How to find diamonds in minecraft

How to find diamonds in minecraft: Minecraft is known for so many things. This is a great sandbox game known for its unlimited possibilities. You can build amazing structures in creative mode or explore vast worlds in survival mode. Whatever you do, there is one item in the game that everyone has heard of. This item is a diamond. Diamonds are a great resource in Minecraft. In this tutorial you will learn how to find diamonds in survival mode.

Necessary materials for finding diamonds

  • Iron pick.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To find diamonds, players need to mine ores. While it may not be as fun as all the other methods, cave and strip mining is a proven method of diamond mining. With a Fortune III pickaxe, it’s entirely possible for each ore to drop four diamonds!


To find diamonds in Minecraft, you first need to craft an iron pickaxe. To get an Iron Pickaxe, you will need to craft a Wood Pickaxe and a Stone Pickaxe. When you craft any pickaxe in Minecraft, you will always need two sticks. To get sticks, you need wooden slot machines. It is very easy to get wooden boards. To get wooden planks, all you need to do is break through the tree and get oak wood. You can then turn one piece of oak into four planks of wood at your workbench.

How to find diamonds in minecraft0

Now that you’ve got your wooden planks, you can place them on the workbench. Don’t forget to stack them on top of each other as shown in the picture below. This will allow you to create wands.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft1

Once you have two sticks, you can move on to the pickaxe. One thing to remember about pickaxes in Minecraft is that you need one pickaxe to get the next one due to the type of ore. This will make more sense in the future.

First, you are going to start with your wooden pickaxe. To get a wooden pickaxe, all you have to do is get two sticks and three wooden planks. Take these items to your workbench and follow the crafting recipe below.

How to find diamonds in minecraft 2

The next pickaxe in line is the stone pickaxe. To make a stone pickaxe, you really need to use a wooden pickaxe. You only need three pieces of cobblestone, and to get it, you must mine three pieces of stone in the cave. The caves are lined with stone, so getting the stone is not difficult. The stone in the cave will be any of the gray blocks you see below.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft3

Once you get three cobblestones and of course two sticks, you can return to your workbench. Each pick has the same recipe, but you just need to switch the crafting material. In this case, instead of wooden planks, you use cobblestone blocks. You can use the recipe below to craft a stone pickaxe.

How to find diamonds in minecraft4

The next pickaxe to craft is the iron pickaxe. You need to return to your cave and find three blocks of iron ore. Iron ore can only be mined with a stone pickaxe or any pickaxe above a stone pickaxe. After you have mined iron ore, you need to smelt it into an iron ingot. To do this, it must be placed in the oven.

Iron is smelted at a ratio of 1:1, so one iron ingot will be made from one iron ore. When you have three iron ingots, you need to return to your workbench. You can use the same recipe as before, except for replacing the cobblestone with iron ingots. The recipe below will show you how to make an iron pickaxe.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft5

Now that you have the iron pick, all you have to do is enter the mine. Diamonds can be found anywhere between y-levels 5 to 16, but they can usually be found between 5 and 12. Once you’ve found diamond ore, you just need to mine it. Without any enchantments, a block of diamond ore will drop one diamond.


Now that you have successfully found diamonds, you can get much more. Diamonds are one of the best types of tools and armor in Minecraft. The only thing that is better is netherite, but for that you need diamonds. Go deep into your mine and get more diamonds so you can defeat any mob in your path and also protect yourself from any mob.

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