How to improve on League of Legends

Are you in the tenth game of League of Legends lost in a row and from Gold are you plunged into Silver? Is your lane the only one to win every game, and yet, does your team manage to lose all the time? I know, playing League can be really frustrating. You spend all those hours training in Summoner’s Rift and then it feels like you’re back to the first game every time… but don’t worry, I’m here to help you improve your game performance.

LoL is one of the most played video games in the world and, for this reason, you can find people of all skill levels: from the kid next door who spends whole days at the computer and is able to make you regret having started playing, to beginner who has just learned how a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) works.

If you are reading this guide, most likely you are in the middle: the advice I am going to give you, in fact, is focused on improving your skills rather than teaching you to play from scratch, but do not be intimidated if not, since the notions that you are going to acquire in this article they will be preparatory regardless of your skill level. Come on then: keep reading and find out how to improve on League of Legends thanks to the tips below!


  • Learn the basic mechanics
    • Farming
    • Know the Champions
    • Know the objects
  • Improving the mechanics in the game
    • Choose a pool of champions suited to your playing style
    • Practice on combos
    • Keybindings and video settings
  • Advanced mechanics
    • Wave Management
    • Self-control techniques
    • Control of objectives and map awareness

Learn the basic mechanics

It may seem trivial, but if you don’t know every single facet of the game it will be very difficult to improve on League of Legends . The results, in fact, you will be able to obtain them only through constancy and the gradual learning of the foundations of League … but fear not, I’m here for this!


The essential mechanic to be able to play efficiently and be able to be stronger than your opponent is definitely farming . The latter consists in being able to accumulate a CS (Creep Score) as high as possible, in fact the amount of gold you earn depends on it, and more gold means being able to buy better items to beat the enemy team. Think about it, the only thing you can do regardless of whether you are winning or losing is just “farm”, in this way you will be able to get the items (ie the objects) needed to get back on track.

Remember that a wave of enemy minions “spawn” (that is, it spawns and appears) every 30 seconds starting from minute 1:05 and each of them is worth approximately 150 coins : this value, in fact, varies during the game. This means that each wave you lose equals half the gold you would get from killing an opposing champion.

Seeing it this way helps you understand how important it is to never stop focusing on the minions, even if the game seems lost and your team continues to vote incessantly for surrender from the fifteenth minute.

The best way to optimize your gold income is to play a series of matches in the training tool . Once you have started the game, immediately run on a lane (ie a path) of your choice, forget everything and concentrate only on giving the last blow to the minions, in order to get as many coins as possible.

For this training you must try not to buy even an object , since the purpose of the exercise is precisely to train the coordination between head and hand, without influencing in any way the amount of damage inflicted on the enemies and thus making everything much more hard.

Do this exercise an indefinite number of times: you will know that you are done when you feel sure you are not missing a single minion.

Know the Champions

If there is one thing that many people underestimate is their knowledge of the game’s content. How many times has it happened to you to enter a game and think “ Damn! I’ve never fought against this champion, where do I start? “. And how did you behave in these situations?

Let’s say that if you want to improve, the first thing to do is to learn about every single character in League of Legends and the best method to do this is to play, game after game, stealing with the eye from the movements of your opponent and using personally the champions you know less.

In this regard, an effective and relaxing solution can be to go to Twitch and take a look at the lives of the most famous LoL players . Alternatively, you could watch replays of the best pro matches on YouTube , on channels like Challenger Replays . Among the strongest players, I would like to show you some names from which you could take inspiration: Faker , dopa , Rekkles , Perkz .

My advice is to take advantage of the free weekly champion rotation , which takes place every Tuesday, to test your skills and never, maybe find the hero that fits your play style the most. There are also simpler champions and others that are more mechanically complex and consequently stronger when mastered. If I can give you a hint, I’d tell you to take a look at the mobalytics tier list to get an idea of ​​what to use to get started.

Know the objects

One of the most complex, if not the most difficult, aspects is knowing how to adapt your set of objects to the situation . Each game is different, the structure of the teams, the builds of the players etc. Precisely for this reason you cannot stick to a standard, but you must know how to adapt to the situation. Some champions are easier to equip, others less so.

For example, champions like Garen , Twitch or Soraka do not require special attention to objects, since once they arrive, at a certain point in the game they will be extremely strong even without resorting to particular objects.

Obviously, to increase your chances of winning, knowing specifically all the objects made available is essential, to know what to buy and above all how to counter the opposing team’s items. To play like a pro you have to think like a pro. Particular cases in which it is important to oppose the choices of the enemy are the following.

