How to fish in Minecraft

How to fish in Minecraft: A common mini-game in many video game genres, and Minecraft is no exception. Fishing will of course give you some fish in Minecraft that you can use for cooking and eating. You can also catch various treasures or junk, items that can help you at different stages of the game. Starting fishing in Minecraft is a good source of food, experience, and progress, as there are many different items you can find while fishing.

Necessary materials for fishing in Minecraft

  1. Three sticks
  2. two strings
  3. Workbench

How to fish in Minecraft with a fishing rod

In a nutshell:

To fish in Minecraft, you need to make a fishing rod and head to the nearest pool of water to start fishing. Right-clicking with a rod selected will cast your line. You just have to wait until you see a trail of bubbles heading towards your rod. Once the bubbles reach your float, it should go down and right-clicking in the meantime will reel the plate in.

First, let’s collect the materials to make a fishing rod. Chop down a tree to collect some logs and turn them into boards.

How to fish in minecraft0

Turn your boards into sticks by placing them in a 2×1 arrangement in the crafting menu. You will only need two wooden planks for this, so you will only need one log to make a fishing rod. Use the remaining boards to make a crafting table.

How to fish in Minecraft1

When your wands are ready, all you need is spider thread. Wait until dark and look around for big spiders.

How to fish in minecraft2

Spiders are relatively common, so it won’t take long. Kill enough spiders to collect two pieces of rope. Now with the help of sticks and rope you can make a fishing rod. Go to the workbench and place three sticks diagonally and place two pieces of rope under the topmost stick.

How to fish in Minecraft3

This is all you need to make a fishing rod. Place it in your hotbar and head to the nearest body of water to start fishing. Right-clicking with a rod selected will cast your line. You just have to wait until you see a trail of bubbles heading towards your rod. Once the bubbles reach your float it should go down and if you right click at that time you will catch a fish!

How to fish in minecraft4

That’s all you need to start fishing in Minecraft.

What can you get from fishing in Minecraft?

Obviously you can fish in Minecraft, but there are four different kinds of fish. You can catch cod, salmon, pufferfish and tropical fish. Cod is the most common and heals 2.5 hunger points. Salmon will heal 3 hunger points. The other two fish are a bit more exclusive in their use, the puffer fish will poison you if you eat it, and it’s better used to make water breathing potions. Tropical fish cannot be cooked and only heals 0.5 hunger points.

How to fish in Minecraft5

You can also catch various junk while fishing. They have limited uses, but can help you at different stages of the game. You can fish for water lilies, bowls, weak fishing rods, leather, leather boots, rotten flesh, sticks, ropes, water bottles, bones, ink pouches, and stretch hooks.

How to fish in minecraft 6

You can also catch various treasures while fishing. There is a small chance to catch an enchanted bow, an enchanted book with random enchantments, enchanted fishing rods, nametags, nautilus shells, and saddles.

How to fish in minecraft7

Enchanted bow and fishing rod will have random enchantments. It will also be close to breaking, but you can easily make the perfect bow and perfect rod with just the treasure drops you get from fishing. As you can see, there is a wide range of items available for fishing.


Fishing is useful in many stages of playing Minecraft. You can simply fish for food and experience, or you can try to find an enchanted repair book for any piece of your gear. Try fishing from a few minutes to an hour and see for yourself how useful fishing in Minecraft can be.

Congratulations, you now know how to fish in Minecraft. Fishing can be good for you as there are many different stages of the game where you will need an enchanted bow, a saddle for a horse, leather for books or just a good storage for food. There’s a lot to be gained from fishing, and knowing where to start can speed up your progress in the game.

What are the best fishing rod enchants in Minecraft?

The best fishing rod will have Lure III, Sea Luck III, Indestructible III, and Repair I. Lure will affect how quickly fish spawn, Sea Luck will affect the chance of you pulling treasure. Not disassembling will extend the life of your rod by 4 times, and repairing it will ensure that it will last forever.

What is the best item to get for fishing in Minecraft?

Far, and not even close, repairing an enchanted book. Getting a fix on a fishing rod or infinity on an enchanted bow is fine, but fix is ​​an enchantment you’ll need on every tool and armor you own. Since a fix cannot be found on the enchantment table, catching a repair book is by far one of the best items you can find in Minecraft.

Does a body of water affect what you catch in Minecraft?

Yes, the size of the body of water affects the likelihood of you catching fish, as well as whether or not you catch litter. If the float is in open water classified as 5x4x5 neighborhoods around the float, you may catch valuable items while fishing. Each horizontal area should be filled with water, air or water lily blocks. If this condition is not met, you will find junk or fish items, but you will never find treasure.

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