How to fly with the trident in Minecraft

You’ve been playing in your Minecraft world for days now and you’ve managed to build a base and forge the strongest weapons and armor to survive. In a short time, therefore, you have built everything you need to survive within the game without too many problems. At this point, however, you would like to do something more fun and different from the usual activities, such as collecting minerals or clearing the area of ​​surrounding mobs. Do you feel exactly like that? Then you don’t have to worry: you’ve come to the right place, at the right time.

In this guide, in fact, I am going to show you how to fly with the trident in Minecraft. You heard it right: not only is this very rare weapon extremely powerful in combat, but it is also possible to use it for flying. The trident, therefore, turns out to be an excellent alternative to the Elytra, given the rather high difficulty required in finding this object.

But it doesn’t stop there: if you already own Elytra, you can use the trident to give you an initial boost and take flight without the use of fireworks, or without having to start from a high point. I bet you can’t wait to test this method of flying, right? So stop wasting time, let’s get started! I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • Necessary requirements
    • Find the trident
    • Enchant the trident
  • How to fly with the Minecraft trident

Necessary requirements

Before explaining how to fly with a trident in Minecraft, it is imperative that you show you everything you need to be able to use the weapon in this way.

As you probably already know, in fact, finding a trident is not at all easy. This is not only due to the low chances of obtaining it, but also to the fact that the monsters that will use this weapon will deal large amounts of damage, so it is good to be equipped to the teeth if you are trying to obtain it.

The requirements, however, do not end there: in order to fly with the trident, you will also need a spell to apply to the weapon. In any case, you will find all the information you need in this guide, which apply to both the Java version of Minecraft (available exclusively for PC) and the Bedrock version (available on consoles, mobile devices and PCs with Windows 10 and later), so you just have to continue reading!

Find the trident

Before thinking about how to fly with the trident in Minecraft, of course, it is necessary to find it, and unfortunately, I warn you that it will not be an easy task. In any case, do not be disheartened: thanks to the solutions I am about to offer you, finding a trident will undoubtedly be easier than expected!

A trident can only be found as a drop from the Drowned, which are the zombies that live underwater. For this reason, if you want to start your search to find a trident, I recommend that you head to the ocean biome, where it is easier to find them.

I warn you, however, that Drowned people can only be born with a trident if they spawn naturally: this means that if a zombie is carried or walks of his own free will in the water, he will have no chance to spawn by holding a trident.

Since the chance of getting a trident from a Drowned is already extremely low on its own, I recommend that you get a weapon that possesses the Pillage enchantment. Doing so will increase the chances that Drowners wielding a trident will drop the weapon upon their death. In case you don’t know how to enchant weapons, I refer you to my guide where I show you how to enchant items in Minecraft.

Speaking of spells, you should know that the trident inflicts an enormous amount of damage even when wielded by the Drowned, so you should start looking for it only after you are properly equipped. In this regard, I recommend that you get a ranged weapon, such as a Bow or a Crossbow, or enchant your melee weapon with the Bane spell, which will inflict greater damage on undead monster types, including, in fact, the Drowned.

Enchant the trident

After you finally got the trident in Minecraft, in order to fly you need to add a spell on it. The enchantment in question is Undertow, which has a maximum level of 3 : the higher the spell level, the more powerful the shots taken with the trident.

What you need to do, then, is get yourself a Spell Table and enchant Books, until you find the Undertow spell. To learn more about how to enchant objects in Minecraft, I refer you again to my special guide.

After getting the Undertow spell, it’s time to apply it to the trident. To do this, place an Anvil on the ground and right-click on it. Inside it places the trident and the Enchanted Book with Undertow. That’s all: by doing this you will get an enchanted trident with Undertow and you can start using it to fly!

How to fly with the Minecraft trident

Now that you have everything you need, if you are still wondering how to fly with the trident in Minecraft, know that there are still some details to take into account in order to do so.

From the moment you put the Undertow enchantment on a trident, in fact, it can no longer be used normally. To be able to use it, in fact, it is necessary to be in any pool of water.

Alternatively, during a rainstorm, it can be used without limits, as if it were a normal trident, without the need to be inside a pool of water.

I warn you, too, that the enchantment Undertow is incompatible with some of the spells that you can apply to the Tridents, including loyalty and Sewer, so keep that in mind in case you want to add these enchantments.

Having said that, you are now ready to fly with your trident! All you have to do is hold it while you are inside one of the water sources I mentioned earlier. At this point, hold down the right mouse button and, as soon as the trident has fully charged, release it. By doing so, your character will make a quick leap in the direction of the mouse, which will be more or less powerful depending on the level of the Undertow enchantment.

If you are using the trident while it is raining, you can continue jumping in midair with almost no limit. In this way you will be able to fly since there is no limit of use, other than the durability of the trident which is consumed for each leap.

Another efficient way to use the enchanted trident with Undertow is to combine it with Elytra. The trident, in fact, is a great substitute for fireworks, especially considering the fact that the latter can be a big waste of resources. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, you don’t even need to be in a high place to take flight with the Elytra.

To use the trident in place of Fireworks with the Elytra, just hold it and aim upward to take the initial leap. At this point, while in midair, press Space to open the Elytra and take flight.

Another interesting feature of the trident with Undertow is that, of course, it can also be used in an offensive way, albeit in a slightly different way than a normal trident. Leaping on an enemy, in fact, it will be hit, so you just need to aim at it to quickly get close to it and inflict the normal damage of a trident.

The only really negative side of this trident is that it can be dangerous to use, as it is very easy to fall from great heights when using it. Therefore, I invite you to use it with caution, for example over puddles of water or wearing Boots with the Soft Landing enchantment.

In short, as you have seen for yourself, it is possible to use the enchanted trident with Undertow in various ways, but the most fun and profitable is undoubtedly the flight. Thanks to this weapon, in fact, it is really simple to move from one place to another in an easy, fast and, above all, fun way!


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