How to Make Your Own Digital Invitations With Examples

Whatever the event, there is one most important aspect that must be considered carefully, namely the invitation. In this all-digital era, you can send it online through various platforms. You can know in advance how to make digital invitations so that they no longer need to be tired of sending them from house to house.

By knowing how, of course you can also create their own as desired. Want to know what the steps are? Come on, take a look!

How to create a digital video invitation

If you wants to look more sophisticated and intentional, one way is to make digital invitations in the form of videos that are easy to practice. By using it, it will cut the printing costs that swell. Not only can it be practiced on a laptop or computer, the following steps can also be made only through a cellphone. Check out the following discussion.

1. Using the Video Invitation Maker app

The first way to make a digital video invitation on a cellphone is to use the Video Invitation Maker application. Besides being easy, this one application is also free of charge or free. Here are the steps:

  • Make sure you download and install the Video Invitation Maker application.
  • If it has been downloaded, open the Video Invitation Maker application and then grant access permission to the application by pressing the “Allow” button.
  • After that, select the desired video template. Then, select the “Maker Change” menu to change the content of the theme.
  • Tap the “text” menu so that you can add text or you can also double-tap on the text you want to change its contents. To change the shape of the letters, give a shadow effect to the text, or add color, use the font, shadow, and color menus.
  • Tap the “Sticker” menu if you want to add stickers or clipart to the video.
  • Tap the “Effect” menu if you want to give a certain effect to the video
  • Tap the “Image” menu to add an image from an existing file on your pc/phone
  • When it is enough, tap the checklist located at the top.
  • Tap the “Music” menu to add a song to the video.
  • Finally, tap the “Save Video” menu to save the video.

2. Using the website

Next is how to make digital video invitations on a PC that you can access via the website. Here are the steps:

  • First, visit the website. There are many choices of invitation templates that you can choose according to your wishes which are located on the main page.
  • Then, choose an invitation video template.
  • Choose one of the many invitation templates provided, the trick is to press the selected video invitation image. When it is pressed, the video preview will appear.
  • After entering the data into the video, the website will provide an upload button so that you can upload images related to making the video. Wait a minute and it’s done. The file can already be downloaded into the memory of your PC/laptop/phone.

How to make a free digital invitation through the app

Apart from the website, there is also a way to make digital invitations through various applications that do not charge a fee. Of course, the application that will be used is not a photoshop or coreldraw application that requires special skills. Check out the following steps, yes.

1. Using the Microsoft Publisher app

Apparently, one of the uses of Microsoft Office that we have been using is being able to make invitations digitally. The application from Microsoft is called Microsoft Publisher. There are a variety of attractive template options to suit your needs. For example, birthdays, baby showers, and even weddings. The method below is according to the version of Microsoft Office 365. If you uses a different version, there is a possibility that the navigation is also different. However, the steps used are generally the same. Here are the steps:

  • First, open the Microsoft Word or Publisher application.
  • Then, tap on the File -> New button.
  • In the search field that says “search for online templates, type “invitation” or more specific keywords such as “birthday invitation” or wedding invitation”.
  • Choose one of the various options that appear, according to the wishes of you
  • Once selected by double-clicking on the selected template, make edits as necessary. An example is editing the location, name, or date of an event.
  • Save and convert files from docx to jpg.
  • Share digital invitations that you has made through various platforms such as Instagram, LINE, WhatsApp, and so on.

2. Using Invitation Card Maker

If you use the Invitation Card Maker application, you don’t have to worry about running out of space on your phone’s memory. This is because this application has a storage size that is not too large, which is only 29 MB. Here’s how to make a digital invitation using the Invitation Card Maker application that you can use:

  • First, download and install the Invitation Card Maker application on your smartphone.
  • If it is already installed, run the application
  • On the main page of the application, click the “Start” button to start creating the invitation.
  • Next, various types of templates will be displayed, such as baby shower, birthday, wedding invitation, or general templates. Choose one of the many templates according to your needs. All of them can be selected for free.
  • If it is selected, write the contents of the online template. Starting from the title to the sentence of invitation to come to the event that will be held by you. When finished, click the “Next” button.
  • Then, complete the details according to the column provided. When finished, click the “Next” button to go to the next stage.
  • Set the appearance of the template that has been created, from adding emojis, changing the font type, giving colors, and various other elements.
  • When finished, click the “Save” button located at the top corner

3. Using Powerpoint

In addition to using Microsoft Publisher, you can also make digital invitations without the hassle by using Microsoft Power Point. To use this application, you do not need to use an internet connection or other additional software. Here are steps you can try:

  • First, open the Power Point (PPT) application and replace the slide background with an image that matches your invitation. The trick is to right click and select format background.
  • After that, edit the text in the PPT as needed.
  • To make it more beautiful, add some interesting accents or elements by selecting the “Insert” menu.
  • When it feels enough, save the previously edited slide into PDF or JPEG format.

How to create a digital website invitation

Cool invitations can be made easily without going through an application, namely by using a website. There are several sites that provide this feature, including evite, canva, and webnikah. Following are the steps that you can use easily and for free through the websites mentioned above:

1. Through the canva

Canva is a platform for creating various types of designs that can be tailored to your needs. For example, when you want to make a banner, this site can be used to create one. In addition, Canva can also be used to design CVs, create thumbnails on YouTube, and even for content feeds on Instagram.

There are many templates that Canva provides for free, although some are paid. Here’s how to create a digital invitation on your phone via Canva:

  • First, visit the page on a PC or mobile browser.
  • After that, look for the “Search” column and type in the keywords you need. An example is a birthday invitation or a wedding invitation.
  • Several options will appear in the menu list, such as wedding invitations (portrait) and so on. Adjust to needs.
  • Choose one of the template designs that you
  • Change the detailed information as needed, such as the date and location of the event.
  • When done, just click the “Download” or “Share” button.

2. Via Event


The next way to make digital invitations on a laptop or on a cellphone is Evite. There are many design options available on this website and they can be used easily and without hassle. Here are the steps:

  • First, visit the page through the browser that you usually use.
  • Next, click the “Browse Invitations” button.
  • Choose one of the various categories of design templates according to your wishes.
  • Enter all relevant information starting from the date, location, title, and other information in the form provided.
  • Click the “Continue” button
  • Then, you will be directed to create an account or first log in to an Evite account.
  • Add the email addresses or phone numbers of all the guests you want to invite
  • When finished, click the “Finish and Send” button in the upper right corner to send the invitation via e-mail or SMS. If you want to share via other platforms, click “Copy/Share Link”

3. Through Webnikah

Webnikah is not a way of making wedding invitations through an application, but through an online site whose use does not need to be downloaded first. As the name implies, this site is a site that contains a wide selection of wedding templates. Here are the steps:

  • First, open the browser menu on the your phone and visit the WebNikah site
  • On the main page, tap on the “Create a Free Wedding Website” option which is located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • If you don’t have an account, then register first. Fill in the personal data form completely.
  • If you have registered, the next step is to create an invitation website. Type the sub-domain for the wedding website to be created. After that, click the “Continue Creating Website” button.
  • Fill in the personal data of you together with their partner. In addition, also fill in the names of parents and others. If so, click the “Continue” button.
  • Do not forget, also fill in the time of the event, both the ceremony and reception. When finished, click “Continue”.
  • Set the appearance of the wedding invitation website starting from the content, theme, and other supporting elements.

There are various ways to make digital invitations, starting from the website to the application, which is certainly easy to use. When the invitation template has been created, you will be able to send it online or in print as needed. I hope this helps!


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