How to open DjVu File – 5 programs

“Unveiling DjVu Files: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Open DjVu Files – 5 Exceptional Programs”

DjVu files, known for their efficient compression and high-quality images, require specific programs for optimal viewing. Explore the world of DjVu files with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to open DjVu files effortlessly using five exceptional programs.

How to open DjVu File: Many users are faced with the need to open DjVu files on a computer. The DjVu format, along with the PDF format, is the most popular format for storing scanned documents.

The name of the DjVu format comes from the French word déjà vu – “already seen”. This format saves scanned e-books and magazines, mainly of an encyclopedic, educational, scientific and technical nature, in which there are many graphics: images, pictures, diagrams, etc. Users scan books with a large number of images, and then save them in electronic form in a DjVu format file.

The DjVu format has gained popularity, among other things, due to the fact that a DjVu file weighs much less than a similar PDF file. This is especially true for mobile devices, and is also useful for a computer. Very large files are difficult to open even specialized programs – viewers for files of this type.

Therefore, in many cases, it is optimal to save documents and pictures in the DjVu graphic format. A DjVu document is several times smaller than a similar file saved in PDF format.

How to open DjVu? In this article, I will explain how to open a DjVu file on a computer in the Windows operating system. To do this, we need a program that opens DjVu files.

What program to open files with the DjVu extension? To open files in the djvu format, you can use specialized programs for opening files in the DjVu format, or applications that support opening several types of files in text formats, including deja vu. Some services support opening DjVu online.

In this article I will talk about 5 programs. Two programs: WinDjView and DjVu Reader are specially designed for viewing djvu format, and three others: STDU Viewer, Sumatra PDF, Universal Viewer Pro have support for several formats, including DjVu.

WinDjView to view DjVu files

The free program WinDjView is designed to view DjVu files on a computer. There is a version of the application for the operating system Mac OS X (macOS) – MacDjView. Install the program on your computer, or use the portable version of the application, which can be run from anywhere on your computer, or from an external device, such as a USB flash drive.

The WinDjView program works in Russian.

The main features of the WinDjView program:

  • Create bookmarks.
  • Brightness and contrast control.
  • Export an entire page or part of a page to a graphic format file.
  • Selection and copying to the clipboard (if there is a text layer).
  • Rotate, zoom, easy navigation.
  • Continuous scrolling.
  • Print support.

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DjVu Reader – View DjVu

The free DjVu Reader is the oldest application created for viewing DjVu e-books. The program has an English interface. There is a crack to install the Russian language. The DjVu Reader program does not require installation on a computer, the application is launched from a folder.

The main features of the DjVu Reader program:

  • Work in single-window and two-window display modes.
  • Support for page index and document content.
  • Search for information in the text.
  • Keyboard control support.
  • Copy to clipboard.
  • Full screen view.

STDU Viewer – Open eBooks in DjVu

The free program STDU Viewer (for personal use) is designed to open a large number of formats. This is a universal viewer that supports opening DjVu files.

From the official site, you can download the regular or portable (portable) version of the application.

The STDU Viewer program has the following main features:

  • Opening files of text and graphic formats.
  • Quick and advanced document search.
  • Scaling, turning pages.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Create bookmarks in an open book.
  • Selection and copying to the clipboard (if there is a text layer).

Sumatra PDF for DjVu viewer

The free Sumatra PDF is a file viewer for a large number of file formats. Despite the word PDF, Sumatra PDF supports viewing DjVu files. Sumatra PDF can be used as a universal e-book viewer.

On the website of the application developer, the regular and portable versions of the program are available for download.

Sumatra PDF has the following functionality:

  • Support for a large number of formats.
  • Fast opening of files.
  • View and print a document.
  • Document search.
  • Text copy function.
  • Hotkey support.

Opening DjVu in Universal Viewer Pro

The free (for Russian-speaking users) Universal Viewer Pro program supports viewing a huge number of formats, including DjVu.

Both regular and portable versions of the application are available for download.

Main features of Universal Viewer Pro:

  • Viewing a large number of text formats.
  • Support and playback of audio and video formats.
  • View over 40 graphic formats.
  • Opening files larger than 4 GB.
  • Print support.

Article Conclusions

With the help of free programs: WinDjView, DjVu Reader, STDU Viewer, Sumatra PDF, Universal Viewer Pro, you can open a DjVu file on your computer. These applications have their own settings for comfortable viewing of e-books in DjVu format.


What is a DjVu file, and why is it unique?

DjVu is a file format designed for the efficient storage of scanned documents, particularly those with high-resolution images. Its unique compression algorithm makes it ideal for storing and sharing large image-rich files.

Can I open DjVu files with standard PDF viewers?

While some PDF viewers may support DjVu files, it’s recommended to use dedicated DjVu viewers for the best experience, as they offer specialized features and optimizations.

Is there a difference between DjVu and PDF files?

Yes, DjVu and PDF are different file formats. DjVu is known for its superior compression of high-resolution images, making it more efficient for certain types of documents compared to PDF.

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