  • High Cures– if the opposing team has a not indifferent source of healing available (eg Soraka, Dr. Mundo etc.) it is important to have items in your team that inflict Serious Wound, in order to reduce the enemy’s healing power, for example the Executioner’s Call or the Sphere of Oblivion.
  • High Magic / Physical Damage– If you notice that most of the opponent’s damage is one of two types, it’s a good idea to pick up items with magic resist or armor respectively.
  • High Crowd Control (CC)– in this case it is vital to have objects that allow you to free yourself from opposing spells, or that at least reduce their effectiveness, such as the Mercury Sabatons or the Quicksilver Sash.
  • High Armor / Magic Resistance– in the event that the opposing team is made up of very resistant and difficult to take down champions the only solution is to resort to armor penetration or magic penetration respectively. Two good items in this situation are Lord Dominik’s Greetings or the Staff of the Void.

Improving the mechanics in the game

If you’ve gotten to this point, it means the basics are totally clear to you. You can already feel the sweat dripping from your forehead, right? If you really want to improve don’t stop then: this is just the beginning!

Choose a pool of champions suited to your playing style

The best idea, in my opinion, is to select a circle of champions suited to your gameplay that you feel comfortable with and whose areas of expertise you want to deepen.

I think about three or four would be fine (obviously this doesn’t imply that you won’t be able to put your hand on any other characters anymore, but remember that you are here to improve and that this takes time). Once you have identified the right genre for you, all you have to do is practice and put into practice, game after game, what you have learned in previous games. To help you choose, I thought I’d list some of the strongest champions in my opinion with their respective category next to them.

  • Tank– Garen,  Mundo , Shen, Leona, Zac.
  • Support– Ivern, Lulu, Thresh, Pyke, Annie.
  • High Damage– Twitch, Jinx, Sett, Kassadin, Zed.
  • Bruiser– Kled, Darius, Camille, Vi, Renekton.

Clearly these are examples, if you apply yourself enough, with regular training you will be able to reach the top with any character!

Practice on combos

I guess you’ve made it this far by now you’re sure you’ve found the right characters for you and you’re ready to learn some advanced techniques . Let’s put it this way, to be good on League of Legends ¾ the work is mechanical, in fact it is enough to know the basic structure of the game to be able to be a little above the average, but if you want to stand out you also need to be quick in the execution of the your moves , making decisions at the last second and you need to be able to juggle any situation.

Again my advice is to open the training tool by going to Play , Training and Instrument Training , and once inside arranging mannequins through the command Shift + B and reset the cooldown of the skill with Shift + X . You are now ready to test all your skills on the enemy dummies. In case you don’t know what to start with, I suggest you take a look at some specific videos on Youtube about your favorite champions, so you can apply the combos you just viewed.

Keybindings and video settings

The fundamental step that separates a casual gamer from a pro player is to set up their own custom keys and settings , tailoring them to their needs. This will make it much easier for you to move quickly and be responsive. I propose a list of the video settings and controls in my opinion most relevant, to change them all you have to do is press Esc and select the various items on the left.

Graphic details

If you prefer performance over graphics, I highly recommend that you minimize the video quality, this way you will increase the FPS of League thus avoiding frame drops that could damage your gameplay, it will also make it easier to understand what happens in the most phases. lit some fighting

Useful settings

From the Interface tab, increase the map scale to the maximum , in order to make it easier to locate the enemy on it. Enable the “Hit only champions can be activated / deactivated” setting , so if an enemy player is inside a wave you will no longer risk accidentally wasting a hit on a minion. Also enable “Show Spell Costs” , so you always have the mana cost of your abilities under control and can plan your attacks accordingly.

Advanced mechanics

Here we are, the part that probably interests you the most, I’m going to tell you which, in my opinion, are the most technical aspects that will allow you to make a difference and notice a clear improvement in your games. Sit comfortably and get ready, once we have finished – with the right training and commitment – you will be able to get to Diamante too .

Wave Management

One of the more advanced techniques that most League of Legends players struggle to fully understand is wave management . The wave management is to fully understand the operation of the waves of minion, starting from the time they put into it to spawn and to arrive in wool, their economic value , the most advantageous areas for positioning a wave, up to the construction of huge waves to crash into the enemy tower.

Let’s start with the initial situation where a minion wave is generated based on 1:05 minutes . From this moment, every 30 seconds a new wave will be created starting from the Nexus , but this does not only apply to the allied minions, in fact on the other side of the map a wave will spawn in a mirror-like manner in the enemy base , crashing naturally in the center of each lane . In the absence of players, the waves are equivalent and consequently they will defeat each other in a loop that will only end with the end of the game.

Now that you understand how waves work, I can explain the potential of this information. Let’s start by saying that a player can control the speed and size of a wave . How? I’ll explain it to you right away.

