raw Beef and thus satisfy your character’s hunger. I remind you that life automatically regenerates itself over time if you keep the hunger bar at maximum. By dint of fighting with your bare hands with the animals you will meet, such as the Lamas, you will then be able to obtain other elements, such as leather, which will be useful later to build your armor.

Always defeating animals, you will also see your experience bar go up (the green one at the bottom). If you want some advice, in the early stages you might think about defeating the fish (which don’t attack) to get both food (eg raw salmon) and experience relatively easily.

Afterwards, you might think about looking for a village to see if there is anything interesting to be able to survive the night. For example, you might think about staying inside one of the houses so that enemies can’t attack you.

Think that some homes have both a bed and a workbench, useful for building interesting objects.

For example, with 4 leather units obtained by defeating animals with your bare hands, you can create leather boots and start making armor. Just place 2 leather units in the lower right and 2 leather units in the lower left in the 3 x 3 crafting table of the workbench you found in the village.

I remind you that you can wear these items via the inventory screen (for example by pressing the E key on a PC ). This way, your character will be more resistant to animal attacks.

However, inside some village houses you will also find trunks.

These are very important to make you continue your adventure correctly, since inside them you can find very interesting objects, from more powerful armor to gold bars, passing through emeralds and much more.

In some cases, you may also find Logs – remember that you cannot place them on the ground. However, Logs can be used via the crafting table to spawn axes . From the axes you can start and create a bit of everything, from the workbench to the stick, passing through the wooden sword.

To create 4 planks, enter 1 unit of Log in the crafting table. After that, insert 2 units of planks, one on top of the other, to get 4 sticks. Finally, stack 1 unit of staff and 2 units of axes on top of each other to create the wooden sword.

Perfect, you now have a weapon that you can use to deal with the hostilities of the game world. This is where your adventure begins, which you can carry on by continuing to defeat enemies and looking for villages. Of course, you can also use the trade with the characters present in the villages, who will want to be paid in Emeralds.

In short, now you are aware of everything there is to know to survive in the Adventure mode of Minecraft.

Obviously, this is a more difficult mode than Survival, but that’s the beauty of this possibility.

Creative Mode

The Creative Mode Minecraft does not need much introduction. In fact, it is the one in which the user already has all the elements of the case available within his inventory and there is no danger in terms of survival.

This is usually the method used to create structures quickly and without risk. For example, you might think about making beautifully designed houses in this mode before building them in that Survival. In fact, this way you will avoid making mistakes or wasting materials.

To start a game in Creative mode in the Java edition of Minecraft, just press the Single Player button, click the Create a new world button, select Creative mode and press the Create a new world button.

As regards, however, the Bedrock version, you have to go in the path Play> Create new> New World> Create new world, set to the preferred game mode on Creative and make tap on Create.

Once in the game, on PC you can access the inventory with the E button on the keyboard, while in the Bedrock version you will find the appropriate icon at the top (at least on mobile devices). Here you will find all the elements of the case: you can use them by putting them in the quick inventory.

Great, now you have all the information you need to start playing Minecraft in all its main modes.

Since you are a fan of the Mojang title, I suggest you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find countless guides that could be for you.


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