How to remove the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Some time ago you did help to set the Parental Controls on the Nintendo Switch your child. This way you wanted to avoid him spending too much time with video games. In fact, with the Nintendo Switch parental control, you were able to set a maximum threshold of hours of play per day and also prevent your child from buying titles that are not suitable for him on the eShop.

In short: the filter has so far been a very useful tool. Now, however, your son has convinced you that he can get along very well even without restrictions and you would like to give him a little confidence; precisely for this reason you are wondering now how to remove the Nintendo Switch parental control . That’s the way it is, right?

In that case, if you allow me, I would like to answer this question of yours. You must know that removing the parental controls is a really immediate operation and if you follow the instructions you find in this guide, you will succeed without problems. The procedure can be performed directly on the console, from a special app for smartphones and tablets or even from a PC, by accessing the Nintendo account settings. If you want to find out all the details, read on.


  • How to remove parental controls on Nintendo Switch
  • How to remove parental controls via app
  • How to remove parental controls via Nintendo Account Profile

How to remove parental controls on Nintendo Switch

If you have your Nintendo Switch handy, you can safely remove the parental control from the console settings, it will take a moment. I illustrate the steps below and inform you that the procedure is perfectly valid even if yours is a Switch Lite .

To start, from the main screen of the console, move with the directional arrows or the analogs down, select the System Settings item (the one with the gear symbol ) and press the A button on the controller. From here, scroll through the list of settings and press on the Parental Controls and Change Settings items .

Then enter the PIN code of the analog filter . Once you have accessed the parental controls screen, press the X button on the controller to remove it completely; then press the A key on the Delete button to confirm. See how simple it was?

How do you say? Have you forgotten your parental control PIN and are now blocked because you don’t know how to reset it? No problem, I’ll explain immediately how to do this. When the console asks you for the PIN code , press the + button on the controller. You will then be automatically assigned a reference number : write it down and do not exit the screen.

Then open any browser , and visit this support page of the Nintendo site and then click on the Login button . Then press the Login button again , enter your Nintendo Account password and email address and finally press the Login button once again .

Once logged in, enter the serial number of the console in the appropriate fields (you can see it in the screen left open previously on the Switch or, alternatively, you can find it in the lower part of the console body) and the reference number . Then, check the Confirm request items , complete the captcha and press the Send request button .

In the new window, enter your Nintendo Account password and press the OK button . At this point an email should have arrived from noreply-support @ (also search the Spam and Junk folders if you don’t see it right away). Once you’ve found it, open it and write down the 8-digit code you see. Then go back to Switch, press the A key on the controller on the item Enter the main code and type the code you just received via email. Perfect, at this point you can set a new PIN for parental controls.

Try to remember it (maybe save it in a password manager ), so as not to have to repeat the whole procedure seen above. If you no longer have access to your Nintendo account, you can contact the Japanese giant’s assistance by phone and reset your PIN using the latter. The numbers to call are 800.904924 and 02.39544999 . The operators are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00.

Alternatively, you can explain your problem in the appropriate field at the bottom of this page (please enter your country of residence first to get started). You will be contacted via email as soon as possible.

How to remove parental controls via app

Now I’ll explain how to remove the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app , available for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices .

It is a very intuitive and free application that allows you to monitor in real time which titles are played on the console and for how long they are played. In addition, thanks to this app, you can access all the regular parental controls functions on consoles: you can therefore set a maximum daily play time and prevent access to various content and titles. Very comfortable, isn’t it?

If yours is a smartphone or a tablet Android to download the app in question will just open this the Play store page and press the button Install (if your device is not available from the Google store, check out the alternatives to this ‘last). If, on the other hand, you are using an iPhone or iPad , open the application page on the App Store , press, then the Get / Install button and verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password (if required) .

To remove the filter via the app, you must first have paired your Switch with the app. To do this, simply open the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app and log in with your Nintendo account data (the same one used on the console). Once the app is open, therefore, press the Login button or create an account , you will be redirected to the login page on the browser: enter the email address and password of your Nintendo account and finally press the Login button .

Once you are logged in, click on the Select this person button located under your account name and then click on the OK button . Then tap on the Next button and follow the instructions shown on the screen to enter the verification code on your Switch and pair the console.

Once the two devices are connected via the app, to completely disable the filter, just press the + icon at the top right of the main application screen. Then press the i icon next to the name of your console, then press the Delete item twice in a row.

Great! Now turning on your Switch console you will notice that the filter has been completely removed. Good fun!

How to remove parental controls via Nintendo Account Profile

Do you want to know if it is possible to carry out the operations I have described to you in the previous chapters also from the browser of a PC or smartphone ? The answer is yes; however there is a necessary clarification to make: using these tools you can manage the settings of your Nintendo account and in this way only the limitations of the filter relating to purchases on the eShop can be removed. The filter will therefore only be partially removed.

In addition, I must warn you that this method is only valid if yours is an account set up as a Parent or Guardian of a family group . How do you say? Removing eShop restrictions is the only thing you care about and is yours a Nintendo Parent Account? Very well, in that case I will immediately proceed to show you the procedure. If, on the other hand, you do not know how the Nintendo family account works, I refer you to the relevant support page on the official website .

To get started, simply connect to the Nintendo account login page , enter your email address , the account password and press the Login button . Then click on the Family Group item and then select the name of the account linked to the group from which you want to remove the filter restrictions.

Subsequently, click on the item Restriction of the use of funds on Nintendo eShop , click on the box next to the item Restrict the use of funds in Nintendo eShop (to remove the check) and click on the Save changes button .

Then go back to the previous page and press on the item Age limitation of purchases in Nintendo eShop . Click, therefore, on the box next to the item Limit purchases within the Nintendo eShop based on age (to remove the check) and, finally, press the Save changes button .

Done! now the restrictions related to the filter on purchases in the Nintendo virtual store have been completely removed, happy?


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