How to draw in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game of endless creation, but what if you need a little more freedom than infinity? What if you want to import any image into your Minecraft world? Well, it’s easy. It’s time to draw something and paste it into Minecraft.

How to draw a skin by cells in Minecraft

In order to draw in Minecraft, you first need to select a drawing to import. Then you need to go to the Resourcepacks folder. Then in the folder you will need to create another folder, paste the code. Then find a sample painting, place your image into the painting using photoshop, follow a few more steps and you will have your painting in Minecraft.

Preparing your drawing

How to draw in minecraft0

The first step is to actually select a drawing to import. This can be any image file you want, but you need to make sure it’s prepared to work with Minecraft. Make the image size 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512 or even 1024×1024 depending on your image size. These image sizes are what Minecraft is able to understand and any other image size will not work.

Create a resource pack

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How to draw in Minecraft2

The next step is to navigate to the Resourcepacks folder. This can be achieved by clicking the Resourcepacks option in the game and then clicking the Open Resourcepacks Folder button.

How to draw in Minecraft3

Within this folder, create a new folder with whatever filename you like. This folder will be your resource pack which contains your custom drawing. You will need to add some files to this folder.

How to draw in Minecraft4

Create a new text file and paste this code:


"pack": {

"pack_format": 3,

"description": "drawings"



How to draw in Minecraft5

Then click the “Save As…” button and save the file named “pack.mcmeta” to your custom resource pack folder.

How to draw in minecraft6

Then, along with this pack.mcmeta file, create a new folder named “assets” .

How to draw in minecraft7

In this folder, create a folder called “Minecraft” .

How to draw in minecraft8

In this folder, create a folder called “textures” .

How to draw in minecraft9

In this folder, create a folder called “painting” .

How to draw in Minecraft10

You then need to place it on top of a painting in Minecraft, so find a reference image for Minecraft paintings. Make sure it’s scaled to 4096×4096.

How to draw in Minecraft11

Now edit the image to fit into your custom drawings you prepared earlier. For drawings smaller than 256×256, scale them so that they are large enough to fill one small painting.

How to draw in minecraft12

For images larger than 256×256, use larger drawing options. Using this method, you can make pictures up to 1024×1024 in size!

How to draw in minecraft13

Now save the image in the “painting” folder and name it “paintings_kristoffer_zetterstrand” .

Placing Your Drawing in Minecraft

How to draw in minecraft14

This part is as simple as placing a picture. It will take a few tries to get the ones you want, but once you do, they look perfect!

Can I create an image file larger than 1024×1024?

Yes, but you will have to scale the “paintings_kristoffer_zetterstrand” image to be incredibly large. It reaches half a gigabyte when small pictures are larger than 256×256, so this is not recommended. But if you have enough memory, you can make a painting of any size.


Inserting your own drawings in Minecraft can seem intimidating, but once you get comfortable with files and filenames, you’ll be able to create custom paintings in no time. It might even lead you to custom resource packs, since that’s how all your favorite resource packs are made, even the standard Minecraft packs.

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