How to set the alarm

Do you have an important meeting in the morning and would like to avoid being late? Are you working on your PC and need to remember an appointment you have in the afternoon? In these cases, the only alternative is to use an alarm, so that it alerts you as soon as the time you set arrives. Unfortunately, however, you have no idea how to proceed and, therefore, after a search on the web, you came across this tutorial of mine.

How do you say? Is this actually the case? Then know that you are in the right place at the right time! In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you in detail how to set the alarm both on your smartphone or tablet, and on your computer. In addition, I will give you some tips on how to operate on some devices as well to be able to achieve your goal.

However, I warn you that in most cases, for the alarm to go off, the device must be switched on. If not, it may not ring and, therefore, you risk ignoring your reminder completely. That said, I’d say start immediately! I just have to wish you a good reading!


  • How to set the alarm on your mobile
    • Android
    • iPhone / iPad
    • App to set the alarm
  • How to set the alarm on your computer
    • Windows
    • macOS
  • How to set the alarm on Apple Watch
  • How to set Alexa alarm

How to set the alarm on your mobile

If you want to know how to set the alarm on your mobile phone , know that the operation to be performed is very simple, thanks to the default app that you find on Android and on iPhone / iPad. Find everything you need to know in the following chapters.


If your interest is to learn how to set the alarm on Android , if you have a model equipped with Google services, you can first rely on the voice commands of Google Assistant by calling the latter and saying a phrase such as ” Set alarm for [time ] “.

Alternatively, you can proceed from the Clock app , which is pre-installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can easily recognize its icon on the home screen or in the drawer , as it is distinguished by the symbol of a clock .

Since this app is developed by the same manufacturer as the device, it is clear that the procedures that I am going to indicate in the next paragraphs may differ depending on the smartphone / tablet in your possession. My advice is therefore to take into consideration the indications that I will give you as guidelines to be able to set an alarm. In this tutorial I will cover the Clock app installed on a HUAWEI smartphone .

The first step is to start the Clock app via its quick launch icon on the home screen or in the drawer. At this point, on its main screen, move to the Alarm tab and tap the + button to create a new activity.

Among the information requested, you will find information to indicate the hour and minutes for activating the alarm, as well as some options to adjust its frequency and duration. Specifically, you can indicate under Repeat if the alarm should sound only once or should be recurring during some specific days of the week.

In addition, you can set your own ringtone, being able to set a personalized audio file (and therefore a music ) (the Ringtone item ). If you see fit, you can adjust how long the alarm will ring when the alarm goes off ( Ring Duration ) and how many times it should ring if you don’t hear it ( Adjust Nap Duration ).

When you are done, press on the confirmation icon at the top, to save the alarm you just set. The alarms created can be managed directly in the Alarm tab , being able to deactivate and reactivate them as many times as you want, simply by moving the lever next to it. In case you want to delete one, keep your finger pressed on it, select it using the appropriate box on the side and press the Delete button .

To make sure an alarm is currently playing, check that a clock icon appears between the icons at the top of the display . In the case of HUAWEI devices, if you decide to turn off the mobile phone with an active alarm, know that in the appropriate shutdown screen you will be asked if you want the alarm to sound anyway (option enabled by default).

iPhone / iPad

Do you have an iPhone (or an iPad ) and don’t know how to set the alarm? No problem, I’ll explain everything to you. Even then, this is a very simple operation to do.

To do this, you can first call up Siri by voice command “Hey Siri” or by holding down the side button (for models with Face ID) or the Home button (for models with a physical Home button) and say a command such as ” Wake me up at [time] ”or“ Set alarm for [time] ”.

Alternatively, you can proceed from the Clock app on the home screen or in the device’s App Library . In the screen that is shown to you, then tap on the Alarm tab at the bottom, press the + button at the top right and set the time of your alarm by scrolling the numbers displayed on the screen. Then indicate if you want to set a repetition using the homonymous item and possibly on which days of the week.

After that, specify whether you want to leave enabled or not the function Delay leaving on ON or carrying on OFF the switch. You can also change the alarm label by tapping on the Label item and you can change its sound by tapping on the word Sound .

At this point, presses on the Save item at the top right to save the changes made to the alarm settings and set the latter. In the main screen of the iOS / iPadOS alarms you will therefore find the alarm that has just been set that you can eventually deactivate or reactivate on the fly by pressing the relative switch on the right. If you need, still from the same screen you can set additional alarms simply by repeating the procedure previously indicated.

The fact that the alarm has been set will also be indicated by the appearance of a special alarm icon in the upper right part of the display (next to the battery charge level indicator ). On iPhones with Face ID, swipe from top to bottom in the top right corner of the screen to view the alarm indicator.

If you then wish to make any changes to your alarms, you can do it at any time simply by going to the main alarm screen, as seen above and tapping on the alarm in question. You can then make all the changes you want and delete it if necessary, using the Delete alarm button .

