How to remove the “Minecraft has crashed” error in Minecraft?

A lot of interesting mods for Minecraft have been released in recent years. It is not difficult to add them to the game client, but sometimes it leads to errors. One of them is “Minecraft has crashed”, after which the game crashes. The crash is associated with an incorrectly installed or inappropriate mod.

How do I clear the error?

The error message only conveys information that the game has crashed. This is obvious. More information about the causes and solutions of the failure is not provided. Due to the vague idea of ​​the error, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact way to solve it.

Today it is known about such effective methods of eliminating the crash “Minecraft has crashed”:

  • The most likely reason for the crash is the addition of mods, shaders, and various resources. In these cases, the reason lies in the improper state of the add-ons. To restore the game, you must roll back the changes and restart the game. If the system has a suitable restore point, you can RMB on the game folder and select “Restore the previous version”. All that remains is to select a suitable point and the state of the folder will roll back;
  • If the problem appeared after updating the game or launcher, the reason for the error is in the wrong version of Java. The new version of the game requires a suitable version of the Java platform. The latest Java version is on the official website ;
  • Expand the amount of RAM for the Java system;
  • When a crash appears at the stage of loading the world, the problem is in temporary files. It is enough to remove them, and the game will start without any problems. The system will generate the appropriate files on its own. You need to go to the .minecraft folder and clear all other resources from it. An exception is the save folder.

These are known and common causes of the Minecraft has crashed message. As a last resort, if other methods are inactive, you should completely reinstall the game. It is important to make backups before installing.

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