How to prepare well to start on Pokémon Unite?

A new version of Pokemon! What do you say? Well, this recently launched Pokémon Unite will fully satisfy you.
It is a small MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), which adapts to Nintendo Switch. The concept is quite simple, you will play in teams of 5, choosing the Pokémon on a symmetrical card. Your goal here is to collect pokéballs and defeat opponents in order to win your game (yes, things look a little bland!). The manufacturer has opted for a formula that has already proven itself on the market, so why change the codes?

However, the leaders of MOBAs today are Dota 2 and League of Legends, two giants that are very difficult to dethrone. So how will Pokémon Unite carve out a place at the table? Let’s find out!

Pokémon Unite, a new world?

This pokemon on switch takes place in Unite’s own world, much like Pokémon let’s go switch. This world takes a bit of a pop style.

In this universe, the famous little creatures are divided into 5 groups:

  • Attackers;
  • Defenders;
  • All-rounders;
  • supports;
  • Rapids.

Attackers are Pokémon that can do a lot of damage, but are however very fragile. The defenders are specialized in crowd control and can take hits. These can produce dizziness, slowdowns or even silences.

The third category is made up of Support Pokémon that add bonuses to their allies and heal them. Fast Pokémon, much like their name suggests, can move anywhere quickly and easily. Finally, the all-rounders can touch all its characteristics and are very useful in several situations.

Before the start of each game, you can find items that give you bonuses. These bonus objects are of two types: held bonuses and bonus items.

Held bonuses earn you passive bonuses that give you the opportunity to unlock about 3 levels, even before reaching level 10.

These held items can be upgraded via Item Enchacers . You can earn them by playing additional challenges.

In this game there are 30 levels . To improve your Pokémon’s stats, you need to unlock at least 10 levels.

An ideal build should consist of around 3 held items, so to optimize your Pokemon you can earn Aeos Tickets in exchange.

For combat items, there is a huge selection, but here you don’t have many options, you are forced to choose one item per game. It is an active spell that can save your life in certain situations. Battle items can be used indefinitely and without limits (yes, it’s a bit like League of Legends). The choice of this kind of objects must be based on the qualities and characteristics of your Pokémon.

Pokemon Unite map

The map wasn’t really Pokémon Unite’s top priority, since it’s almost the same as other Pokémon switch games: a jungle that separates a lane down and a lane up. A few neutral Pokémon appear occasionally, and a large Legendary Pokémon appears at the end.

By killing neutral Pokémon and winning games against your opponents, you will be able to win pokétballs.

If you place a certain number of pokétballs in the circle, you will be able to win your game. Conversely, allied circles allow you to optimize your point gain. The team that scores the most points in less than 10 minutes will win the game.

An innovative MOBA?

This MOBA is of course the latest addition to the Pokémon family, but it brings with it several important innovations. On the other hand, we regret the absence of game shops (to develop its items like pokemon sword switch and pokemon shield switch) and farming, which makes it a MOBA a bit repetitive and easy to learn.

Basically, Pokémon Unite is a game geared more towards the Mobile and Switch gamer community, a little easier than MOBAs on PC , but just as interesting.

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