If you want to delete more alarms, instead, in the main screen of the Clock app, press the Edit item , at the top left, and then on the red icon that you find on the left next to each alarm. By doing so, the Delete key is highlighted : then tap on it to delete the alarm in the list.

You can access the screen to set your alarms on iPhone / iPad also by making a long and firm press on the Clock app icon on the home screen and choosing the Create alarm item from the menu that appears.

You can also do the same by calling up the Notification Center and pressing on the alarm icon . You can access the Notification Center on iPhones with Face ID by swiping from top to bottom near the top right corner; on an iPhone with a Home button, swipe from bottom to top near the bottom edge.

App to set the alarm

Haven’t you been particularly convinced by the “standard” functions to set the alarm on Android and iOS / iPadOS and are you looking for alternative solutions? Then take a look at the apps that I will report to you below, I’m sure they will satisfy you. They’re all free (but some offer in-app purchases to unlock extra features). Choose the one that catches your attention the most and download it to your device right away.

  • Alarmy ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) – One of the most popular alarm clock apps on the square. Its main feature is that it offers the possibility to turn off the alarms set in an original way, for example with the shake, with barcodes, responding to a mathematical calculation etc.
  • Alarm Clock Xtreme ( Android ) – It may seem strange to you but AVG, the well-known cybersecurity company, has created an alarm clock app (and more). You can set any type of sound, including music on your device or online radio, and possibly also set a method to turn off the alarm, with a puzzle, password or QR code scan.
  • Sleep Cycle ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) – Excellent free alarm clock, but with premium subscription features (€ 32.99 / year) capable of flawlessly fulfilling the function it is responsible for as well as keeping the quality of sleep under control .

How to set the alarm on your computer

Do you need to set an alarm on your computer ? Nothing simpler! You can use the clock and alarm management app built into the operating system! Find all the details below!


If you use a computer with Windows 11 or Windows 10 installed , it will be easy for you to set an alarm thanks to the built-in app. So open the Windows Start menu and look for the Clock app (on Windows 11) or Alarms and Clock (on Windows 10).

Once this is done, on its main screen, go to the Alarm tab in the sidebar and click on the + icon , at the bottom, to create a new alarm. In the box that is shown to you, then set the hour and minutes and choose, by activating the Repeat alarm box , on which days of the week it should repeat itself if necessary.

You can also set the type of sound and delay time of the alert. Then press the Save button to confirm. The alarms will all be present in the App’s Alarm screen and you can easily activate and deactivate them by moving the lever next to them. To delete or edit them, instead, right-click on an alarm and choose the appropriate option.


On Mac there is no real alarm app similar to the one you use on smartphones and tablets, nor is it possible to use Siri for this purpose. Therefore, what you can do is make do with the tools you have at your disposal, using the Calendar app .

Therefore, all you have to do is start the latter via its icon in the Launchpad and choose, from its screen, the day when the reminder should alert you with a sound. Double-click on the chosen day to display the reminder creation box. Then set a name and indicate, through the appropriate option, the time when the notification must be sent.

In the Warning section , use the drop-down menu to choose the Customize item . Then choose Message with sound and At event time . By doing so, you will be notified with a sound exactly at the time you indicated. Then press the OK button to confirm.

While not a practical method, it is the only solution you can currently use to set an alarm on a Mac. There are also some third-party apps that you can install through the Mac App Store, and for that reason, I recommend that you check out the my guide on how to set the alarm on your PC .

How to set the alarm on Apple Watch

In case you own an Apple Watch , you can set an alarm easily via the built-in app in this wearable device from Apple.

To do this, start the Alarm app and tap the Add alarm item . So choose the time slot ( AM or PM ) if you use this format, otherwise set the time directly if you use the 24 hour format. Once this is done, set the hour and minutes using the digital crown and confirm with the appropriate icon.

In the list of alarms, using the appropriate lever, you can activate or deactivate an alarm. In case you want to modify it, tap on it, so as to adjust other parameters, such as the repetition, the label or the delay or proceed to delete it.

Alternatively, you can more simply invoke Siri and command the creation of an alarm just like you usually do on the iPhone .

How to set Alexa alarm

Do you have an Amazon device with Alexa built-in functions ? If so, you can easily set an alarm with voice command. To do this, simply say the phrase “Set an alarm for [time]” to create an alarm at the time you specify. If you want to create a recurring alarm instead, say the phrase “Set an alarm for [time] every day” or “Set an alarm for [time] every [day of the week]” .

If you want to set an alarm on Alexa with music , the operation is just as simple: say the phrase “Set an alarm for [time] on [genre of music or song]” . By doing so, the alarm will sound with a specific song or one of a favorite musical genre.

Alternatively, you can manage alarms via the Alexa app for Android and iOS / iPadOS by accessing the More> Alarms and timers menu .

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