How to paste one photo onto another

Would you like to create photo collages like the ones you find online, full of special shades and shapes, but you don’t have any experience in photo editing? You have no reason to fear, because in this guide I’ll show you how to paste one photo onto another using some apps for smartphones and tablets, some photo editing programs for PCs and some extremely intuitive online services. You just have to choose the solution that suits you best and put my instructions into practice. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!


  • How to paste one photo onto another: Android
  • How to paste one photo onto another – iPhone
  • How to paste one photo on another: Instagram
  • How to paste one photo onto another with Photoshop
  • How to paste one photo onto another with GIMP
  • How to paste one photo onto another online

How to paste one photo onto another: Android

If you want to paste a photo on another with Android, you can turn to one of the many apps useful for this purpose, such as the excellent Photo Layers , which allows you to overlay images, also removing the background, managing up to a maximum of 11 levels . It also integrates some features to use if necessary to retouch your shots. If you have an Android device without Google services, see if it is available on some alternative store .

After installing and starting the app (just visit the link I just provided and press the Install button ), click on the No button , see ads that are less relevant within EEA , then on Agree and then on Don ‘ t share within EEA , in order to avoid advertising tracking. Subsequently, tap the Load a photo button , then allow the app to access the multimedia contents of the device and press the preview of the photo to use as a “background” of the one you are going to overlay later.

If necessary, then, cut the image using the Photo Layers editor and press the Done button (top right) to move on to the next step, which consists of superimposing the photo on the one you just uploaded. To do this, press the (+) Add Photo button (top), tap on the preview of the photo to paste on the other, crop it (if necessary) and press the Done button (top right).

At this point, all you have to do is resize the photo added to the composition by opening / closing two fingers on it, drag it to the desired position and press the Save button (top) to save the output file. Simple, right?

There are other photo overlay apps that you might find useful – take a look at the guide I linked to to find others that might possibly be for you.

How to paste one photo onto another – iPhone

Do you have an iPhone ? In this case, to superimpose one photo on another, I recommend the use of Superimpose Studio (which, for the record, is also available for Android ) which, in addition to giving the possibility to overlay and paste images , also offers the possibility of using some tools through which to edit your shots, which can always be useful. To use all the features integrated into the app, however, it is necessary to purchase its full version, which starts at 4.99 euros / month.

After installing and starting Superimpose Studio, press the No buttons , see ads that are less relevant and Agree (to avoid advertising tracking), tap the Create new button at the top, press the (+) Add Layer button (at the top left) and grant it the necessary permissions to function properly. Then choose the shot to use as a “background” to the image you intend to paste on it, pressing on its preview , tap on the word Next (top right),

If necessary, crop the photo in question using the editor that appears on the screen, deactivate the Analyze function (unless you want to automatically delete the background of the photo and, as soon as you are ready to paste the other photo, press on the word Fine (top right).

At this point, tap the (+) Add button located at the top left, select the photo to paste on the one added just now by pressing on its preview and then on the Next item (top right) and, also in this case , crop it (if necessary) using the editor you see on the screen.

Then, on the Fine item (top right), resize the photo you pasted by opening / closing two fingers on it and drag it to the point where you want it to be placed. In conclusion, save the output image by tapping the Save / Share button at the bottom (if you do not see it, close the bar with the various buttons by tapping the x on the right) and select the preferred export or sharing mode ( eg. Save , Instagram , Twitter , etc.).

If you want to try other apps to overlay photos, I refer you to my tutorial on the subject: you may find it useful.

How to paste one photo on another: Instagram

Have you come to this guide to find out if it is possible to paste one photo on another on Instagram ? Unfortunately not: the famous photographic social network, at the time of writing, does not offer this possibility.

However, you can always use some apps to overlay third-party photos (such as the aforementioned PhotoLayers and Superimpose Studio ) and then share the output images created with the latter on Instagram . The end result will surely satisfy you.

How to paste one photo onto another with Photoshop

In a tutorial on how to paste a photo on another photo, I cannot help but propose the use of Photoshop , the most famous photo editing program in the world. In this case, know that you can succeed in your intent quickly and easily: you simply have to copy the image you want to overlay on the second and paste it on the latter. Let me tell you how to proceed.