Eliminating a minion from an enemy wave will make yours stronger , which means that it will naturally tend to move towards the opposing Nexus, no longer staying in the middle of the lane. The more minions you eliminate, the faster your wave will crash into the nearest tower . Easy, right?

You can now transform this information to obtain three wave management techniques.

  • Slow Push– consists of killing a small number of minions, in order to slowly push your wave towards the enemy tower. This way your minions will stack up, becoming more and potentially stronger. The slow push is used to give you time to return to base to buy new items or to go to the jungle or another lane to help allies.
  • Freezing– this is a very complex technique that allows you to freeze the minion waves in an area other than the center of the lane, allowing you to place it in a more favorable area and giving you time to return to base without the wave moving of one millimeter. If in the slow push the aim is to have more minions than the enemy wave, in this case you will have to have less, two or three minion casters of difference. Once this is done the opposing wave will become stronger and you will have to do nothing but give the last blow to the dying minions, in order to keep the situation stable. For each eliminated minion in your wave you will have to take out an opponent.
  • Shoving– this is perhaps the easiest part to understand and put into practice, in fact all you need to do is eliminate the enemy wave as quickly as possible, that’s all. Shoving is usually practiced after doing a slow push, so that you have a wave big enough to be able to leave your lane in peace and come back.

I know what you’re thinking: quiet, it seems very complicated in words but, trust me, the facts are quite another thing! Now run to open the training tool and try to apply the notions you have just learned, if something is not clear to you go back and read again calmly.

Self-control techniques

The road to becoming a pro player is certainly made up of training, but also of mental prowess . I bet that at this point LoL has no more secrets for you, however a very lively advice I have to give you is to work on the psychological factor.

Don’t tell me, in every game you meet that player who spends more time writing than playing, and leads you to the point of responding to his every provocation, right? Here, this is exactly what must not happen.

It may sound stupid, I know, but if you notice it from the moment you start losing your temper, the fate of the game takes a bad turn, until you get to defeat. Going into total flame is self-defeating for you and your team, as you will be wasting precious time typing on the keyboard rather than trying to win the game.

This attitude is also dangerous, considering that your words could lead to a suspension of the chat or even of your account : I would say that it is not worth it!

Remember: before starting a game make sure you are relaxed , the more thoughts you have, the easier it is to let yourself be taken by provocations. Once in the game, the first thing to do is silence the chat, in order to make sure that no one is affecting your stability. To disable the chat I suggest you write the command / mute all in the chat , so you will avoid reading the messages of the other summoners, but at the same time you can write in case you need to communicate important information.

If you think you have reached your endurance limit, try to take a break , do not jump into another game to try your luck, rather get away from the computer for about twenty minutes, take a walk or physically let off steam, a few push-ups or a jog , and when you think you’re ready, come back stronger than before.

Control of objectives and map awareness

I dedicate this last chapter to another topic that most League players do not pay particular attention to, namely active control of the map and objectives . By objectives I mean the dragons , the Messenger of the Rift , Baron Nashor , the towers and the inhibitors . There is no exact order of priority since the decisions to be made are dependent on many factors.

In order to improve on League you will need to consider each of these variables, paying attention to always look at the timers for the regeneration of the objectives and giving the right importance to each of them. Let’s pretend you are playing in the top lane, the dragon will spawn in a minute and the opposing top laner does not have the teleport spell summoner , unlike you. Which do you think is the best option?

There is no exact answer, but an ideal situation is to be able to build a slow push , as I explained before, once you have accumulated the waves, crash it into the enemy tower and take advantage of the time left to reach your companions and provide support to the dragon . You can do this in two ways: by returning to base and reaching the bottom lane and then using the teleporter to go back into your lane, or by using the teleportation to reach the bottom lane and then go to the base, are both valid choices.

Conversely, this concept can also be applied with the Baron or the Messenger. It would be optimal, in fact (if your champion is suitable for the role, like Jax or Fiora for example), to use a technique called split push , that is to move in the opposite lane to the next available target, in such a way as to apply pressure on a lane and force so the opposing team to mobilize to stop you, giving you the opportunity to enter the enemy base and, if necessary, reach your companions by teleportation.

To put these techniques into practice it is important to always be attentive to the map , ideally you should throw an eye on it every ten seconds or so, so as to always be updated on the situation. The so-called map awareness is a skill that develops over time and is not easy, but once absorbed will make you unbeatable.

Lots of information, right? I fully understand you, at first it is complicated, but with practice all these notions will become natural and you will not have to strain anymore. I advise you to try a little at a time, slowly correcting any flaws. Now that you are ready to become a stronger summoner stop messing around and run to open League of Legends – victory awaits!


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