How to find out what sensors and sensors are in the phone?

Modern phones are equipped with dozens of different sensors and sensors. It depends on them what functions will be available to the user, for example, a pedometer, pocket mode or the bokeh effect in the camera.

There are two ways to find out what sensors are on the phone: find information on the Internet or install an application that will give all the available information about the phone.

Specifications and Reviews

If there is no way to download and install the application on your phone, you can use information from the network. To do this, you need to open the official website of the phone manufacturer. Typically, it publishes the specifications of all models, including their sensors.

If there is no such information, you should drive the phrase ” Sensors + phone model ” into the search line . Other sites or reviews will mention the sensors of this device, but perhaps not all.


More complete information about sensors can be obtained by downloading one of several specialized mobile applications to your phone. Let’s talk about the most popular of them.


The simplest and at the same time convenient application – no unnecessary functions and a loaded interface. The main screen will immediately display a list of all sensors on the phone in Russian. To learn more about any sensor, you need to click on its name. Another window will appear, which will describe:

  1. Why is this sensor needed, what functions does it perform.
  2. Its characteristics.
  3. Sensor supplier.
  4. The data that the sensor reads. For example, if it is a magnetometer, the list will display the geomagnetic field strength along the X, Y, and Z axes.

Sensor Box

Sensor Box for Android is a more intuitive application. Next to the name of each sensor is also a picture showing its purpose or function. So even an inexperienced mobile phone user can figure out what these sensors do. In addition, the images are animated and show the values ​​that the sensor is currently reading.

For example, if you click on the Light Sensor and put your palm to the top of the phone (close this sensor), the light on the screen will go out, and the value will be 0. And if you open the accelerometer, the image of a ball will appear on the screen, roll on the surface depending on the tilt of the phone.


Another application that shows a list of sensors on the phone and their values. To go to it, you need to open the section with the name “Sensors” or “Sensors”. The appendix contains more detailed information about the metrics, but it is only suitable for advanced users.

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