How to make a Marine Explorer in Minecraft

If you’re looking for some fun end-game Minecraft activities, you might want to try conquering the ocean. Pipes allow you to breathe underwater and see much further underwater, as if you had night vision potions. They also allow you to mine underwater faster so you can build an underwater base. A fully charged conductor can also protect you from hostile mobs! Explorers can do a lot for you if you are willing to take the time to create them.

Necessary materials for a marine guide

  • One heart of the sea;
  • Eight Nautilus shells;
  • Workbench.

The Heart of the Sea can be found on treasure maps found in chests with a sunken ship. Some wrecks will have a treasure map that will lead to a sandy shore or a nearby island marked with a treasure cross. You may run into problems if the treasure location was generated before the shipwreck. Just keep scuba diving and digging for treasure, eventually you will find what you are looking for.

Nautilus shells will accumulate after defeating enough drowned enemies. Many drowned appear underwater in ocean biomes, as well as on the banks of rivers and lakes. Nautilus shells drop relatively rarely, but you’ll end up with more than you know.

To make the conduit itself, you will need the 3×3 crafting menu at the workbench.

How to make a Marine Explorer in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To make a marine guide in Minecraft, open a workbench. Place the Heart of the Sea in the middle slot and surround it with nautilus shells. Then drag it to your inventory.

Walkthrough (with images)

First you will need to find the shipwreck. Swim in the ocean biomes until you come across a sunken ship. You can also feed raw fish to the dolphins and they can escort you to the nearest shipwreck.

How to make File Explorer in Minecraft0

Not every shipwreck has a treasure map. In this case, keep moving and look for another shipwreck. Look through every chest you find until you find a treasure map.

How to make a pipeline in minecraft1

When you first open the map, it should show an incomplete map in the section you’re already in.

How to create a pipeline in Minecraft2

Pay attention to the ” X ” icon that you will find on the map. Swim to this shore and make sure you are standing next to the cross before you start digging. My map led me to the nearest sandy beach.

How to make a channel in Minecraft3

This part can be frustrating, especially if the game overlaps the chest during world generation. The only way to find out is to start digging. I had to dig pretty deep in a wide radius to find my treasure chest.

How to create a pipeline in Minecraft4

The mine spawned five blocks below the surface and directly below the cross on the map. Each treasure chest should contain a Heart of the Sea.

How to create a channel in Minecraft5

Now that you have acquired your heart, start hunting for the drowned. Especially the ones containing the nautilus shell.

How to create a channel in Minecraft6

Anyone who drowns can drop a nautilus shell, but those who hold it will always drop the one they are holding. Collect eight shells and head to the workbench. Place the Heart of the Sea in the middle slot and surround it with Nautilus Shells.

How to make an explorer in minecraft7

Congratulations! You now have a lighthouse-like object that can help you conquer the ocean.

How Conduit Works

The explorer won’t do anything by itself. It will act like a torch underwater, but to get the most out of it, you need to surround it with a grid of prismarine blocks. Prismarine can only be found in underwater temples. You can create Prismarine Blocks from Guardian Drops, but Guardians will only spawn near Underwater Temples. What’s more, senior guardians apply a debuff on you called mining fatigue, which makes it take longer to mine enough blocks than it does to clear the temple.

How to make a channel in minecraft8

It’s not easy to tackle your first underwater temple. First, it is under water and you will need to control your breath meter at all times. Work room by room, take a couple of signs with you to make air holes near the ceilings of the rooms and try to keep track of where you are and where the next air hole is. Don’t forget to take three helm or water breathing potions. It is very easy to get lost in the labyrinthine rooms of the underwater temple. Defeat 2-4 Elder Guardians to prevent Mining Fatigue and start mining Prismarine Blocks.

When you build a grid around a channel, you will need a minimum of sixteen blocks, and the conduit can be powered with a maximum of forty-two blocks of prismarine or sea lanterns. The pipeline itself should be in the middle of the 3x3x3 water blocks. Start by creating a ” + ” sign on the ground with a little prismarine around the edges of the plus.

How to make a pipeline in minecraft9

Then place a ring of prismarine around the top layer of the plus edges.

How to make a channel in minecraft10

Your explorer should be active, but it’s not at its maximum yet. Pick up a few more prismarine blocks and you should be able to complete the build the way you started it.

How to create a pipeline in Minecraft11

This little cage you will build will have exactly the forty-two blocks needed to make the pipeline as strong as possible. You can position the cage however you like as long as it is within a 5x5x5 channel and the channel is surrounded by 3x3x3 water.

Guides will help you breathe underwater, see farther, kill hostile mobs around you, and play a heartbeat sound. It can be a good decorative element in the center of a water structure. With one pipeline, you can have a safe corner of the ocean. With a few around the perimeter you can build a castle in the sea.

The pipeline will also give its advantages over water if it rains. Of course, provided that you are within its effective range.

How to fully power a marine explorer

The Conduit must be surrounded by forty-two blocks of Prismarine for it to function at its maximum. See above for building details. The fully powered pipeline will run ninety-two blocks in any direction from its center. If you go past this point, you will lose the benefits of the channel.

Do guides kill guards

The guides will kill the guards if the guide has at least minimal power. If you have already conquered the underwater temple and have a prismarine, you can use the pipeline to clean up the underwater temple.


The underwater environment is harsh and constantly trying to kill you. If you put a conduit, the water starts working for you. By killing hostile mobs around you and providing you with a source of oxygen. It will also help you see farther and mine faster. This can be important for underwater bases and saves you from having to be underwater all the time. The concept of an existing pipeline can motivate you to build something underwater and opens up a lot of creative possibilities.

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