How to see coordinates on Minecraft

How to see coordinates on Minecraft: Have you found a place of particular interest in the world of Minecraft, would you like to know its coordinates so that you can easily reach it during your subsequent adventures, but you don’t know how to do it? If this is the case, you will be happy to know that you have come to the right place at the right time!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you in detail how to see the coordinates on Minecraft from any game platform. I will then explain how to do this on the Java version of Minecraft for Windows and macOS and on the Bedrock version, which is available on Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android / iOS devices. Finally, in case you are playing Minecraft on PlayStation 4, I will give you some useful tips on how to achieve your goal on this console.

So what are you waiting for still standing there? Do not waste any more precious time: sit comfortably and pay close attention to the tips I will give you in the next chapters. I’m sure, by the end of reading, you’ll be able to read the coordinates of your avatar’s location in Minecraft and put it to good use. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, good fun!


  • How to see the coordinates on Minecraft Java Edition
  • How to see coordinates on Minecraft Windows 10
  • How to see the coordinates on Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • How to see coordinates on Minecraft PS4

How to see the coordinates on Minecraft Java Edition

If your intent is to see the coordinates on Minecraft Java Edition, you can do this in a simple and immediate way, regardless of whether you have installed the game on  WindowsmacOS or Linux.

The first step you need to take is to start Minecraft and access one of the worlds you have created: then double click on the Minecraft icon, to open its launcher, and press the Play button. In the main Minecraft screen, then press the Single Player button and select one of the worlds you have already created, in the list that is shown to you.

If you want to create a new game session, all you have to do is click on the Create a new world button and select the settings of the world, using the options presented to you. When you are done, confirm the procedure by pressing the Create a new world button again.

After carrying out the operations indicated in the previous paragraphs, you will find yourself inside the world of Minecraft. To view the coordinates of the exact point where your avatar is, press the F3 key (on Windows ) or cmd + F3 or alt + cmd + F3 (on macOS ) in order to display a layer on the screen, through which you can view various information.

To read the coordinates, all you have to do is locate that portion of the screen located at the top left, which contains the wording XYZ. Next to the latter, you will find a series of decimal numbers (even negative) that represent the coordinates in space. The X and Z values correspond to the position of the avatar on the horizontal plane (longitude and latitude), while the Y value indicates the altitude.

As for the values ​​you can display in the coordinates: X and Z have a range that goes from -29.999.984 to +29.999.984. At these coordinates you will find an invisible wall that marks the end of the Minecraft world. Using the teleportation command, you can cross it, typing the absolute maximum value  30,000,000, but you will not be able to interact with the surrounding environment. The Y-axis, on the other hand, has values ​​from 0 to 255 and 64  and represents the sea level.

How to see coordinates on Minecraft Windows 10

As you well know, there are several versions of Minecraft available, which differ according to the platform on which the game is run and the features made available to players. On the Microsoft Store of Windows 10, Minecraft is available in the Bedrock Edition version, which differs from the Java version in that it is possible to cross-play between other platforms where the same version of the title is present: Windows 10Xbox OneNintendo SwitchAndroid and iOS.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is nearly identical on every platform, except for a few features that may only be present on certain platforms. To see the coordinates, you have to follow the same steps on all platforms.

In order to find the coordinates relating to the position of your avatar, after starting Minecraft, press the Play button on the main screen and select the pencil icon that you find next to the world you have already created, in the Worlds tab.

Once this is done, scroll through the different settings of the game session, until you find the word Show coordinates. Make sure, therefore, that the lever next to it is set to ON, moving it from left to right.

In case you want to create a new world, instead, after pressing the Play button on the main Minecraft screen, select the Create new item and set the same parameter that I indicated in the previous lines.

Well: you have done everything you need to activate the display of coordinates during the game session. Therefore, all you have to do is access the latter to view the X, Y and Z coordinates in the upper left area.

How to see the coordinates on Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you like to play Minecraft on your smartphone or tablet (therefore on  Android or iOS ), you should know that the Pocket Edition version of the game has not been available for several years. Even on mobile, in fact, Minecraft is now available in the Bedrock Edition version and, therefore, the operations you will need to carry out to see the coordinates are the same as those I told you about in the previous chapter.

That said, what you need to do is start Minecraft, via its icon on the home screen or in the drawer, and press the Play button on the main screen. In the Worlds tab, you can create a new world, using the Create new button, or modify an already created one, by pressing the pencil icon.

To show the coordinates in the game, you simply have to activate the appropriate setting ( Show coordinates ) that you find in the configuration screen of the game session. After activating this option, all you have to do is access the world of Minecraft, to see the coordinates in the upper left area.

How to see coordinates on Minecraft PS4

If you play Minecraft via a  PlayStation 4, the procedure you need to follow to see the coordinates is different than the ones I indicated in the previous chapters. You must know, in fact, that on PlayStation 4, Minecraft is available in the Legacy Edition version, no longer supported by future updates.

But you don’t have to worry in any way, because finding the coordinates of your avatar in the game world is a really simple procedure. What you need to do is use any map, to see the X, Y and Z coordinates updating in real time on it. Not sure how to make a map? In this case, my advice is to consult this guide dedicated to the subject.


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