To begin with, start Photoshop and import the two photos you want to act on it, selecting the Open … item from the File menu (or, if you prefer, dragging them directly into the program window). Then, simultaneously press the Ctrl + A (on Windows) or cmd + a (on macOS) keys to select the entire image and press the Ctrl + C (on Windows) or cmd + c (on macOS) keys to copy it to the clipboard . Finally, open the window in which there is the photo on which to paste the image you selected earlier and press the keys Ctrl + V (on Windows) or cmd + v (on macOS) to paste the selection. Easier than that ?!

If you want, you can also cut out an image and paste it on a different background, so as to create a real photomontage. To do this, activate the Quick Mask mode by clicking on the symbol of the rectangle with the circle inside located at the bottom left and choosing the black color in the palette. Then, using the Brush tool , “color” the elements you want to cut out.

When the operation is completed, deactivate the Quick Mask mode by pressing again on the symbol of the rectangle with the circle always located at the bottom left (under the palettes): as you can see, the part you “colored” will become a selection. The next step is to use a Selection tool from the toolbar on the left (eg Lasso Selection ), right click on any point of the selected image and then choose the Select Inverse item from the menu that opens. Once the image is outlined, all you have to do is copy and paste it on another photo, following the steps I indicated in the previous lines.

If you would like more information on how to overlay photos on Photoshop and how to cut out with Photoshop , I suggest you read the guides that I have already published on my blog: there you will find even more detailed information on how to use the image overlay function with effects of gradient and even with outlined objects.

How to paste one photo onto another with GIMP

GIMP is another solution that I recommend you to try to paste one photo on another from computer (it is available for Windows, macOS and Linux). In fact, it integrates many photo editing tools that make it the best free and open source alternative to expensive Photoshop.

After installing the program, select the Open … item from the File menu (top), select the images you want to overlay and use all the tools included in the program to overlay your photos. Once the changes have been made, go to the window where the image you want to paste on the other is present and copy it in full by pressing the keys Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C (on Windows) or on the keys cmd + a and cmd + c (on macOS).

Now, switch to the window in which the photo to be used as a “base” is present and paste the photo copied earlier in the latter, pressing the Ctrl + V (on Windows) or cmd + v (on macOS) keys and, after eventually repositioning and resizing the pasted image using the Scale tool (the icon of the two blue rectangles located in the toolbar), save the work done by selecting the Save item from the File menu .

In case you intend to paste only a subject portrayed in the photo, crop the image: select the item Switch Quick Mask from the GIMP Select menu , choose the path tool from the left toolbar and trace the edges of the subject to be cropped from the photo by clicking and dotting the edges of the whole subject with connecting anchors close to each other.

Then disable the quick mask from the Select menu , press the Selection button from the path located in the toolbar located on the left, select the Invert item from the Select menu and press the Delete key to remove the background. Now you just have to copy the cropped image and paste it on another photo following the steps I indicated earlier.

For more information on how to overlay photos with GIMP and how to crop with GIMP , take a look at the insights I have just linked to you: they will surely be very useful to you.

How to paste one photo onto another online

Would you like to act directly from the browser , so you can paste one photo on another online? This is feasible thanks to the use of special services useful for this purpose, such as Photopea . It is a Web application that allows you to edit images quickly and easily in a very similar way to what happens with Photoshop and the other photo editing software I mentioned in this guide. It does not require the use of additional plugins and it is free (although it is possible to subscribe to a Premium plan starting from $ 3.33 per month to support its development and remove the few advertising banners on the page).

To use it, go to its main page , click on the symbol (x) if necessary to remove the welcome message to the service and open the photos you want to use to make the collage, by clicking on the Open item from the File menu (top left) and selecting them.

Once you have imported the images of your interest, select the one you want to paste onto the other and press the Ctrl + A (on Windows) or cmd + a (on macOS) keys at the same time to select the entire photo and then press the Ctrl + keys C (on Windows) or cmd + c (on macOS) to copy it. In conclusion, open the Photopea tab containing the photo you want to use as “background” and press the Ctrl + V (on Windows) or cmd + v (on macOS) keys to paste the one you copied earlier.

If you want to resize the photo you have pasted on the other, then, after selecting its layer from the panel on the right, open the menu Edit> Free Transform and, holding down the Shift key on the keyboard, move the cursors along the perimeter of the photo and, when done, hit Enter on the keyboard. To move it, instead, drag it to the desired point while holding down the left mouse button and that’s it.

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