How to plant in Minecraft

How to plant in Minecraft: If you want to plant crops or other seeds in Minecraft and have a farm for yourself, then you need to know how to make a vegetable garden. You can only cultivate the land with a hoe, and knowing the peculiarities of the garden can prevent some shortcomings in the future. In this guide, you will learn what materials are needed to create a garden in Minecraft, what you can plant on it and how to water your crops.

Materials needed to create a vegetable garden in Minecraft

  1. Mud/grass blocks;
  2. Hoe (any material).

Creating a garden and planting various crops on it is not difficult at all. You just need to right click on some earth or grass blocks with a hoe equipped to create a vegetable garden. You can start planting seeds as soon as you have a hoe.

How to plant in Minecraft

The first step to planting seeds is to get a hoe. The material of the hoe is irrelevant as it does not improve the quality of the crop, it just increases the durability of the hoe if you use a higher quality material. To make a hoe you will need 2 sticks and 2 wood, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds.

How to make farmland in minecraft0

After making a hoe, you need to select it from the hotbar and right click on the ground to prepare the ground. This will reduce the durability of your hoe, but you can always make another if necessary. Use any consumable.

How to make farmland in Minecraft1

You should also consider where you want to place your crops. You will need space for a large farm, and you will also need water to match your crops. Since you can’t move your crops, it’s best to dig up some soil as supplement where you want to grow your crop.

Also be careful when stepping on your fields. You can walk around the garden without problems without holding the sneak button, but you can’t run or jump through the crops without destroying them! Walk carefully and make sure you don’t fall on the ground above a block or you may need to re-till the ground.

How to create a farm in Minecraft2

This goes for mobs, both passive and hostile mobs can destroy your fields, so keep them well protected.

How to water in Minecraft

Water will wet your fields if they are within 4 blocks of water. Not everything within 4 blocks is hydrated yet, but you can clearly see how the water is below and how the crops will quickly break down on their own without watering.

How to make farmland in Minecraft3

As you can see, the water will also reach 4 blocks diagonally, making the 9×9 square completely wet with one water source block placed in the middle. Watering is not required to grow crops, but it will reduce the time needed to grow crops. This also ensures that you don’t have to re-till the soil if it goes bad.

The crop can also be watered by rain. While not a very consistent method, it can help you achieve efficient crop growth before you need to find a bucket to move water around.

In order for the fields to be watered, they must be at the same “Y” level as the nearby water. Water can be placed 1 block above the crop and still be watered 4 blocks away.

How to make farmland in Minecraft4

What can you grow in minecraft

You will need to cultivate the fields in order to grow crops. You can grow wheat, carrots, potatoes, beets, melons and pumpkins in your garden.

How to make farmland in Minecraft5

Pumpkins and melons have some special qualities, but every crop in the game requires you to first place blocks of soil in order to grow anything. The soil has interesting properties, as the height of the blocks changes to 15/16 blocks. While it’s hard to place any secret buttons or chests behind this box, there are some creative applications you can do with this.

How to make farmland in minecraft6


There is one crop-related improvement in Minecraft. This is an Ominous Place promotion that requires you to plant a seed and watch it grow. His parental promotion is farming. While the upgrade doesn’t specify a specific seed, it should be either a beetroot, or a melon, or a pumpkin, or wheat, or a curious wart. Nether Wart can only be planted on soul sand, so its inclusion stands out from the others.

How to make farmland in minecraft7

Planting any of the 5 listed above will do the trick for this upgrade if it is next in line.

What is a soil block in Minecraft?

A soil block is a plowed piece of land on which you can plant crops in Minecraft. Sowing is a special block that cannot be obtained, instead you must create it from earth/grass blocks with a hoe. Although it cannot be obtained, it is a relatively common block, as you can craft it anywhere with a hoe. Farmland doesn’t need sunlight to grow, instead it just needs to place water within 4 blocks to prevent it from decomposing.

How to destroy a garden?

The resulting personal plot is easy to deteriorate. You can jump on it to get rid of it immediately, or if you need a bigger solution, you can plug any water that is near the soil and the crops will naturally decompose. You can also run over the crops to make them spoil faster.


Congratulations, now you know all the intricacies of planting seeds in Minecraft. Knowing how crops behave will help you build an impressive self-sustaining farm that will help you survive in Minecraft. Make sure your fields are watered if you want your farm to survive. Since hunger is used in almost everything in Minecraft, it’s important to understand how to keep crops growing efficiently.

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